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  1. 5 star rating for you!

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    2. Brickeens


      No, you deserve fives and more fives.

    3. Squishyfrog


      maybe five out of fifteen

    4. Patrick Star

      Patrick Star

      agreed with brickeens. :D

  2. What are your thoughts on this ridiculous situation?Patrick-
  3. Your Overview section was really inspiring. Haha. :P

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    2. Patrick Star

      Patrick Star

      I don't think that was the word I was looking for, but uh. It's just really awesome. Haha. :)

    3. Gatanui


      All those Hahas are driving me crazy. :P But thanks! :)

    4. Gatanui


      No problem. Remember not to mention that site here, though. ;)

  4. Long time no see.

    1. VampireBohrok


      Whoa snap I didn't realize who you were until I checked your username history.

      But lol yeah it's been a while, BZP being down for half a year and whatnot.

    2. Patrick Star

      Patrick Star

      Lucky for me you didn't change your username. ^_^


  5. So you're a Toa of fruit... Lame.

  6. hey buddy. just rated you 4 stars. remember me? :P

  7. holy rahi. this new bzp is actually so cool

  8. olook i have a new spinny. yee yee. !!!!!

  9. Other than these listed reasons I don't have a problem with BZP: [*]Members who are unkind need to be straightened out.[*]Tohu should appear more frequently.[*]New front page.Patrick-
  10. haha this is awesome. (Y)

  11. Where do you think the story should have gone, what sets do you think should have been made next if there never was a Hero Factory? Personally, I'd like to see a continuation of the RoS serial in terms of the sets with Lesovikk being the Green Canister. I'm not really sure for the others sets, I'd have to read the serials again because I've had a mind blank. For the small sets I'm thinking battered and bruised Matoran, masks that have damage to them. (One side melted, or a broken one, etc.)Are you happy with the Hero Factory route, or would you like to see a continuation of the franchise, and if so. What route would you like it to take?Patrick-EDIT: Name change.
  12. Ok, since I don't know if ths topic is still active. :P I remember reading your Ask Comedy a few months ago. And I really liked it, it may have been the prose writing, I'm not sure.... Just saying. :P

  13. Think KTM or Remy. You've GSed in my comics before. :P


  15. :o I had no idea you had dibs on VB's topic. :P Sorreh.
  16. MWAHAHAHA. :3 I got it first. Ghostface-
  17. Go to the chat. :D

  18. Time for the chat? :3

  19. Hey dude, did you get my message? :)

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