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  1. Does anyone else come back here and feel like the relative silence is nigh crushing?

  2. Does anyone else come back here and feel like the relative silence is nigh crushing?

  3. You all are the ones who are supposed to be buying me lattes, you know. I don't know what you mean about paying your bills. I seem to remember legitimately owing you a latte years ago. Huh. Well I guess as long as I keep lurking one day I actually will buy you one cause I'll end up at brickcon or something. But in all seriousness I blame adult responsibilities for the lack of activity, i'm sure most others would agree.
  4. A lot of the old guard just lurks, myself included, albeit even my lurking has died down in the last few months. Bills and responsibility will do that to you, unfortunately. Not only that but I think a lot of people have moved on to other hobbys, especially after the dataclysm. Things were just never the same after that, and if I'm totally honest this will probably be the only post I make for another six to twelve months if my previous record is anything. I think for a lot of us the allure of the community that used to bring us back faded when the community did, increasing the rate of decay so to speak. And Wind, If you can pay all my bills for me and make it so I have no 'sponsibilities I will come back
  5. I am literally only here to bump the gloriousness of these beautiful pages. Lovely work as always Mr. Kackles, I look forward to bugging you about finishing more pages in the near future
  6. Look who's back, back again. Kini's back, tell a friend.

  7. Yanno, the fact that I was mentioned at all in a threat about "big names," regardless of TTV involvement or not, actually scares me. Because I'm no one. I'm barely even a Part of TTV, asides being one of the founders. The only thing that scares me more is the fact that LJ was mentioned too. But anyways, I would have to say... Lady K for her artwork and stories, Takuta Nui for his writing, and Friar Tuck/Nuju for the BZPRPG and the fact that there's no way it would've become as popular as it did without their help.
  8. IC: {Valnad} Valnad stepped off the elevator and into the docking bay, his hand still resting on the hilt of his sword. He looked around at those in the room with him, specifically at the remote probes Brunhilde had sent. He felt a shudder go through the hull as the two ships docked, and the familiar hiss as the docking tube was pressurized. He sighed and hoped for the best, hopefully the unknown threat of the probes would be enough to stop the crew of the other ship from attempting hostilities... It would have to be.
  9. IC: {Is a captain a captain if he doesn't have a hat?} "Captain, I trust you realize there are only three biomech beings on this ship? We have far from a full crew complement." Oh. Right. Valnad stepped up to the star map, watching as the holographic image representing the Purahoura drew closer and closer to the Tarnhelm. "Sometimes I wish this wasn't a ghost ship... I'll oversee this personally." He stepped away, hand on the hilt of his sabre as he walked to the elevator bulkhead and stepped inside, pressing the button down to the docking bays. As the elevator began it's torturously slow descent, Valnad had a stroke of brilliance. "Brunhilde, have ten of your monitors join us in the docking bay. Have as many as you can manage on standby as well."
  10. IC: {The captain of that one ship that doesn't exist} "We're out of control. Our control-stick-things aren't working anymore!" Something about that seemed very, very off to Valnad. A ship doesn't just go from flying in formation to out of control without some sort of influence, internal or external, and while they could very well be completely out of control Valnad recognised the characteristic grunting speech of a Skakdi. He hated Skakdi. "Brunhilde, I want a course correction to put us out of the path of that ship. Subvert their engine systems and bring them to a halt. Offer them assistance as well." The AI did so, and the star map in front of Valnad reflected the change in the other ship's velocity. "Brunhilde, see if you can deactivate or otherwise sabotage their ship to ship weapons, and prepare docking tube two. I want an engineering detachment with four armed personnel down there to aid the crippled vessel. In the event that it's a trap, we vent it."
  11. IC {Ô Capitaine, Mon Capitaine} Valnad sighed, his hand coming to rest on the hilt of his sword. Perhaps he was old-fashioned, but he hated firearms with a passion. Unless of course they were too big to carry, because who doesn't like that kind of immobile, artillery-esque firepower? "Brunhilde, maintain the course that was previously set. We proceed as if they do not exist. Do not fire unless we are fired upon first or they breach the safe threshold of ten thousand kilometers without express permission."
  12. IC: {Capitan Valnad} There was static for the briefest of moments and Brunhilde relinquished her hold over the communications systems. The captain waited a few moments before speaking, because the last thing he wanted to do was give these people the impression that they were worth his time. "This is Valnad, Captain of the Tarnhelm," he started, the same ethereal quality to his voice as always, distorted and further warped by Brunhilde's masterful manipulation of the communications arrays. In many ways, Valnad found it interesting that Brunhilde even bothered, but he supposed that the unsettling effect of talking to someone who sounded like more of a ghost than an actual person would work in their favour to some extent. "We confirm neutrality, though I am in agreement with the assessment of my AI. Unless you plan on making it worth my while, a rendezvous serves no purpose." Valnad looked around the bridge. As he stood in the center of the room, he had an unparalleled view of what was going on inside, and he noted with silent appreciation the efficiency of the newly awoken officers in going about their tasks within moment of filing into the bridge. Valnad had requested to spin up the Tarnhelm's weapon systems as a precautionary measure before this interesting turn of events. Valnad didn't order the weapons powered down despite his confirmation of neutrality however. With luck, the sensors on the other ships would not recognise the ship's weapons powered up without a reading of them powered down, which he had no intention of allowing them. If it turned out they were pirates, they were in for a very nasty surprise. Nevertheless, he sounded a cautionary alert. The last thing he wanted was a combat situation no one was prepared for. Brunhilde agreed.
