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  1. I think it was originally just Templar's idea - and as you said, may have just been a quick way of establishing a way for Takua (and thus the player) to see what was happening below in Mangaia. For a long time this mental link was never brought up officially again, but Greg did bring it up in Takanuva's Blog ('07 and '08 is when he really started referencing bits of MNOG in official story material): What I gather from this description is that Gali can, theoretically, forge a psychic bond with anyone she is close to - but why she is able to do this, or whether any of the other Toa Mata/Nuva can, is unclear. Knowing Greg, I imagine he'd say that it's due to her natural empathy or something similar.
  2. Artakha made the other Kanohi Nuva and teleported them to hiding places on the island after the Toa Mata were transformed. So presumably they were modeled after the ones that were formed by the transformation. (personally, I like to ignore the fact that there were additional Kanohi Nuva at all - I prefer the idea that they had to share their mask powers after becoming Nuva. And after 2003 none of them used any of the other Kanohi Nuva they found anyway, so they don't really matter in the long run)
  3. I wasn't able to post about this since BZPower was down when it happened, but, for those that still haven't heard yet: Biological Chronicle is now readable in its entirety on the web, no downloads required! Just go to https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle (where you can also find all the download links for the PDF version), and start reading! The Standard and Complete versions are both available. More typo fixes are incoming as well! Some of them are already present in the web version, but have yet to be fixed in the PDFs - I'll post a full list of these once I've updated the PDFs.
  4. They told the main story of 2009. There were two of them: Raid on Vulcanus and The Legend Reborn (the novelization of the movie of the same name). There was also Journey's End, which was only released physically in Poland (it was released digitally as a free download elsewhere, translated into English) - I'm not sure if it's considered one of the Super Chapter Books. These books were much the same as the Chronicles/Adventures/Legends books - same format, similar length, etc. The only difference is that they weren't part of a series - each was sold as its own thing, and they had no numbering. Shameless plug: you can read all of them (interspersed with the rest of the 2009/2010 story) here.
  5. Pretty sure you're not supposed to discuss banned members. Your question is a little meandering, but as for the main gist of it: I don't think anything's been officially stated as to whether a cracked mask would still keep a Matoran conscious. I'd think that it would, as long as there wasn't major damage - when a Great Kanohi is lightly damaged, its power leaks out, but that probably wouldn't be an issue for powerless masks. Jala's old Komau broke completely into two pieces, which probably meant that it wouldn't be able to stay on his face anymore - but as long as a mask could still be worn, I'm inclined to think it would keep the bearer going. I think the main concern would be if the Matoran became a Toa - the mask would become a Great mask, but probably wouldn't repair itself, resulting in its power leaking out (or possibly the mask being damaged further as it gains power that can't be kept inside the mask).
  6. 2 Large 1 XL 1 2XL I've got some friends that want one ^^;
  7. Yes, more updates are on the way! I've made a list of typo fixes I need to make in Book 5, and am working on one for Book 6 (I'm still reading through it). Sorry it's been a while! I'm working on proofreading all the Books, and normally I post fixes after each one, but this time I jumped straight into reading Book 6 before posting the Book 5 fixes. I should have Book 6 finished soonish, and then I'll get to work on making the fixes for Books 5 and 6! I've also been working on a larger update which I'm keeping the details of under wraps for now... but it'll definitely be up before the end of July. It's been a lot of work, but I think it'll be a hit. I haven't forgotten about the new Book title polls, either! I'm thinking about holding off on doing them until after that big update for next month. They're definitely still happening at some point. Thanks for your continued interest, and sorry for the lack of updates in a while!
  8. I like the idea of printing the design in a yellow/gold color. I think a deep purple would look good as a shirt color to go with that. Something like this.
  9. A swarm of scarabax beetles scurried across a sand dune, in search of their evening meal. On most evenings, this hunt was uneventful. The beetles would feed and then return to their underground tunnels. But this night was destined to be different. My entry for this year's BZPower t-shirt design contest. There technically isn't a theme this year, but I wanted to do something 2009-based to stay in line with the recent designs (which have all been themed after the Bionicle year from 10 years prior). This was my first time using Clip Studio Paint, so I thought it'd be good to start out with something a bit simple.
  10. "A swarm of scarabax beetles scurried across a sand dune, in search of their evening meal. On most evenings, this hunt was uneventful. The beetles would feed and then return to their underground tunnels. But this night was destined to be different." I know the contest doesn't technically have a theme this year, but I still wanted to do a 2009-based design.
  11. Thanks for all the suggested titles (and feedback on current ones), everybody! I think I'm going to keep taking suggestions for at least a week before I start doing polls. The plan right now is to start with a preliminary poll to determine if the titles should be original or taken from existing Bionicle media (or maybe a mix of both?), and then a series of individual polls for each Book to determine its title. Oh, and for those that don't know: this Saturday (May 4th) at 1:00PM Eastern Time, I'm going to be on The Eljay Johnsen show discussing Biological Chronicle! It'll be livestreamed on Eljay's Youtube channel, but it'll also be available on the channel to watch later if you can't watch it live. Come check it out if you'd like to hear more about the process of creating this thing! And finally, it's update time again: I was reading through Book 5 the other day and thought the splicing of text from Web of the Visorak and Web of Shadows (from where they overlap) felt a bit stilted, and left out a lot of text from Web of the Visorak. So I re-did how those texts are cut together, including a lot more of the original text and generally trying to make it flow a bit better. This update was actually posted yesterday - I just didn't get around to posting about it until today. I don't have precise notes for what I changed (there were a whole lot of small changes) but I can say that all changes I made were between the lines "'Never mind,' grumbled Matau" and "It was some time before Vakama returned to the group."
