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    Building and playing with Bionicle(why else am I on this site?:P) I build MOCs from time to time which you may have seen.

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    Wii: It's fun, I don't play it too often though
    PS2: I love the games I have for this, but I really need to sell this
    Xbox 360: Call of Duty, Gears of War, Battlefield, and Halo are a few of my favorites. The Kinect games are pretty awesome. Batman: Arkham City and Red Dead Redemption, along with Grand Theft Auto games are also on my list. Plus I like SKYRIM!

    I like sports and basketball is my favorite.

    Music: Rock is my favorite but I don't mind other genres. Although I am a good singer myself, which I found out when I sang Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" for Cabaret. It wowed the whole audience!

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  1. Hey if anyone has a pearl gold mask of Shadows, please dm me and we can negotiate.
  2. Well, I wish my wallet was bigger now. I wish I had a checking account like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark right now
  3. Nice review. I agree with everything you said. I really wish they made a Nick Fury minifig too, but I guess they thought that the Mace Windu minifig is enough for minifigs of Samuel L. Jackson
  4. I just ordered two sets yesterday to get this. And wow, I question myself about how I spend my money.
  5. You would think they would have done a Bionicle movie. But, something tells me we might not be pleased with a film based on Bionicle, so let Hero Factory take the heat! Nah just kidding, I hope it does great, I might actually see it.
  6. Nice review. I have to say that you pretty much summed up my thoughts about this set. I mainly got it for Captain America, but I actually liked his bike. The aliens I could care less about, but at the same time, they are cool, along with their vehicles/equipment. I just wish the Hulk came in a less expensive set, I want his minifigure so bad, even though I have all the constraction figures of both Marvel and DC.
  7. Nice work man! I've always wanted LEGO to make a set that had this, but this is probly the closest we will see to a set version unless something comes up. By the way, how much did it cost to order this? And why would you sell such a cool mask that you modeled? :PAgain, great work man!
  8. Yea, I wish they fixed that too. It looks rather silly, plus it would be cool if they could make the claws somehow attach to the back of his hands. But hey, it could look worse.
  9. I have said this once, and I will say it again: I hate to admit it, but my bank account is gonna be slightly lower after I'm done buying these! :PLooks like Iron Man's head will stay big, but hey, it could have been way worse.Is there a Nick Fury figure anywhere? I haven't seen him.
  10. Wow...just wow! I'm almost tempted to ask you if you could help me out with my digital interactive media class, but that's another story! :PThere were very few characters that I saw that made me say, what character is that, which is great. They look like what could be very possible sets, which is pretty cool. You sure know how to keep working on something. Nice work bro! :)Honestly though if anyone wants to help me out with my art class..let me know lol
  11. Question: If I were to major in game design, what would be the field of study that I should look for? How long would it take to get a bachelor's or a master's degree?
  12. Holy cow! How did they not use that is a better question. Anyway, despite what people are saying about Hulk, I still like him. Sure the legs could use some work as in bulking them up and maybe giving him some fingers for his fists, but he looks good to me at least. I'll probably revamp him. However, I guess another reason why I like Hulk might have to do with not wanting to make him angry, so I won't get smashed by him.
  13. It means that it has a decoration on the chest, just like all the Breakout heroes have. This one is a sound wave pattern, whereas Furno's is a flame pattern, Surge's is a lightning pattern, etc.Oh ok. I thought he meant that, but I wasn't sure. Thanks!
  14. Sumiki, while I agree that a ninja flying a jet seems silly, it's still a great set. Although I guess they could have made something more suitable for a ninja, like a stealth ship..oh well.These sets look amazing! I only bought the dragon sets last year, and they all turned out to be great for me. I might just get that four headed dragon set with the giant snake too. Does anyone else think this green ninja somehow fused the 4 dragons together to make that 4 headed dragon?
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