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  1. Toa Spirit


    Is Terton even on the new BZP?But yeah, the new comics are great - the Elmo comic made me lol.
  2. And the land below it North Africa, with the Channel of BZPower being the med.But, does this mean I live on the Island of Reference?
  3. On another note, can you provide screen-shots for the first post?
  4. Toa Spirit

    Why Not?

    Here you goAlso, have any of you seen LNU, LL, X, Garda or Terton since BZP came back up? If they are back can somebody please point them out to me.
  5. Toa Spirit

    Why Not?

    Hey, these are good!What was your old series called again JK? EDIT: The link on the first post to comic 3 is broken.And BTW, are you intending to make this series under the NGC banner?
  6. Will the comics be coming back? They were great.

  7. Moffat just writes them. He has absolutely nothing to do with how the broadcast it. Blame the producer or scheduling guy or something Anyway, that's how they show it over here, and we actually make it, so that's how it's gonna be shown. Great episode though
  8. Chocolate pudding. But in all caps.
  9. Wow, I didn't notice that! Awesome! Happy... is it 14th?

    Epic age, dude. :D


    Yours is just 4 years earlier :P

  11. I have no idea what you'd like since I don't actually know you So I'll just tell you what's playing now. Snow Patrol. I don't recommend the first two albums, or the best of one (It's only half actual Snow Patrol.). Final Straw is probably the best of the good three.
  12. Toa Spirit


    I personally am looking forward to the Ocarina remake. :s: I meant out of what is out now. Out of those that are not I think the 3D Professor Layton game released in Japan and Mario Kart 3D sound the most the best.
  13. Toa Spirit


    The charging cradle looks like a good replacement for the old plug. and Comsos Black is by far the most win. Super Street Fighter IV looks like the best of the launch titles.
  14. It looks like a stir fry sauce gone completely wrong (why is it black?!) cooked by somebody who is a health hazard and should be banned from ever using a kitchen again. That, or it's dead elephant vomit
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