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  1. Vezon, really. After all, he’s Deadpool+Da Jokah Babey but in Bionicle form.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And if you're in another country, have a happy Thursday! Being thankful is good regardless of the day.
  3. Pretty interesting combination! I wonder if combos will play a big part this year. Also, check these dubs.
  4. I intend to graduate with my BA, then start working for a little while before I go to grad school. I plan on pursuing either an MPP or a JD.
  5. Kongu Inika was fun to play with, but what really disapointed me was how his joints started to crack a few years after his purchase. To me, the two Hordika I owned were a bit awkwardly designed. Still, I didn't find them to be bad. Squid launchers were a pain to use since they often didn't actually fly out of the piece.
  6. If Hero Factory doesn't get cancelled, I'm sure we'll hear talks about a film pop up again at some point. The Lego Movie was a box office success. Thus, film production studious would be eager to consider anything with the name "Lego" attached to it. Plus, HF is almost like a superhero story. Again, this all depends on the future of the franchise.
  7. I used to be put off by the manliness of female Bionicle sets. Now, it is no longer a major concern for me. I guess it just comes with age or something. Still, I laughed to myself when I noticed how built Gali looks.
  8. This is amazing! Well done! Edit: Please leave more detailed feedback next time! -Wind-
  9. I would say that Toa Okoto or Masters would work. It'd be wise to distinguish them from their previous incarnations. Still, if I'm not mistaken, the LEGO Bionicle social networking page has called them "Toa".
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