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  1. Will there be a EPUB version of this? I want to read it on my Kobo E-Reader, but the text is really small and hard to read.
  2. Sorry for the long delay, but here's an update. The game will hopefully receive a brand new update soon. Along with that, there is now an Android version of the game! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oiu406foemykb84/biorena_mobile-Default-1.0.4.apk?dl=0 Note that this has less features (no Mapper, sadly) and the only way you can share/load mods is if you root your device. However modding capability will be enhanced in a future update. Also, all updates to the PC version will be released on the Android version.
  3. Haven't really planned for multiplayer, but i'll consider it
  4. I haven't made a Mac version as of yet, but I'm pretty sure it'll work if you run it with Wine.
  5. NOTE: Since no one replied to this topic yet, I will update this post when new updates are released to prevent me spamming this topic with update changelogs, especially since this is a work-in-progress. An update for the BIORENA Alpha as been released. To apply the update, redownload BIORENA. Alpha Fixed a bug where some objects wouldn't show in Mapper.- Increased the game speed from 30 to 36 to make the game feel smoother and more responsive.- Fixed an error that occured if you minimized the game in the Main Menu or in Mapper.- Decreased the speed of the CORRUPTED BOHROK slightly.- Increased the damage of the Pistol slightly.- Decreased the damage of the SMG slightly.
  6. Transformers Devastation is a REALLY good game, probably better than war for cybertron/fall of cybertron even.
  7. Hi, I am bitl! Some of you might remember this 2 years back as a project I was working on in my spare time, however I haven't been working on it for a while because I was working on several other projects, that kind of disconnected me from the entire thing. However, I decided to work on the long-awaited Alpha update for the game. After 2 years, 2 hard drive failures on 2 seperate computers, hopefully this would be worth the wait! What is BIORENA? Well, it originally was going to be a multiplayer platform shooter but it slowly evolved to become a horde-mode platform shooter. Along with this, it has full blown mod support, allowing players to create new maps and gamemodes! What has changed? - New main menu! - Simplified Mapper controls! - A new enemy: the CORRUPTED BOHROK! - Now built in Game Maker Studio! ( I had to remove the shields because of problems I had while porting to this. Sorry!) - Modifications and enhancements to weapons and enemies! - A background! - A pause menu! - Much more fast-paced! - A help menu! - New death animations! - And MORE! SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOADS: PC: Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ullcs90m8pqxvpo/biorena_alpha.zip?dl=0 Dropbox (Direct Download): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39559521/biorena_alpha.zip Android: Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oiu406foemykb84/biorena_mobile-Default-1.0.4.apk?dl=0 Dropbox (Direct Download): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39559521/biorena/biorena_mobile-Default-1.0.4.apk Credits: Bitl (me) for creating the game and some sprites. InnerRayg for the sprites used/modified in Biorena. SquareWheel on the GMC forums (http://gmc.yoyogames...howtopic=335932) for the map editor template. Braffolk on the GMC forums (http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=616665) for the pixel-perfect resizing scripts YoYo Games for Game Maker Studio. Plans for future versions: -A new enemy type (Rahkshi) -An auto updater -Upgrades -Weapon Creator (for mods) -Unlockable Weapons I hope you guys have a lot of fun with this new version! Please note that this is still a work-in progress and some things may change over time.
  8. People have been saying "since it was sent to BZP only, it's got to be Bionicle" and will now probably say that "since it's going to other sites it must not be Bionicle"... hold your horses. BZP got twice as many tickets as EB. EB is known for having an excellent group of reviewers and photographers, and ensuring that at least three of them were present would be a great move on Lego's part to get the word out and spread publicity with some high-quality, possibly professional-style photos. Bonaparte (head EB admin) specifically requested that the people who win the tickets take pictures and report back to EB about it. This also leads me to believe that EB was not told the nature of the panel and event, like with BZP. Long story short: other sites have tickets as well, but it's still likely to be Bionicle. It could be the Minecraft minifigure-sized sets as well.
  9. Could you make it so you can bind keys to the mouse?
  10. Bitl


    Hello everyone. Sorry for the double post but it has been a few months from the last release (Demo 9) so I decided to release a little update about the game's development. For one, the game is not dead. I recently have written up a list of features and fixes I plan on including into the game. This next version will be the game's first "upgrade" from a Demo version into an Alpha version. I did work on the game's Alpha 1.0.0 version, but those files were lost in a Windows reinstall (yes, I forgot to back them up), so this time I am starting off fresh with this update. I just started planning this update and I will work on it soon enough. I cannot wait to release Alpha 1.0.0 as it is going to be a version with a lot of new features being added. Oh, one more thing. When the game's finished I plan on releasing the engine's source code along with the game's source code so you guys can make your own games off of this. Anyway that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this update and I hope to bring out a new update soon.
  11. Both Breakout and Invasion From Below.
  12. The funny thing is that my name here used to be "matoro lives!" for a couple of years or so before I switched to the name that I have now.

  13. I would strongly reccomend using Game Maker. After you have built a few games with the drag & drop element then you can quickly go on to coding with GML. A tool I use for GML is "GML Buddy V3" ( http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/66236-gml-buddy-v3 ) which allows you to convert your drag and drop elements into actual code that you can use. However, I haven't tested this in Game Maker Studio yet, so some code inside of it might be outdated.
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