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  1. nothing much. been busy with school and sports.

  2. whatchu talkin bout, willis?

  3. homophobia is a word, FYI.

  4. the quotation marks in your signature are terribly out of place. ;)

  5. ok, ok, i see you, i see you.

  6. hardly flaming

  7. running away from arguments solves nothing

  8. can i have my check-up now?


  9. yeah, i went white water rafting, canyoneering, ziplining, surfing, and horseback riding

  10. just got back from costa rica

  11. is that ever necessary to ask? i ALWAYS loved you

  12. haters gonna hate, yo

  13. i saw that weekend wars was in your sig

  14. > Weekend Wars

    I like the way you think, kid.

  15. where'd ya go

  16. My favourite song from that album is Weekend Wars. I suggest you check out Congratulations.

  17. didn't know you liked mgmt. cool

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