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  1. Looking cooler now with more revealed. But I think the fact that it retails for the same price as an actual Mario game is going to hold it back.
  2. Valendale

    Blogging from home

    As soon as the announcements hit, I packed as much up from my apartment as I could and moved back home. While I don't like having to be alone, I'd much rather be alone out here than in the city. It's much safer, and I think it's better for my mental health too. At school, I felt lonely unless I got out and socialized every day. Here, I feel less lonely overall even though I'm actually all alone most of the time. That said, I do miss seeing people on campus every day in person, and I've lost contact with most of the acquaintances I wasn't all that close with. And I much prefer in person classes to online.
  3. I read the original webcomic on a website called Funbrain or something like that when I was in elementary school. I only got the first of the books when it came out, but I remember being very disappointed with it compared to the webcomic. Most of the content was left for later books and some names and such were changed. Looking back, I can understand that it's impossible to fit the whole story into a book that size, but kid me just felt like a bunch of stuff was "left out".
  4. Besides Overwatch and I guess the most recent couple waves of Minecraft stuff, I wouldn't really count any of that as "lately". But I will say it's kinda funny that Sonic received an official Lego figure before Mario did. Says something about society, but i'm not sure what.
  5. Lego has really been supporting gamers lately. The fig in series 19, the 2020 Ninjago stuff, and now this. I'll wait to see what we get before making a final judgement, but I will say I hope we get some more traditional figs in addition to the blocky Mario.
  6. I would guess that it was just so that the models could be completed using only parts found in the component sets. Irnakk (before the rerelease) could be another example of this.
  7. Man, I just have no need for knockoffs in my life. I've never really understood the Bionicle fandom's interest in them to be honest. Does it just come from people in areas where the real thing isn't as widely available?
  8. The price raise to $5 just kills these. There's a ton of cool figs in series 20, but I just can't justify picking them up at that price. The Viking will probably be like the only one I get.
  9. I think Ninjago will take every motif it can get its hands on. That's kinda the way it's been. Anyway, I do like the idea. And I love the fact that there is a set named "Gamer's Market".
  10. It's weird how out of scale they are compared to normal minifigures, but I guess it would be hard to do them accurately. And that Gru figure is kinda... yeeesh... I may pick up the the large set if I can find it reasonably.
  11. Neat little concept for my favorite duo in Bionicle. I imagine this could be Nidhiki's punishment if he ever were to defy The Shadowed One again.
  12. I watched the movie as a kid when it came out. I remember vaguely liking it, more so than the Bionicle movies at least. I can still remember the line "Do you want a red thingy or a blue thingy?" While it obviously set up a trilogy and had a ton of unresolved plot points, I can totally understand why it never got a sequel. The Lego Movies did pretty much everything Clutch wanted to do, but better. And I have to disagree with you on the animation. The fact that the movies limited themselves to the general real physical limitations of minifigures and imitated stop motion was one of my favorite parts of the films and a cool homage to a part of the LEGO fanbase. The movie may be a relic of the past at this point, but I really love the Clutch Powers figure Ninjago gave us last year and just the fact that it exists. Definitely up there as one of my favorite figures of all time.
  13. Gotta agree with this. Maybe I'm not looking that hard, but it seems like BZP is one of the few real forums left.
  14. Man, I had forgotten all about these and the game in general for years. Cool that you found it, it think most of the models used in the game were part of some creator set or another at the time.
  15. I don't know if I'll ever find the time to play any of these at this point, but it's really cool of you to post something like this. I love old parts of the community being dug up!
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