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  1. Wow. I get the feeling that I stumbled across the start of a new BZPRPG arc during a random look through here. Interesting timing there. Anyways, can someone give me a quick rundown of important things that happened during... all of the last arc. I'm thinkin' of getting back into this thing.



    Yeah, and it will begin in about three more hours. That's what Nuju said it would be when he clarified. And it is not 5:36 PST. I'm EST, and it is 5:41 here. PST is three hours ahead of EST.


    What planet is this and how can I get there?

    starting times* for US people if any of us are bad at math:


    EST: 8:00 PM

    CST: 7:00 PMMountain Time: 6:00 PM

    PST: Isn't it obvious? 5:00 PM.*all times are approximate due to possible slowness due to Nuju's being only human

    What about for us here in Hawaiian-Aleutian Standard time? Actually, I think it starts at 2:00 PM for me.

  3. Okay, buying binge time. First off, Wraith, Champion battle against Torch? It's free widgets!


    Then, I will buy a shared Thornax Launcher and Thornax, A legacy Gateway for Gresh, a Weapon reforge for gresh, giving him the Shield-blades of Lono, a shield that can split into bladed tonfas. (Basically what the set has), and A +3 trainer for gresh in everything.



    8000+1000+30000+5000+32000= 76000. Win.

  4. Confirming match with Phantom Terror. Paying 750 W




    Cosmic Armor, boost Agility.


    Torch will first use his staff of hunger to drain any stat boost as they come. Then, Torch will start to throw fireballs at Nex while advancing, using his high toughness to tank through attacks. If Nex tries to fly, Torch will aim up. Once Torch gets into melee range, a lot of staff-whacking will happen. GAME, SON.






    Also, after some thought, and regret over now having wasted free trainers, I am dropping Dust for Gresh.

  5. Keizah, Vox, I'll take ya both on.


    Against Electro



    Cosmic Armor boost: strength

    First, Torch will use his staff of Hunger, eating electro's armor stat boost, and anything else he uses.

    Then, Torch will hope that Electro engages him in close combat, Where Torch will punch and rakshi staff him a bunch of times, then win. If this doesn't happen, Torch will... Shoot some fireballs at Electro and rile the crowd up to get him to come fight up close.




    Against Kopaka



    Cosmic Armor Boost: agility.

    Torch will run up to Kopaka and try to fling him against walls repeatedly, melting ice attacks as necessary.



  6. Okay, strategy for champion match against Millenium




    Cosmic armor: Boost strength.


    Torch will dodge all ranged attacks from Millenia, somehow. When Milliliter gets in close for a physical attack, Torch will use his hitherto unknown skill as a judo champion to take Milligram's strength and use it to fling him against a wall. Repeat as necessary.




    Also, Vox, i'll take you up on the champion match offer. (Or anyone else, for that matter.)

  7. Okay, so free stuff, I'll take a hordika venom and the four +1 Trainers, all for dust. If I can't get the Venom for free, I'll instead get a shared Staff of Hunger.


    Canis, I accept the match. I'll post my strategy later

  8. Let's do this.




    Comic Armor: boost strength.

    First off, same flaming absorby armor strategy as last time. Then, Torch will advance, flinging disks at Tahu's joints.Once he reaches Tahu, Tahu should either be tired from a lot ofblocking and dodging, or crippled in agility and strength. Afterreaching Tahu, Torch will stop using his fire armor, transferring itinto a jet engine powered serious of punches, kicks, and headbutts untilTahu goes down, deflecting sword strikes with greater strength asnecessary.



  9. okay, let's go




    Cosmic armor boost: agility.

    Step one: flaming armor to absorb any fire-based attacks, and use them to block disks. Step two, Disks to the wings, crippling flight. Step three, pummel relentlessly, with high toughness and strength obliterating Flare. If he dodges, Torch will continue to disk to the wing, then obliterate in close combat.



  10. Confirming match with Canis. Also, entering Torch into tournament.




    Cosmic armor Boost: Agility.

    First off, Virus will have to be wary of using his gravity powers, because it will probably trigger a rockfall. If it does, Torch will use his now slight agility edge to dodge the boulders, letting them hit virus. A side effect of this would be the impact maybe waking the scorpio. If it awakens, Torch will hide and let it take out virus. If Bone hunters appear, Torch will burninate them, and use disks to cripple their legs.

    Hazards aside, Torch will use his mind power to create a smokescreen between him and Virus, so that Virus will have to use his gravity powers over a wider area, wearing him out. Gravi-spears will be dodged. Once the smokescreen is up Torch will hide until Virus tries to venture out of the smoke, at which point Torch will jump out to ambush him, pummeling him while he is confused, then leaping away and restarting the process.



  11. IC: Kamaehu had quietly stepped off to the side as Skyra and Skeldan were assaulted by a flurry of old friends. Now that that seemed to be dying down, he resumed their beginning of a conversation. "Sorry for my intrusion, if it were. I have been meaning to find some way to help out the island. I talked to a Toa of Fire over there," He pointed to where Merror had been before he left. "and he said to talk to you."


  12. I will buy a + 5 Agility for dust, and a weapon reforge, giving him the Pohaku Lonomakaihe, two spearguns. And stone powers. The point is ranged attacks.


    Also, I am open for battle. And I like the fighter class idea. Also, I just realized that would leave me with zero w. But that's just how i roll, so i'm doin it.

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