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  1. Actually, my memory was a little shot on that last one. It wasn't unblocked on our computers, at least not for long. But we figured out how to install VPNs on the computers to get around the block. And with the great power, Slither was what most people chose to play, along with a few of us playing Town of Salem. Eventually we got into trouble for naming ourselves after our teachers... I'm still pretty much playing the stuff from my last post. Right now I'm trying to play through the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario in Civ V as Darius.
  2. If nothing else, it makes a pretty cool LEGO themed coaster.
  3. This is a pretty cool idea. I think I'll grab a pair of the jeans for sure. Maybe I'll also get the fanny pack for the memes.
  4. Amazing creation. I'm glad I'm not the only person who can see Kalmah having a peg leg.
  5. Was just going off what people said above. That's not where I would personally want to see more time.
  6. Going off the disappointment with the Mata Nui to Metru Nui transition and the lack of time spent on Mata Nui, I'm going to say something I've always been disappointed by was that because Bionicle's plot occurs on like a 1 year time frame despite having thousands of years of world story, we never really get anything in a rebuilt Metru Nui. I think stories set in this location would be cool, but we basically immediately move everyone out onto Spherus Magna. I think it's even worse because we had several years in real life where this would be taking place, and it just didn't happen in the story. But I have to agree that the most disappointing thing is probably all the pieces that have broken over the years. That's something that can't really be replaced, while story-related holes can always be filled with fanfiction.
  7. Today, thanks to a few achievements in Ultimate Chicken Horse and Team Fortress 2, I finally achieved an 80% achievement completion rate on Steam. That's been a goal for me for a while now and has dictated most of my gaming habits over the course of the last several months. Not really sure what the next game I play is going to be, but I am certainly open to recommendations. Perhaps I'll go back and play Pokemon Black 2 some more. Probably going to finish up my current game in Civ 5 as well. In other gaming news, a new update dropped this morning for Pokemon Masters which I'm excited about.
  8. Right? I think I was lucky enough to suffer that only once before the functionality was added. But as someone, who I can't remember at this point, once said "The mafia used to operate one PM at a time."
  9. What a cutie. You did a very good job creating this scene.
  10. Well, I'm enjoying it so far, but looking over the schedule, it seems I'll unfortunately be missing most of the stuff I was most excited for.
  11. I don't like them personally.
  12. Ah yes, August 10th, the fan version of April 1st. Should be fun though hopefully.
  13. I know the messy look isn't what's popular right now, but I still like it. To me, I think this is a very good moc. I like seeing the different parts jammed together to make something great, especially since they're all used in interesting ways.
  14. Yep, I got into BZP mostly by reading the comics forum, so I definitely remember the state of things back then. In fact I'm pretty sure my first ever post was an awful attempt at a comedy that surely disregarded any of your advice. There was another major forum update last year similar to the one in 2011. Thankfully everything was brought over in terms of actual content this time, but that was where we got those changes like the updates to counting posts and the loss of the proto bar.
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