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  1. Redge

    Sonic Moc Contest

    So we can have as many entries as we want right? I just got an awesome idea.
  2. Redge

    Sonic Moc Contest

    AWESOME! I've been saving an Egg-Gunner moc for precisely this occasion. I have some other ones too. Question, can we do a moc of the same thing as someone else? Like could I do a motobug moc as well?
  3. Karda Nui IS a scrolling stage, and several of the stages that we have up DO have hazards, like Chamber of Life, Mahri Nui, Mangaia, and the Coliseum.
  4. ...oh yeah... I vaugley remember you...
  5. Do something that isn't Matoro & Krika. I've already started on most of those.
  6. At no point did I insult you. At all. And by the way, all those games I listed ARE first person shooters (with the possible exception of Portal). But now granted, several of my points, level design, atrocious story telling, hideous graphic etc. can be chalked up to opinion, not so much with it being a serious problem with the games industry. Even if you like the series, and I'll admit, Halo Reach looks entertaining to play, and the basic story arc itself looks much better from what I've seen, that doesn't change the fact that it caused a general dip in overall quality and originality to the games industry. It's like with Nintendo. I LOVE most Nintendo franchises. Kirby, Zelda, & Metroid are all some of my absolute favorite gaming franchises of all time, and I enjoy Pokemon, Donkey Kong Country, and many others (the only one I hold any dislike for is Mario, but that's another story), but that doesn't change the fact that for the good of the games industry as a whole, Nintendo needs to go far far away and never come back. I'm not saying that big franchises can't exist in the games industry, but they have to be creative, original, and truly talented. If say, Valve became more successful, then more power to them. They mix things up, make some of the best and more critically acclaimed games of all time, and could handle it. But Halo, Nintendo, and several other companies just don't have that spark. Nintendo created a bunch of franchises, some of which like Mario revolutionized the games industry for the better, but they've just been rehashing old properties without any new and interesting ideas. They don't put forth much creative effort, but they're already incredibly successful with an incredibly loyal fan-base, making them incredibly successful. And several of their series, such as Mario, revolutionized their own genres for the better (platforming), which was good when they were made but now there are many other series that have joined those genres in that style, and do it much better/with more creative ideas (Pac-Man World, Sonic, Spiro, Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet, LEGO (kind of), and many others). It's similar with Halo. Halo took an idea, made an inexplicably popular game, and thus "revolutionized" first person shooters. This means though, that games will mostly shamelessly imitate it, or try to be like it, which bogs down the game industry. The original games, (Bioshock, Half-Life 2...) will be few and far between. But I'm inclined to be nicer to Halo than I once was, as it's genre is dieing out, albeit slowly and reluctantly. The realistic shooter is moving in, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or whatever it's called. I can never keep it straight. But I don't like Halo. You do. That's fine! That's your personal opinion. But franchises like it do serious damage to the games industry, which is why I'm harsh on it. And it's not like it can't produce good games, it just kills most of the good ones. But Halo Reach looks moderately fun, Gears of War is pretty good, and Star Wars Battlefront II is one of my favorite games. And oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I finished my chapters. (got the original Lewa & Kopaka as well, but I like the new ones better) BUT, I'm not posting it quite yet. I need to discuss some things with 2tie first though. If 2tie isn't back in... oh I dunno... I guess about a week, I'll post the different versions, and see what you all think.
  7. Halo is, beyond a Shadow of a doubt, the absolute worst game series I have ever played in my entire life. There, I said it. Half-Life is better, Gears of War is better. Team Fortress is better, Portal is better. Halo is wretched. Every time someone plays a Halo game, they deserve to be smacked. Series's like Halo bog down the gaming industry, taking away attention and money from lesser known, much better games. And because bland, samey, first person shooters are all the rage now, companies don't want to fund most games unless it's similar to Halo or something of the sort. The visuals are ugly ad unattractive, the music is bland and forgettable, the dialog and stories are tripe on a bike, ad the level design is boring. The games industry would be endlessly better off if the series was cancelled. On topic however, speaking of our game which despite not going to be all that will be much better than Halo 3, I won't be able to finish Krika concept art by tomorrow, but I will have some for the Rahkshi of Heat Vision, which I recall us agreeing a looooooooooong time ago would be one of the Rahkshi that we featured.
  8. omg... really? 343? REALLY? ...and people got upset for me for my Sonic references in the TLR topic...
  9. Halo 3 is one of the worst, most boring, uninspired, inconsistent, confused, unrefined, poorly designed, ugly, and all around terrible games that I have ever played. I have never in my entire life played a fps that I enjoyed less. I loath it more than I loath the Mario franchise. Look, if you want quality for you 360, go out and buy The Orange Box. Try some Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, or Portal is you want something truly spectacular (but that's not technically a fps). Or Star Wars Battlefront II. Or Bioshock. No, scratch that. If you want quality, go buy a PS3. Trust me, I had all 3 consoles after a while, being given the 360 as a present, and I ended up returning it.
  10. Which reminds me, what do you think of Reach? Personally, I found Halo to be very bland and boring, Halo 2 wasn't bad, but still not good and INCREDIBLY overrated. Halo 3 & ODST were downright terrible, but Reach looks kind of good.
  11. Well, the only reason for us to post is if we A. have made some progress B. Are requesting a progress report C. Are giving a progress report. OR, D. To rip on Aaherunhfguouoedhfp8h9rdsuiogtfdrs8ui8uhjfdjjfvjfvckjlczdgihln;hvuryeoijdfcerupchfdjotrivialpursutefhasdkjlfudshfuidhpsfhdsiaojfadsojBenYahtzeeCrawshawdhfuidshpufhaufhudbsgufvhdsijehijvkjadfjiinternetahfujdsfjbgdsijpbfgjudgshbionicleafipdshfjpdgshfdsajofipdsjiofhujfshusiadhfugbdyigphfudashjdiojhgaudpfnostalgiacriticafdsbghaiufysjdhnuvhasiuodhfodciunosainhhdgdecapitatedmotorcyclisthtiuoa;dhuuvadsfdjkso[afdsaijooscrueldictatoriadushufadsuhf8iadspohjuadspfdsQKazoo Bob.
  12. I was executed. Anyways, I'm working on Krika concept art (will have that by Thursday), a few chapters, and I'm working on a piece of music, that I will allow to be used for this. Like in the credits, or some cut scenes. It's not for this though, it's for another game that I'm working on.
  13. In my opinion, (being a HUGE Matoro fanboy, the writer for him, and level designer) Matoro should have medium attacks in power, kickback, & speed, with Jabby & Slashy attacks.
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