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    Okay, let's do this. =P<br /><br />BIONICLE! It's obvious.<br />BZPower! It's obviously awesome.<br />MOCing! Is fun.<br /><br />-Sports-<br /><br />I play:<br />Lacrosse<br />Football (American =P)<br />Baseball (not so much anymore)<br />Golf<br /><br />I also watch these:<br />Hockey<br />Soccer (occasionally)<br />X Games<br />Olympics<br /><br />Favorite Teams:<br />Yankees<br />Islanders<br />Jets<br />any other team from New York, but those are my favorite<br /><br />-Movies-<br />9<br />Elf<br />Napoleon Dynamite<br />Any Pixar movie<br />I could go a lot further, but I'm too lazy. =P<br /><br />-Music (from my iPod)-<br />Vampire Weekend<br />Queens of the Stone Age<br />Passion Pit<br />Matt and Kim<br />Daft Punk<br />Gorillaz<br />Beastie Boys<br />The Bravery<br />deadmau5<br /><br />BAH! Forget it. This list is going to be HUGE.<br /><br />-TV-<br />Mostly ESPN and stuff. A very mixed variety of television. Actually, come to think of it, I barely watch TV.<br /><br />-Disney World-<br /><br />LOVE this place. I obsess about it daily. It's a weird thing, I grew up with it and it's one of my favorite things, ever. <br /><br />My favorite attractions at the World are-<br /><br />Tower of Terror<br />Test Track<br />Splash Mountain<br />Mission: SPACE<br />Journey into Imagination<br />Spaceship Earth <br />Rock 'n' Roller Coaster<br />Expedition Everest

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  1. Kylus

    Quite A Scare

    Wow... thoughts and prayers
  2. Kylus

    BBC 64

    Wow, they're still doing BBC contests? Incredible.
  3. Those were the days. I think my first proper Bionicle set was Tahu Nuva. I remember watching all of the movies, although I wasn't particularly intrigued in the storyline until I actually delved into it around the release of the Phantoka. Then I saw how deep it really was. Sigh.
  4. HOLD UP... "do you dream about farm animals" is STILL living on?! I noticed it a few statuses down and I thought "wait, didn't i say that years ago?" and so I ran a search of blog comments and what do you know, 8 pages of people asking/answering the question. I created a monster and I didn't even know it.

    1. Sumiki


      I took it upon myself to carry on your tradition until your glorious return. I feel successful.

    2. Brickeens


      Kylus! I kept telling Sumiki to post it in your orange, but he didn't. It's disgraceful.

    3. Paleo


      Yup, it is, and you have no idea what havoc it has caused :P

  5. I've considered myself inactive for 2 years. I probably have been in and out since then, just looking around and saying hi to old friends.


  8. Jeez, I can't even begin to think.... Maybe it was one of those Toy Story sets from a few years back?In hindsight, it feels like it's been a much longer than 2 years.
  9. Kylus

    All Of My Money

    "3 Wolf Dark Side of the Moon"
  10. Kylus

    I Scream You

    Only in New Jersey.
  11. lol, a Mars Mission movie. The LEGO boards were such a joke
  12. This is the one mask I always wanted to be real, but wasn't. NICE job.
  13. Oh, they were absolutely embarrassing... but they were socially acceptable as a 6 year-old in 2003.
  14. C'mon, you know you wanted these when you were a kid. I remember having the Tahu ones as a 5/6 year old. These were awesome.PICS:http://www.beststuff.com/images/articles/111202b.jpgThe Rahkshi ones are pretty sweet.And then there's the BZP article... http://www.bzpower.c...tory.php?ID=689
  15. Kylus

    My School Life

    Sucks man. But find something you like and just do your best, then I think you'll find things much better.
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