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    do u need to know?
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    I want to play the guitar.<br />One lucky day to meet my favorite bands.-Paramore & Evanescence.<br />Learn to play the violin very professionally.<br />and thats it. not that much.

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  1. NB: I never meant to wrote > in the other comment. ;)

    And no, I'm not afraid of hackers, I just don't like putting it up. =D

  2. I have, nut I just don't put it up. You know, I drive some men to evil. (Ms. Swan quote!)

  3. Ha ha! Almost no one knows who she is where I live! ^^

    But there's this girl in my class who knows who she is though. We're both little emo's, me and her. :P

  4. No problem!

    Ask me anything you want!

  5. I think you have to post at least 10 times before you can post a topic. ^^

  6. Well, anything just a bit dangerous, is illegal. We had to wear goggles to shoot fireworks this time.

    No, fun. Just safety. =(

  7. Thanks for adding me. =)

  8. idk wat the heck happened but i hope its not a glitch. i hate glitches.

  9. Yo! I got a message saying you added me to your friend list, but it doesn't say that I'm on your friends list here, so did you remove me or something?

  10. Oooh! I see you like Evanescence! ^^

    I do too!

  11. Hi there! Welcome to BZPower! If you have any questions about anything here, feel free to drop me a message. That is, once you post 10 times. =)

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