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  1. Hello!! this is Toa Aerrow, and i have decided to show you my Hero Factory Characters. some are just like the sets, others are slightly different, and the rest are completely different. to place all the pics in this post would make it ridiculously long, so this is just the Index and all-around Reviews/Talkback topic. this post will be updated during today/this week (week if it takes longer), so you may need to check back later.
  2. The Bionicle theme song?! What?! What the ###### do mean by, "the Bionicle theme song"?!
  3. I've got Ratchet & Clank, Locked and Loaded, Up your Arsenal (My Favorite so Far), and Gladiator, and i'm saving up for a PS3 so i can get Tools of Desruction, Quest for Booty, A Crack in Time (which i think will be my favorite of all Time once i have it!), and All 4 One.Favorite Hero: Ratchet (of Cause)Favorite Villain: Dr NefariousFavorite Game: Up Your Arsenal (For Now)Favorite Planet: MarcadiaFavorite Weapon: i'd say the Multi-Disk Gun from R&C 3I Love the Game Series! Actully it's my ONLY game series. At all. Except for SPORE. Which kinda sucks.
  4. Real Name: Robert CritterAlias: Toa AerrowAppearance: has powerfull armor based on the Iron Man Armor. it is Forrest green, and has built in repulsors, Thruster Boots, Jet Pack, and Unibeam. it can also folded up into a school bag!Power: he has a kanohi hau: mask of Shielding, an elemental stone of Nature implanted in his chest, as well as powering the armour, Repulsors, boots, jet pack, AI (girl voice named Aphelion), and weapon, a large staff with a claw at one end and a wench at the other. it can also be used to channel his elemental power that is enlaced through his blood Via the Stone of Nature.Allegiance: League HeroArea: AustraliaBio: he is a young boy of 18 that was tracking the comet Elenin, until it crashed into his backyard. as well as examining the Qiute Interesting species inside the comet (from Planet Gliese 581 G), he found an elemantal stone of incredible power. included powers were: Nature, Fire, Ice, Earth (includes Metals; Elements, Compounds, and alloys), Light, Water, and Air. the comet also caused it to rain all over the planet for three days, along with powered crystals similar to the Crystals in the Storm Hawks series. when he tried to pull the stone of Nature off, the rock exploded, sending each of the elemental stones across the globe to the seven continents (exept Nature in Australia). he decided to build a device that allowed him to harness the power of the stone of nature, and placed it in his chest. he also made a miniature one for his prototype weapon, slicing off a small piece of the stone to do so. then he built simple Armor to protect him from an attack, which he used to stop a large bank robbery that would destroy much of midland Station, at which point he revealed that he was Toa Aerrow, and what his real name was. he then upgraded the armor, and made it a full body suit, as well as adding Aphelion, Thruster Boots, Repulsors, Jet Pack, and Mask of Shielding, creating the first force field and first fully sentient AI in the process. however, he had made it out of Steel, and so it was very heavy. so he designed a new suit, one that folded out from a school bag, that was made of a light Titanium Alloy (made of Iron, Titanium, Carbon, a recently mound element Mithril, Nickel, and Tin), Ithildin (Named after J.R.R.Tolkien's Mithril Alloy), coloured green to suit his element.also in the end he also built armor for six of his friends:1. Lauchlan Miver, Toa Revim, Toa Of Ice, White-ish Blue, Ice Trident and retractable shield (based off the shield Captailn America Had), Kanohi Kualsi: Mask of Teleportation, Boy, 172. Amy Ralin, Toa Narissa, Toa of Water, Royal Blue, Twin Aqua Hook/Blades, Kanohi Rau: mask of Translation, Girl, 16, Robert's love interest3. Odin Owolds, Toa Venger, Toa of Fire, Firey Red, Twin Fire Daggers and Retractable Shield, Kanohi Matatu: Mask of Telekenisis, Boy, 16, Has a crush on Fiona4. Fiona Belianis, Toa Alumina, Toa of Light, Gold and white, Dual-Bladed axe (based of Astrid's axe from How to Train your Dragon), Kanohi Ahvohki: Mask of Light, Girl, 19, Has a Crush on Odin5. Jasper Veriga, Toa Spartikus, Toa of Air, sand brown, Roman Sword and Roman Shield, Kanohi Arthron: mask of Sonar, Blind, Boy, 166. Nicholas Rakod, Toa Nitron, Toa of Earth, Stone Brown, Retractable Blade Shield and Huge Broadsword, Kanohi Volitak: Mask of Stealth, boy, 19since then he has upgraded his an d his friend's armors, and so he fights crime, terrorism, war, strives for a better Earth, and planes to one day, find out where the Elemental stone came from, somewhere in the Galexy, Universe, or Multiverse...
  5. Hey there remember me? it's William Furno!i'm re-reading the entire Reawakening Story! and i hope to read the latest chapters pretty soon!Off-Topic: i am SO not making another story in a LOOOONG time, possibly never, because i suck at it!
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