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  1. Wow, that thing is crazy huge. I wonder how well it would stay together if actually built in real life. Also the winner's gallery is marked as adult content for whatever reason.
  2. Honestly the amount of story content Bionicle managed to churn out while basically telling a complete story confined to each year is one of the most truly remarkable aspects of the franchise. Even big franchises from huge companies often have this problem of lore content being so dripped out and small that it's hard to answer simple questions like "What's going on right now?"
  3. When I first saw this I definitely thought it was a link to an April Fool's day article. Honestly I'm not 100% sure what LEGO gets out of this deal beyond access to data, which could be very valuable. I don't think we'll be seeing any immediate changes, but we'll just have to wait and see I guess.
  4. Maybe they should cancel it again as a way to celebrate the anniversary. In all seriousness, I remember that day and how sad I was. I had heard the rumors but refused to accept it until this story was posted. The day changed the community forever, it was the beginning of transition from a big community to smaller and centralized to spread out.
  5. They must be trolling us. I hope those music note pieces get used in more sets next year as well.
  6. They look to be Slizers (Also known as Throwbots in some regions.) It was a constraction line from the late 90s, before Bionicle.
  7. So I got caught up on the story today. Enjoyed all the fight scenes in the most recent chapter. Is there any particular reason you decided to go for the Sanok over Garai for Hewkii? I'll admit, I didn't remember which was which off the top of my head and assumed we were going to get a gravity vs. gravity fight until the Sanok was activated.
  8. Mask Hunter Lewa: Able to work out a deal, quickly shipped once we were ready to go, items arrived as expected. Click: This trade was quite a while ago, but I remember no problems.
  9. Yeah, I like the fact that most of the sets are still solid enough even if you remove the horror elements. Especially since we've gotten a lot of things that don't get done that often in other more realistic themes. School, restaurant, etc. And the ghost dog is great! I have him sitting on my desk with me right now actually.
  10. Anyone else have any opinions on this theme? I only have once set so far, the Shrimp boat, but I like it. I do like the theme as a whole since I'm a fan of spooky stuff, but I'm at a point in my life where a set has to strongly appeal to me for me to pick it up. I like a lot of the pieces the theme has introduced too. I'm definitely going to be getting at least one of the theme's 2020 sets which were revealed recently though. The portal set contains the "ghost legs" in both red and yellow and I'm very excited to add those parts to my collection. I tried the app out, but it seemed pretty boring, didn't really appeal to me. I was disappointed that the augmented reality functions only worked with the boat itself and not the whole set. The color wheel and the enemies being separated into 3 colors seemed a little arbitrary and the app read the wrong color from the set at times. I do like that the app has a mode you can play without needing any sets though. That's great, especially for kids who might not have a lot of money to spend. I don't like that you're encouraged to just replay the same levels over and over with no real new content though.
  11. I mean, I guess for some definition of unveiled. I'll wait to see what the deals starting on the 25th actually are.
  12. Just a heads up, the stream listed 10 AM as the start time. I kinda got bamboozled by it. Oh well, I'll be back at 1.
  13. Not a particular character, but the Kanohi Zatth has always looked like it has those chubby cheeks to me. BZPower member Kanohi Zatth is about as far away from fat as you can get though...
  14. Very cool idea to build something more structural like a boat with the Bionicle pieces. As for the Jack Sparrow, yeah it's maybe not the best, but I think that's about as good as you'll get.
  15. It reminds me a lot of Vorox/Zesk from 2009 and I see you even used one of those heads. I could definitely see it as being a prototype of such or filling a similar story role. Good moc, I like using the system parts to add little biomechanical details.
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