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    War of the worlds, Lego, Bionicle, Duh! And food, lots of food, oh come on, everyone loves food. Also, I like other things like drawing!
  1. You still doing your comics?

  2. Whatwhat?

    You're another guy?

    Or is this a prank?

  3. Try and find this guy and look at his signiture... its wierd.

  4. You lucky son of a gun! Seriously, how do you get them!!! Tripod
  5. CL38: Thanks, but I thing I will be alright with that stuff.

    CHT: Like wise.

  6. BTW, what will 3.0 be about, more random and humorous comics or something different?

  7. Reply to Akaku: Thats Odd... like some guy claims to have found the cure for HIV in bone Marrow. The world gets odder by the day.

  8. Great to see another War of the Worlds fan!

  9. Welcome to BZP man, I love your name. If you need anything animation or sprite wise, feel free to PM me

  10. You can tell that that banner of yours is edited, the 2 is actually a five upside down, funny though.

  11. Results of Last F1 Race of the season;

    Massa: 1st

    Hamilton: 5th

    Hamilton got over took by Glock, all hope was lost, Glock slowed down, Hamilton Claimed the World Championship, isnt it awesome!

  12. Its going good, I got comics already. :D

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