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  1. Unfortunately, there weren't enough white pieces left to make them fit in. I tried alternating the studs before, but it looked kinda cluttered. It would've made more sense, but eh. Oh, and don't worry about the background; I just wanted to add a bit of flavour
  2. Combiner of the Protectors of Jungle, Ice and Water. Skull Spiders not included. Might make instructions later.
  3. Wow, thanks for featuring my post! Nice to read so many nice comments about my work ^^ It's dismantled, sadly, so I can't show it with the blue Protector mask on :/ It's not as much 'secrets' as it is messing around with parts until they look right. Give it a shot! When you only have six differently-colored sets to work with, it's either grouping the colors (as I did) or finding a way to make them blend in a nice way (which I didn't try). I went with the first option, because I wanted it to resemble one of those big Power Rangers mechs. There's a link to the instructions in the post, so feel free to mess around with the colors and making it more to your liking! ^^ I wanted this one, because it was the most 'neutral' mask of them all. I probably also used it because the upper torso is based on the PoE as well. I might actually give this a shot; can't promise anything, though Again, thank you all for your kind words and points of improvement!
  4. There's a link to the instructions in the main post.
  5. 6 outta 6! Thanks! Dividing up the colors was the only way to make it look half decent.
  6. Got any other CCBS sets? Most of the parts are relatively common, so you might be able to build it either way.
  7. Hi guys, I managed to make a decent looking combo model of the six Protector sets. This model does not use the Skull Spiders or the extra studs. Feel free to comment with CC, but keep in mind that I had a very limited amount of parts to work with. More images here. Instructions here. EDIT: resized image to fit guidelines.
  8. Filled in quite a few gaps in the torso and neck, revamped the tail (it can stand on it now) and took a way better picture than last time. Second entry for the BFTGM contest! Album: http://imgur.com/a/Tg6Gr
  9. Name: Jack in a box Description: Hides in the throats of his victims and steals the food they eat. Image:
  10. Thank you! Keeping it smooth was one of the biggest problems, since I only had dark grey to work with (and had to keep System pieces to a minimum). Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  11. I might make instructions in the future, but I'm currently working on a second (and maybe third) entry to the contest. I'll notify you when/if the instructions are up! Also, thanks everyone for the kind words ^^ CC is always welcome I'll keep it in mind if I make a next version, thanks!
  12. Entry name: Makuta's takeover Picture: BZP topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15898-makutas-takeover/
  13. My first entry for the Battle for the Golden Mask contest.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, guys! I agree there's a lot of black here, but my brown and tan collections were pretty much used up in this MOC
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