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  2. Good for u. Now drive that car & teach Brutaka a lesson (by ramming into him 10 times). Oops wait that's = suicide = free dimensional travel

  3. The 6th dimension of space/time. Took forever to reverse the shrinky effect of it though. Sucks bout the car.

  4. Congrats! Where had Brutaka hide them? Anyway Malum smashed my car into oblivion. No hope of recovery.

  5. Whoa, neither did I. :P Your English teacher was lucky.


    I probably ought to watch the series someday, but it's kind of hard to after you've watched how all of it ends.

  6. Its really quite intriguing when one watches the whole series as well. My English teacher so secretively hinted that she was a mega nerd of Firefly, & so I went off & got her a Serenity keychain for Christmas. She said: "I NEVER THOUGHT THESE EVEN EXISTED!"

  7. Heh, I should have realized earlier. :P You did, after all, allude to it in a couple of comments.


    Yeah, I was never its biggest fan, not being able to see most of it on TV and stuff, but I watched the movie recently. :P

  8. "By the way, I can kill you with my brain. :D"

    Indeed Overlord, I do greatly enjoy the adventures on & of the Serenity.

  9. By the way, you wouldn't happen to be a fan of Joss Whedon's Firefly, would you?

  10. *gasp* How did you know?!?! O.O lol. Pretty much!

  11. So that's good, it wasn't. :P

  12. No need for condolences by now... they cast me out.


    I was just wondering, cause a member just randomly got banned on there, and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't you, since it was recently made.

  13. Actually not, far too busy with rebuilding my 'verse and such. My condolences for the site.

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