  13. IC: {Valnad, Captain of the Tarnhelm} "Sir. We have arrived in the Dormus system." Brunhilde said. "I would suggest we investigate the anomaly which has attracted the attention of the Brotherhood and the Order." Valnad swivelled in his seat, carefully placing the stone carving tablet he’d been working with onto his desk. The rune carved in it was well practiced, the swooping lines and sharp edges honed by years of repetition and overall boredom. It was with an almost meditative mentality that Valnad approached the carving during the long treks through space, and he’d left very specific orders to Brunhilde not to interrupt him while he was doing so unless it was important. He stood, the lights in the room brightening as he stepped out of his quarters and onto the bridge. The raised platform in the center of the command bridge gave him a view of most, if not all of the workstations therein, and an unparalleled view of the multiple external camera feeds. Valnad could see everything that was happening around the Tarnhelm. He glanced to his left, a small viewscreen coded to his retina that allowed him to converse with the Shipboard AI in private. He tapped a few messages into the screen, waiting for the AI’s almost instantaneous response before nodding. The command bridge electronics leapt into action, lights and sensors simultaneously popping on. Valnad’s voice came over the ship-wide intercom, stern and matter-of-fact with an almost wraith-like quality to it. “This is your captain speaking. Crew of the Tarnhelm, man your stations and prepare to conduct scans of the surface of Kal Dormus.” Once again he typed on the keypad privately to his Ship: .//Brunhilde, spin up weapons systems and mark possible exit strategies. I want to figure out what stirred up the hornet’s nest on this planet and get out before anything bad can happen.. Brunhilde’s reply was brief, as usual. .//Yes sir.. The Tarnhelm flared to life in the void of space, and began to move towards the planet’s surface.
  14. Name: Valnad (Arrik) Species: Toa Gender: Male Appearance: Average height and average build for a Toa. Though his red and gold armor has rusted and faded over the course of many years, he is still imposing enough when he wants to be. To most of the Tarnhelm’s crew, he is frail and bitter, though in combat, face-to-face or otherwise, he is still a fearsome opponent. His mask is an ornate Hau, shaped in the same way as the legendary Hau Nuva, albeit with three “fins” arching over the top. His left arm is weak, the armour mangled, but when angry, he takes on an almost ethereal quality, which earned him the nickname Valnad, or Wraith, which has come to replace his actual name. Powers/Equipment: Control of flame, as with all Fire Toa. He also wears a Kanohi Hau and wields a wickedly curved Sabre and Tower shield into combat, though in an age of ship-to-ship warfare he rarely needs to use them. Skills: Valnad is skilled with his blade, a fast opponent and very disciplined. He’s also a master tactician, and combines this with the help of the Tarnhelm’s artificial intelligence to great effect. Weaknesses: Valnad, though quick and disciplined, can be fairly predictable into personal combat. Though with the help of the Tarnhelm’s AI he becomes far less so in ship combat, on foot he dislikes taking silly risks. Personality: Valnad is, for the most part, a distant authoritarian, who demands the best of himself and his crew. As the face of the Tarnhelm, he takes it upon himself to act as a guiding figure, directing the ship and her crew when need arises. Outside of that, Valnad has confidence that his crew can run things without him most of the time, and leaves them to their jobs. Affiliation: Neutral Alignment: Lawful Good History: Valnad is very guarded about his past, as evidenced by his refusal to use his real name. Though it has been speculated that he was any number of things in his past – a merchant of death, or mercenary, or spy for the Order of Mata Nui, or even the ruler of some land forever lost to the Makuta, The truth is actually fairly close. As a former agent of the Order, Valnad intensively studied tactics so that when the time came – if it ever did – he would be ready to command whatever legions he was given to wage war against the Makuta with. Unfortunately, he never got the chance, and in the aftermath of Makuta’s takeover he abandoned the Order. Over time, he travelled to a myriad of planets, always charting, trying to find some backwater planet where he could be alone. And when he finally found it, he eventually realized he wasn’t the first one to get there. And that’s where the Tarnhelm comes in.
  15. IC: {Kiharu and Seryna} “I’ll give you the condensed version. Some… elements on this island like to get their hands on things from as many different places as they can, and it’s my job to make sure they do. Seryna here was one of my contacts until she decided to double cross me and try to have me caught by the Marines. It’s not the best use of my talents, I always much preferred assassination, but thievery pays my bills quite handsomely. A key here, a statue there, and everyone’s happy except for the people who “misplaced” their ancient family heirloom.” Kiharu sighed loudly, arching her back and letting it crack with an audible pop. “Truth be told, it gets a little boring though. And thanks to Seryna here it’ll be much harder to work in Ga-Koro undetected. And now that I’ve told you all this, I really have only a few options don’t I? Either I leave and you both forget you ever saw me, and I continue my business here through other means. Or we fight, one of us dies, and the other gets to fill out the paperwork. There’s no way I’m getting arrested in this place.” And then there was a knock at the door. Kiharu, immediately on guard, summoned up her weapon and stood. “Made some friends in the last day have we Seryna?” She looked between the two others in the hut, before settling her gaze on Darien. “Open it, and if you breathe a word of what’s happening, or try to use some code, this blade is going through your heart.”
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