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  1. All very good, congratulations to the winners. I don't remember what I voted for at this point honestly, they're all good and my opinions can change with the wind. I think I may have gone for the Tahu had it actually been there though.
  2. Very interesting, beastly, monstrous design with horns and the rahkshi backs as mouth parts. Roborider wheels on the vhisorak pieces is a cool idea too.
  3. It's cool that a well-known BZP member will be on the show.
  4. They display separately, but I think that's about it.
  5. Over the break from school I just had, I played a lot of an online RPG called DragonFable, a game I played much more when I was younger. It is kind of simple and juvenile to me now, but I still enjoy going back to it every now and then. I also started playing the King Knight campaign for Shovel Knight, crazy that that game has been out for 5 years at this point and is finally finished, although I haven't completed it yet. Back at school I've been playing Smash in the student center almost every day. I play Pokemon Masters on my phone while I'm not doing my. I'm looking to add friends on it. My friend code is 1067-2149-9457-7119.
  6. The build does a really good job of showing the character's personality. I like the custom face, and I'm always a fan of mocs that look like they're wearing clothes.
  7. Well, probably one of the biggest things, at least for us here, was Bionicle's cancellation right at the beginning of the decade. Right at the time, the was a lot of sadness, and a growing schism between those who accepted it and those who were enraged. And then later it got brought back to a little bit of hype, only to end again shortly after. All this lead to the Bionicle community feeling a bit smaller and fractured. We were forced to adapt, but there's still plenty of people out there. Then, there was Bionicle's replacement as a constraction theme: Hero Factory. The first year had rather poor small sets if I say so, with the larger sets being basically Bionicle. After that though, we got the introduction of CCBS, which changed the face of constraction as we know it. Not everyone was happy with the change, but I think we can all agree it's lead to some interesting mocs at least. Now as for the story aspect of Bionicle, that role seems to have been filled more by Ninjago. The TV line has been going strong for almost as long as Bionicle at this point. As others have said, maybe having one definitive medium for the storytelling helps keep people into it. Ninjago has also turned out a lot of cool sets over its many years, although my personal favorite year is still the very first one. One recent notable thing in Ninjago I think is sets being released based on previous story years. This was always something I heard requests and rumors about online for Bionicle, but I think we can assume LEGO evaluated that the money just wasn't there for it. I guess the spread of the internet and past episodes of the Ninjago television show being easily accessible on streaming services means kids can see what was happening earlier that they missed. I just wish current season episodes were as accessible, as it feels like by the time I see them, the corresponding sets are out of stock. Oh well, I guess I'll just wait 7+ years for the legacy sets. And I think one other major thing of note over the last 10 years is the greater appeal to adults. We went from having a modular building, a Star Wars UCS set, and maybe one or two others. Now we have direct to consumer sets coming out constantly. And there's also ideas, where it feels like most of the products are made by and for adult collectors, although not necessarily just LEGO fans. (It feels like there's been more attempts to just mass market appeal to adults in general too.) We've also gotten a lot of interaction both online and at conventions. I think this has all been a big part of what has kept me a LEGO fan as I got older, despite my favorite line being cancelled. There was always a product for me, no matter my age. And the 2010s also saw LEGO make forays into having movies on the big screen. I think these were cool, beautifully animated, and overall I liked them, but I can understand why they're stopping. There's only so much of that you can take. I will miss the extremely unique sets though, which often included things that wouldn't be found together anywhere else.
  8. Valendale

    2019 was a ____ year

    Yeah, I can relate to these sentiments a lot. Pathfinder was also one of the better things to happen with me in 2019. Hopefully this next one is a bit better.
  9. Valendale

    2019 in Film

    2019 in film for me was defined by going to see The Lego Movie 2 on my birthday and being told the showtime listed on the website wasn't an actual showtime. I actually did see 3 movies though Endgame, Alita, and Detective Pikachu. Not huge on movies, but all three were decent enough. Endgame was probably the best.
  10. Well, I figured I would just write a little about some of the low and high points of the year. Well, at the beginning of the year, I was still recovering from my breakup in November of the previous year. I was passed the worst of it, but I was still distraught and would have bad periods lasting a few days at a time that would continue for several months. For some time, my ex had been a driving force in getting me out of the house and experience new things and just be social. I realized at this point how much I had really been forsaking other relationships in my life. In this period, I was rediscovering my friendships and trying. I started really playing magic again. I was spending any time at my friends' apartments that I could. I joined a pathfinder campaign. I even went to my first bar after my 21st birthday. And speaking of that birthday, it was actually one of the better ones I've had. This general mood and pace continued for a while with me becoming and rebecoming close with several people. I took classes over this summer for the first time. I had classes 3 days a week and worked the other 2. I enjoyed getting both education and work experience at the same time without getting burnt out on either. The stuff with my friends basically continued as well. We went to the lake and there were even a few parties where I was being rapidly introduced to new people. After the semester ended, I took some time and got back home. I can't stand the city sometimes, and I always enjoy spending a little time with my family. I also got in some building in this period. And then we get to Brickfair which was really the highlight of the year for me, but I already kind of wrote about that in depth. After returning home from Brickfair though, things took a turn for the worst. Something happened between my friends and I. (I don't want to get into it too much here due to BZPower rules, but I'll happily give more information privately.) It felt like almost everyone I knew turned on me overnight. And these are people I've been very close with for years, since middle school in some cases. I only had a couple people I could really trust. So as fall semester started up, I was feeling pretty down. For someone who had been spending most of the year trying to be more social, losing your main friends hits hard. So I started trying everything I could. I started playing magic at games stores instead of primarily kitchen table. And luckily my pathfinder group was still accepting of me. Lately I've been spending more and more time at the school's student center, just like playing games and hanging out. Over the Thanksgiving break, I was excited to be going to see my aunt for thanksgiving. I hadn't made it the previous year, and I was in dire need of anything going better this year than the last. Unfortunately, as I was on the road, disaster struck again. It was raining hard, and I hydroplaned off the road. Luckily I was unharmed, but my car was totaled. Still, I made it to thanksgiving a little worse for the wear. The semester quickly wrapped up, which was good for me since I had no car and was relying on my friends at the student center to get to and from campus. My grades this time around were a little worse than they have been, but I passed all my classes. Now I'm home again, feeling somewhere between trapped and dreading school starting again. One other thing I did this year was start keeping a journal. I've always really like record keeping for some reason, and this year I finally found the resolve to start keeping one like I've always wanted too. I helped me get down my thoughts when I had no one to talk to and kept my mental health up. I'm very proud to have kept it the whole year, and I'll probably continue do so in the future. Overall, this is the roughest year I've had in a long time, maybe ever. But I got through it. And honestly when I write it out like this, there were a lot of positives, even if some of them were tainted by negatives later on.
  11. Man, now I'm a little more confident and I stay clean faced most of the time
  12. Cool to see a raffle system integrated with the forums again.
  13. I wish I had anything going on on New Year's beyond sitting at home with my mom.

  14. It felt like I spent a lot of this year just thinking back on where I was the year beforehand. They say time flies when you're having fun, but I found that this year kinda flew by compared to last, which is saying something considering the "mood" or whatever of the year felt like it started 2 months early for me. (See some blog post I made.) The last few years have been full of big moments and accomplishments for me, but this year I was mostly trying to just keep everything on track, and the few "big" moments were mostly negative. Still, there was some good stuff mixed in there and I made it out the other side. Anyway, just wanted to get that thought out there, may do a more in-depth write up tomorrow or something.
  15. I like these, they'll go well with all the Ice Planet ones people will be making in the coming months.
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