  12. Really? As early as comic #3, Lewa's Miru turns silver when it's removed.
  13. Nothing you've got there is particularly hard to find, unfortunately - I doubt any of them is worth more than $1 (if that). You'd do best trying to sell them as a lot, but you probably won't get much for it. EDIT: Apparently the silver Ignika is worth like $7-8. That's probably the rarest one you've got in that photo.
  14. I've always found that line from Vakama amusing - Takua is expected to spell the names correctly with no information other than that they sound the same as the old ones Anyways, I'm honestly more inclined to think the latter is the case, though I didn't have internet in 2002/3 so I don't actually have any memories of the site. If that was on the website somewhere, though, maybe it was something added by the people running the US version of the website (assuming there were separate US and EU versions of the site - I don't actually know)? In British-English, Jaller and Jala would clearly be pronounced pretty much identically, but American English speakers are more likely to pronounce them differently. If there were different versions of the website in different countries, maybe someone working on the US site added some flavor text somewhere to help kids understand why there was a silent "r."
  15. Update time again! I've just made a large number of fixes to Book 4, as well as some minor fixes in Books 1, 3, 7, 8, and 9. Before I get to the details: I'm currently looking for any and all title suggestions for the volumes of Biological Chronicle. I've heard from some readers that they would prefer different Book titles, so I'm going to spend some time taking submissions and then hold some polls to choose the final names. Please, if you have any ideas/suggestions for new titles - or if there are any titles you really want to stay unchanged - let me know! Now, the update details: Book 1:"Suddenly, another stone lands hard upon the ground nearby." - Some versions had an unnecessary paragraph break above this line“Want to give us a hand? A farmer’s work is never done. It’s up to us to farm all the heat in Ta-Koro.” - Some versions had an unnecessary paragraph break above this lineBook 3:“[…] new Kolhii Champion, eh?” says Marka as she sees her “Well, stranger things have happened. [...]” - Added a period after "sees her" (this line is only in the Complete version)“It is bad enough the Bohrok-Kal menaced the island [...]” - this scene takes place when the Bohrok-Kal are still an active threat, so I've changed "menaced" to "menace""For years, the Toa have believed me defeated" (from first page of Rise of the Rahkshi comic, which is chapter 20 or 28 depending on the version) - Years cannot canonically have passed, so I've edited the comic text to "The Toa believed me defeated"Book 4:The spheres were created in every metru - This line refers to Kanoka, which are not spheres. Changed from "The spheres" to "They"we had to save the ‘heart of the city’. - Period moved to before apostropheMe? Why would he want to outdo me? Vakama thought - Un-italicized Vakama's nameWhen Muaka lifted his right forepaw to strike - Muaka is not a name, so I added "the" before "Muaka""I hope so," Whenua powered down his drills. - Changed comma after "so" to periodBut I’ll get them! - Added missing quotation mark to beginning of line[...]two creatures crowded close to him. “N – n – no.” - replaced long, spaced dashes with hyphensTo his trained eye, it was abvious - Fixed spelling of obviousBadly fix-patched chute, cut-severed end… why am I suprised? - Fixed spelling of "surprised"dragging Vhisola and Orkahm behind her." - Removed unnecessary quotation mark at end of sentenceSo rather than run from them -" - The dash at the end was getting pushed to the next line, so I manually moved "them" to the next line so it looks better[...]bad things tend to happen whenever he's out my sight - Added "of" between "out" and "my"Blank page between chapters (chapters 26/27 in the standard version)Whenua turned back to his friends, saying. “Hopefully - Replaced period after "saying" with commasomething else – something awful and I was bound like this. - Added missing "–" after "awful"Ko-Matoran have never liked crowds. - The use of "have" instead of "had," along with the context of the line, makes it appear that this was meant to be italicized as a continuation of Nokama's thought, so I've done soin one direction and brought the powers bursts near to each other - Removed s from the end of "powers"what would result if we combined out powers? - Changed "out" to "our"Matoran surfed on disks, over the undulating floor trying to launch their Kanoka - Moved comma from after "disks" to after "floor"One instance of Lhikan misspelled as "Lhikon"They decided we Toa were a threat to the Metru Nui's security (from second comic page of chapter 39) - Removed "the" before "Metru Nui"recovering from his first “solo flight.” - Matau has flown before this scene, so I've removed the word "first"Ask him if the Dark Hunters trespassed with a ‘tall Matoran.’“ - Fixed end quote mark so that it's facing the right way nowFor Toa used to the crowds and tall buildings of their metrus, - Removed s from the end of metru (which is the plural and the singular)Krekka and Nidhiki were flanking the vehicle in their flight mode. - Added an "s" to the end of "mode," since the text as-is suggests they share a flight modenow hung almost motionless in mid air. - Removed space in "midair"Too bad there are no carving-signs saying, ‘This Way to Safe Spot’,” - Moved comma inside apostropheThe telescopic lense built into his Mask of Power - Fixed spelling of "lens"entire schools of fish were launching themselves out of the water at the Lhikan. - Italicized "Lhikan" (since it refers to the boat)One squid like Rahi reached out with its tentacle - Added hyphen to "squid-like"Fixed a number of periods and commas placed outside of quotation marks instead of insideReplaced a number of hyphens at end of quotes with "–" (basically did a find and replace for -" to –" and -?" to –?")Books 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9:Changed all instances of "mid-air" to "midair" for consistency (they were used interchangeably)
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