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  1. Hmm. You can put me down for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Always did like that team. I like ʻem even better now that their stadium is named after me.
  2. Equipoise Valentine Paul Revere Epitaph Can do, can do?
  3. Because, a triple-hang? Really? Even worse, Trying to hang all the suspects just to find one mafian? We'll go extinct tryin' to do that.
  4. I've been doing some digging, and I've decided to change me vote for the Pyro. I am now voting for Xaeraz.
  5. On a semi-related note, how do the neutral roles win anyway? Do they have to be the last man standing, or is it like a "If one side wins, I win too" type of deal? EDIT: Oops, slip of the typing. Tab browsing has its downfalls.
  6. OOC: Oops, forgot about this. IC: The setup period started for the Simulation. Arzanyos raised his blaster over his head, sending out a wave of purple energy to restore his imagination. "Never hurts to be careful." he said.
  7. IC: Following Merror's advice, Kamaehu walked over to where Skyra and Skeldan were arguing. He couldn't hear that much of their conversation, but he did pick up something about "every bar on the island." "Hello" he said, preferring not to comment on what he had heard.
  8. Hmm. Accusations, eh? JL seemed rather bloodthirsty earlier. He also mentioned wanting to see "someone" get killed. Additionally, the mafians were holding up the games. thusly, JL is the pyro. TL;DR, I accuse Jl V2, for the heinous murder of Ibrow!
  9. IC: Kamaehu looked around the Le-koro, his eyes quickly coming to rest on a spot that had seemed to have just been being rebuilt. Standing by it were three toa, one of ice, one of fire, and one of air. Well, I really do need something to do, he thought as he walked over to the group. And I don't think supporters of Makuta would be rebuilding the city. "Hello", he said to Merror once he reached them.
  10. Ah, just give me any number. BTW, the answer was "Three, please."
  11. IC: Ara'kas nodded gravely. "I understand. With dark times like these, there aren't a lot of jobs. Too many battles, not enough organization, not enough for those who are not fighters." She looked toward Kamaehu, who only shrugged. "Unfortunately, I do not know how to aid you."
  12. IC: "I'm not getting on your case for the accident. I'm getting on your case because you still haven't gotten out of the way, and are wasting our time with pointless jests." Ara'kas snapped. Then she stopped short, as if just now processing what Cikren had said. "Wait, unemployed? What is your line of work?"
  13. IC: Arzanyos grinned. "Sounds like a plan." OOC: Your blow up all the maelstrom with a Mythran artifact plan. Or rather, the charging of it.
  14. IC: "Well, this should be 'fun'." Said Arzanyos as he sat down across from Black on the bench, having rocketed down to the Gardens. "Sitting around here while the others finish the job." IC(Odo): Lancelot shrugged. "Okay. Just in case, I'll check to see if this thing's giving off something dangerous, or attracting some unwanted attention." he headed over to a nearby computer and started to add parts to it, turning it into a scanner. OOC: By the way, just putting this out there. If anyone wants to use my NPC's for something, they can. Just don't kill them or something like that. Also, Canis, how do you feel about a monkeywrench being thrown into this plan. An angry hammerling shaped monkeywrench.
  15. ^ MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Yes, two mafias would be a hilarious idea.
  16. IC: Ara'kas raised an eyebrow at Cikren. "And just what impression might that be?"
  17. Yeah, I know how you feel. I was trying to get any characters at all, and instead keep getting ones I already have. the best is when I opened a reinforcement pack that had four characters in it. All four were Vanguards I already have. I don't even play Vanguard that much, but the pack jumped my from level 17 to level 20. Also ballistic blades are amazing. But the real reason to play batarian is obvious. FALCON PUNCH!
  18. IC: Before Kamaehu could respond, Ara'kas shouldered him out of the way, snarling "Enough of this foolishness." Turning to Cikren, she eyed the toa of ice with annoyance. "Well? If you have something to say, say it, but otherwise get out of the way."
  19. IC: Kamaehu raised an eyebrow, noticing Cikren's hesitation. "Yes, I'm sure it was. After, what else could it have been?"
  20. IC: Kamaehu quickly stopped himself and took a half-step backwards, so as to avoid the blue and white Toa of Ice now right in front of him. "Hello. Is there any reason we almost ran into each other, or was it just an accident?" he asked.
  21. OOC: Enough waiting around in the forest. time to wait around in the village proper. IC: Kamaehu walked into Le-koro, his two compatriots close beside him. Hasil had separated from them sometime before their arrival, leaving Kamaehu with nothing to show for their excursion than a small bag of kalo. Which, when he thought about it, wasn't all that bad. OOC: Open for interaction.
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