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  1. If we are already planning to attend BrickFair Virginia and would like to submit a MoC for this theme, can we bring our MoC in person as opposed to shipping it? -Mesonak
  2. It was an absolutely incredible contest, filled with a wealth of passion, skill, and creativity that is pretty refreshing in this post-BIONICLE world of ours. All the entrants did fantastic jobs, and the creativity and passion that they put into their submissions really shines through. It was very entertaining and illuminating to witness people transforming their G2-wishlists into a physical form for others to see; it definitely was a worthwhile prompt for the contest. My proverbial hat goes off to all the entrants who helped shape this contest, and to the BZP staff for hosting and managing it. I'm very glad to have been a part of it, and honored to have been selected as a winner. I deeply regret not entering more of G2's official contests; thankfully, I don't have to regret missing this one. -Mesonak
  3. There used to be an unofficial BZP chatroom that had a pretty active member-base and moderating team; it wasn't perfect, but it lasted for several years and followed (most) of BZP's rules. As others have pointed out, however, it was very difficult to moderate. It required an incredibly large staff team who constantly had to have at least some kind of presence on the chat to take care of rule breakers. With all that being said, I think the odds of an official one being created are slim to none. -Mesonak
  4. Oh thanks! It was an absolutely wonderful interview. Merlin Mann's a great guy and the talk gave me great confidence (as if I needed more after NYCC) that despite all the flaws with BIONICLE 2015, the team has a great respect for the line and wants to see it succeed. Part 2 has a lot more interesting BIONICLE discussion and that should be releasing later today. -Mesonak
  5. I've had varying degrees of inactivity over the years and am currently in my largest spell ever at the moment. No particular reason; over the years my interest in different BZP sectors have gradually waned. I was active in the entire forum, then I became constrained to blogs and GD, then solely GD, then most recently the Games and Trivia forum. Now I've stopped frequenting that due to playing Mafia elsewhere. It's not even intentional; I've gravitated more towards lurking places rather than posting, nowadays (even on the TTVMB). -Mesonak
  6. Excellent creation! Glad to see this one got third place. Really love the mostly cohesive blend of piece aesthetics, and the expert level torso build. Congratulations. D -Mesonak
  7. I am extremely shocked by this development. (not really) My stance on the matter is exactly the same as it was during NYCC. I do believe that Lego is strongly hinting towards a possible bridge between old and new BIONICLE. Why put such a big emphasis on "time" as the way the Toa arrive on Okoto? Why reference the Vahi so many times if it was merely a simple easter eggs? Why specifically hint towards the Vahi and a time travel element at NYCC if it was simply an "example" of a way the new BIONICLE will handle things? I think that it's a bit presumptuous to make any definite claims of a bridge between the generations, but the evidence is certainly pointing in that direction and the possibility warrants consideration, at least. HOWEVER... with that being said, I do not personally believe that we'll ever be returning to the old universe or that the old universe will ever be explored significantly again. I think that the seeds that Lego is planting will merely be used to connect the generations, and nothing more than that. If anybody's expecting for this to suddenly become a concrete continuation where we journey back to Spherus Magna and fight Velika, I think they'll be sorely disappointed. This is definitely a reboot, no question about it, but I think Lego's aiming to please everybody in some way, and I applaud them for it. -Mesonak
  8. I shall submit a humble entry of mine as well, despite my relatively nonexistent chances of winning. Entry name: Ascendant Link to full gallery -Mesonak
  9. The final year of sets was pretty well done and featured some fresh takes on the constraction formula and some excellent designs. That being said, for a final wave... it was only "good." Story-wise, the "ending" was atrocious. -Mesonak
  10. Pretty much all I'll say in my defense is that I literally haven't thought about this game in two weeks (ever since I got back from NYCC). I'll vote for SV. -Mesonak
  11. Agreed 100%. I know that the reason you give criticism to us isn't due to some "grudge." It's based off of concern for the community and the spread of information within it. That's a noble goal; we definitely care about the way information spreads as well, which is why we're making strides to improve how we handle things. The only way we're ever going to get better is by learning from mistakes (of which we have most definitely made several); we're very thankful for your role in that. -Mesonak
  12. Like signing your name twice? (just wanted to point that out 'cause it was kinda funny; not trying to make fun of TTV or anything like that) Speaking of Okoto, I wonder why they chose to divide up the regions with mountains? Seems like it would hinder the Toa's progress, and while that could be worked into the story, it'd get boring if long sections of the story were "the Toa went over the mountain, the Toa went over the mountain, the Toa went over the mountain, and guess what they saw?" LOL, yeah that is indeed quite the mistake. XD It's a pretty interesting design choice, but it's probably just for easier village segmentation. Plus they can have epic sequences where they have to climb the mountain! With that being said, the story will probably be highly compartmentalized due to the nature of the mini-movies anyway; they can probably skip right over a lot of the mountainous stuff.
  13. EDIT: Haha, my mistake; I began writing this long post before Makaru told us to back off. Feel free to delete this post if you so choose, my sincerest apologies. SO FIRST OF ALL: It was indeed our mistake in regards to the build of Lewa; a lot of purported mistakes with Lewa's build are internal, gearbox-related issues. They do not affect the overall appearance OR functionality of the set. They're mistakes, most definitely; the blame lies 100% with us for the mistakes. However, with the exception of the gears behind the neck limiting the poseability (although that may not end up being the case...) and the connection of the spikes which, for all intents and purposes, does not affect the appearance of the set... our build is solid. The purpose of a set review is to inform the readers/viewers as to whether the set is worthwhile for purchase. While these reviews/previews/whatever you REALLY want to call them have certainly come about in an unorthodox way, I think they do that job very well and I don't regret making them. REGARDLESS... I do regret the mistakes. I acknowledge them fully; there's nobody to blame but us. Thanks to everybody who pointed it out to us over the course of the day (specifically Aanchir); for what it's worth, I speak for all of us when I apologize. We'll try to do better in the future. All I can really say in our defense is that we include the disclaimers at the beginning of the "reviews" for a reason; if people don't like watching a set review that may be inaccurate, they can avoid it. As far as the whole "misinformation" deal when it comes to news reporting and the recent Comic Con controversy... rather than type up some huge response I'll just link this. A common misconception that has come across due to our increased prominence in the community is that we're strictly a news source, and that speculation is something to be frowned on. That is inaccurate. Yes, we do report news, but the primary focus of our channel has ALWAYS been and will continue to forever be discussion. We've discussed news long before we started reporting it; that's what we do in our podcast. Those that follow us know this; those that don't should probably look elsewhere for their news if our style does not suit their taste.. With that being said, however, most of the time we clearly specify what parts of our reporting are news and what parts are theories/speculation. We made a serious error with this when it comes to the Vahi controversy from NYCC, and we clarified our stance and urged people to check out BZP's reporting instead of ours a result of it due to them talking with more people. We definitely do make mistakes sometimes, and contrary to what a lot of people may think we're fully aware of them and working to correct them. I thank everybody for their critique; we don't often get it from our fanbase, and it really helps us identify our issues and make strides to fix them. -Mesonak
  14. I was the Explod-O-Bot. I never even got to do anything. ;__________________; -Mesonak
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