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  1. A funny looking robot that I would assuredly know more about if I had played Portal... 2. It's in Portal 2, right? I know it's in Portal 2. It's one of the multiplayer characters.
  2. If those story titles are anything to go by, it seems it was pretty gruesome in "those days"
  3. IC: Kamaehu looked up at Hasil and smiled fiendishly. "I don't see why. It grows, that should have been obvious." Having inspected the plants adequately, he turned halfways once more, this time straightening until he was standing again. "If you meant that I should have told you why it is useful, that is because it is an excellent food source. It has no lack of nutritional value, and the entire plant is edible. Also, it's delicious."
  4. IC: The object in question was a patch of plants with rather large, heart shaped leaves. "Kalo. It's an indigenous plant." Kamaehu replied.
  5. Well, It depends how much you heat. If you turn all of the Coliseum to magma, yeah thatʻs too much. But if you only heat the section your opponent is on, thatʻs fine. In fact, turning the floor under people to magma was practically Tahuʻs signature attack.
  6. Yep, I want to contribute 1000 W. Thatʻs how confident I am about this strategy Iʻll probably get unbroke with the 2v2 match.
  7. Well, I mean, since all I do is self serving to make Torch more awesome(look it up, itʻs true.), Iʻd suggest making toughness more useful. Because right now, high strength means you basically instakill people in melee, high agility makes you a champion sprinter who canʻt be hit, high mind makes you a BIOTIC ELEMENTAL GOD, and high toughness... makes you die at a slightly slower rate?
  8. Confirming match with Onua, paying 1000 W, in the Forums. Itʻs hard to make a strategy against someone better than you at everything.
  9. Iʻd be amiable to be the third participant in the fight against Dual and Canis.
  10. IC: Kamaehu shook his head slightly. "Thatʻs a story for a different time. One where we are not all in such close proximity." Then, as something on the ground caught his eye, he suddenly stopped walking, dropping to one knee. "Hmm. This could be useful."
  11. IC: "Well, I guess you get used to it." Isfel hypothesized. "I mean, you have to, surely. ... Sir, you got used to it, right?" Kamaehu chuckled. "I had a lifetime to do so. And Iʻm morally obligated to, Araʻkas has saved my life at least twice. Besides, sheʻs my cousin." "So, to answer your question, yes, Araʻkas is aware that her personality is abrasive."
  12. IC: "Oh, so when you said you were "medi- Araʻkasʻ words were cut off by a far more reasonable reply. "Yes, that actually does aid me. Now I know we are not preparing to chase down Hiemalis, or something of a similarly revengant nature. And yes, we will stand with you. Being a hero for heroismʻs sake is what I live for, after all."
  13. IC: "You are right, I was mistaken. We are in the treeʻd section of nowhere." Araʻkas growled. With a sigh, Kamaehu began an attempt to bring this interminable argument of semantics to a close. "Letʻs take this slowly. Hasil, after we reach Le-Koro, and... complete the requisite functions for embarking on an excursion, what do you intend to do, or to put it another way, what will your mission be?"
  14. Confirming match with Portalfig, yes I am paying 2000 W. Strategy Also, I like the idea of arenas. One suggestion I have is this: Mangaia Volcano. A wide lava rock basin forms most of the arena, sloping quickly at the edges to form the sides of the mountain. There are tunnels and caves scattered around the walls, which is nice, since this arena is the inside of an active volcano. If it blows, stay in the tunnels until the new lava rock floor forms. And it stops shooting fire everywhere. : )
  15. Oh hey. Comedies is still a forum. Whoʻda thought? Anyway, I do quite like this newest addition in the saga of TBTTRAH. Itʻs always nice to see you step back from epicomedy-ing and try to once again capture the spirit of the original like twenty chapters of TBTTRAH. And by the way, the mansion being on top of a volcano wouldnʻt be a problem. Unless the volcano is Kilauea. Or Mauna Kea, but thatʻs for different reasons. (Hint: Itʻs freezing on Mauna Kea)
  16. Aw man, my reverse psychology didnʻt work.
  17. Me and Flaredrick have agreed to a match to see whoʻs cuisine reigns supreme whoʻs flame burns the fieriest. I will be paying 3000 W, he will be paying 1000 W(The miser! hmph.) By the way, Flaredrick, you can only bring two items into battle. Iʻd suggest taking the Pakari and the Hau in against Torch. Thatʻs a reeaalllyy good plan right there. Pakari and Hau, got it? Strategy
  18. yeah, the only reason I chose lava armor is because I could wrap my head around how lava armor works even less. As for the Nova blast, I know that wasnʻt allowed. I was commenting on the fact that it was currently disallowed for toa only. Also, Dual, how do you know about the lava armor if that is a strategy for a match against you?
  19. Okay, I am confirming a match with Dual Matrix, him contributing 500 W, me contributing none. Strategy
  20. As I now have money, I am open for a battle with anybody. To note: If Iʻm am fighting Onua, I will be contributing 0 W. ʻCause seriously, itʻs getting annoying loosing to him. Against anybody else, iʻll be pitching in 3000 W. pale kamaehu, lanakili pono
  21. Yeah, I was just seeing how much I could get away with. Good match though.
  22. Me and Zakaro have arranged a match with Each other, for 750 W each. My Strategy.
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