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  1. I high five Lipuret and Downfall as they come to help me, each of the high fives sending out a shock wave.
  2. It seems to have been happening for a number of users(myself included), last I heard they're still trying to figure it out.
  3. This looks kinda cool and has a good part/price ratio. The all white color scheme does kinda make it harder to make out the details though, especially against a white background. Probably looks better in person. I think I'm gonna pass on this due to my current financial and space situations, but if one somehow fell into my hands I would be happy with it.
  4. Maaaaan, I remember this thing now. My ex had us watch a few episodes of it together. My ex had watched it at a much younger age, we found it together randomly while scrolling through some streaming service. At the time, I thought it was kinda dorky, but sweet and I was interested in watching more of it together. After we broke up, I looked back with sadness that I never really got involved with the culture it represented. (At least the culture I thought it represented.) Now I look back and feel ashamed that I let my ex (not to say I'm totally guilt free either though) compare our relationship one actually between two men, even one so fictionalized, romanticized, and fetishized. Oh yeah, by the way that show is about a romance between two men.
  5. I would say it's probably more likely things will just change over time, but with the lack of new CCBS content lately, it could be we see a new system in a few years.
  6. I don't think I'd be much help with the design, but I may be able to build a section.
  7. You fools are missing the obvious solution here... I'd like to deincarne the oblivion, please.
  8. Really cool to get some official action on this, especially since it confirms there will be something substantial to it. I'm looking forward to it whenever it comes out. Of note to me was that the production company website lists the target age as 6-9. I wonder if that's just marketing mumbo jumbo. That skews a good bit younger than Bionicle if I remember correctly and I was thinking this would be skewing a little older than Bionicle from what we've heard previously.
  9. Premier perks may just be turned on for everyone since the site was down during the anniversary and doing so is an anniversary tradition. It definitely looks that way to me considering everyone has rank images.
  10. Glad to hear it, I'll probably take a look at the new chapter sometime in the next few days.
  11. Valendale

    Oko's Comics :)

    I haven't visited this section of the site in years, but I was interested by this and I said I would give it a look. There's not a whole lot to judge on so far, but the commentary of time's effect on the comic makers is spot-on and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  12. I finished up playing AI: The Somnium Files recently. I'm a big Zero Escape fan so I was very excited by this game going in, especially after all the online marketing. While I don't think it was quite as good that series, it was still held my interest the whole time and will probably be my favorite game of the year. It also managed to subvert a lot of the expectations I had going in from the marketing and the author's previous work. My biggest complaint would be the overuse of a certain kind of dirty joke.
  13. Were these sets really just revealed? I thought they had been out for a while. I saw them all for sale at Target yesterday. Also this is like the second time they've updated the ice castle and rereleased it. Not that that's a bad thing of course.
  14. Supported both, along with a wave other projects like I end up doing whenever something like this calls me back to the ideas site. Maybe one of these will get approved. Man, looking in the "ending soon" tag and seeing cool stuff is kinda sad though.
  15. I think it's hard to say that, as many of the things Hero Factory got right were things that Bionicle got right as well. The areas I would say HF was actually better in were simply a result of improving upon Bionicle and Bionicle itself had improved in those same ways earlier.
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