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  1. http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/gms/download/MataNuiOnlineGame/MataNuiOnlineGame-BuiltInSave.zip
  2. I know browsers are dropping Flash, support, but can you not still download and install it from BioMediaProject?
  3. Well, pitons are spikes meant specifically for climbing rocks, so I think his tools are definitely meant for climbing/swinging. As for LMN, I'm pretty sure their portrayal there is considered non-canon - the books and comics depict them as hooks on chains.
  4. Lego held a MOC contest to determine what Krakua looked like. The winning MOC became his official appearance and was featured in the magazine.
  5. BS01 cites this Greg quote as evidence that Krakua wears a normal Suletu: https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/2003-2008/page158#post6320-line2-3 He also stated the same thing when asked the same question by several other people. Additionally, in the prologue of Swamp of Secrets, Krakua's mask is described as matching the description of a Suletu: https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle-book8chapter22/ BUT someone asked Greg about it again in 2010, and that time he implied that Krakua's mask looks like a Hau, saying exactly the opposite of what he had every other time someone asked him about it: https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/2008-2010/page331#post13230 However, I think this can be chalked up to Greg forgetting what he had said in the past (both in Q&As and in-story), and should really be disregarded rather than being treated as a new retcon.
  6. Hard to choose, but I think participating in the trivia contest was my favorite part - followed closely by the Ryder Windham interview.
  7. First of all, I've never seen that reading order you made before - I wish I had, it's great and would've helped me out a lot when putting Biological Chronicle together! ^^; Secondly, I think this should help you out: chaoscontrolled123.tumblr.com/post/75012178186/demitsorou-cross-wired-freak-bionicle
  8. I've had this available to read online as part of Biological Chronicle for a while now (https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle-book1chapter19/), but these scans are pretty nice! Might have to see about replacing mine.
  9. It sells for so much because it was a flop. The sets, particularly the 2016 sets, weren't on shelves too long and weren't purchased by that many people, so there just aren't that many out there to be sold (making them a rarity and driving up the price now that they're no longer available). The final wave is especially rare, since in the US it was TRU exclusive - even Lego stores didn't carry it.
  10. 1) All Av-Matoran live in Karda Nui, except those that were secretly relocated to other islands by the Order of Mata Nui during the event known as the Time Slip. The OoMN erased the memories of these Av-Matoran, and disguised them as Matoran of other elements, in case the Brotherhood of Makuta ever attempted to eliminate all Av-Matoran. Takua was one of these Matoran, secretly relocated from Karda Nui to Metru Nui. 2) Yes, Light is an element, just like Fire or Water. And yes, Matoran of other elements outside the primary 6 exist - in Brothers in Arms we see a village of Sonics Matoran (the village Krakua is from). It's worth noting that Av-Matoran are a bit different from other Matoran, though - they have limited access to elemental Light powers (as opposed to other Matoran, who have no ability to use elemental powers), they can change their color, and some of them eventually turn into Bohrok. 3) Their names were not changed when they were corrupted and mutated. Hope that helps! Btw, if you're interested in reading the story material you missed out on, you can read the entire Bionicle story (books, serials, etc.) at https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle/
  11. The novelization of Legends of Metru Nui specifies that he was speaking to his own reflection: https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle-book4chapter45/ Dume was not working with Teridax, and Miserix had already been exiled at the time the film takes place.
  12. It's in the works, but things in my life have been a little hectic lately, so I haven't made much progress on it recently. I promise it will come eventually! Thanks for the link! I'll take a look. James (who runs WoH) actually sent me the Introduction to the cancelled Legends #7: Invasion shortly after he obtained it; I added it to the "Compete" version of Book 7 a while back. I hadn't seen the cut MNOG dialog, though; I'll take a look at that. Thanks for the write-up!
  13. Oh hey, those appear to be my scans of the Bohrok TCG booklet - glad to see they've finally made it onto BMP. It's a neat little piece of early story material. That 08 history booklet is pretty cool. Haven't seen that before.
  14. Lego winter product officially releases in January, even if some of it often makes it to shelves earlier than that. So 2001 is the year it officially started.
  15. Hey, sorry there haven't been any updates for a while! The world is kind of crazy right now and without getting into personal details, my life's been a little hectic lately. That is definitely still in the works, but I still don't have an estimate for it, sorry! Hey, sorry for not replying to this until now! I'm subscribed to this thread, but I swear, BZP never sent me an email update for this post for some reason... I'd certainly be interested in seeing more of your project! Feel free to shoot me a PM.
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