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  1. Hey, sorry there haven't been any updates for a while! The world is kind of crazy right now and without getting into personal details, my life's been a little hectic lately. That is definitely still in the works, but I still don't have an estimate for it, sorry! Hey, sorry for not replying to this until now! I'm subscribed to this thread, but I swear, BZP never sent me an email update for this post for some reason... I'd certainly be interested in seeing more of your project! Feel free to shoot me a PM.
  2. I'm not sure about G2 as a whole, but from my experience a number of kids seem to have been introduced to Bionicle by Journey to One. I display MOCs at a couple Lego conventions every year, and I always see some kids react to the Bionicle stuff with things like "those are from that show on Netflix!" Makes you wonder if the success of the line would've been different if they'd led with the Netflix show, rather than ending with it...
  3. Ah, right, my bad. There are at least 3 fan uploads of the Mata Nui Rising video that were uploaded to YouTube on November 3rd 2008, so I'd assume that's the date it came out (maybe November 2nd).
  4. According to BS01, the Rise of Mata Nui video was uploaded on November 24th, 2008: https://biosector01.com/wiki/The_Rise_of_Mata_Nui
  5. Ah, my bad, got that mixed up - thanks for the correction!
  6. The TTV message boards have a dedicated Greg Q&A board where you can post questions. He answers them on his own time, so it might be a while before he gets back to you, but it's the best place to ask him questions like these.
  7. 1. When you say "around", do you mean in a particular location? Or just all the Rahi that existed at that point? The Piraka only joined the Dark Hunters about 7,000 years ago, while Teridax took over the Brotherhood about 70,000 years ago - I think by the time the Piraka joined the Dark Hunters, the Brotherhood wasn't making many Rahi anymore, so most Rahi we know of would have already existed. 2. Zyglak seem possible (we've never seen their encounter with them in the Cord, so we don't know if they reacted to them there as something new or familiar). Karzahni seems very unlikely - when Karzahni met the Matoran that would become the Inika, he knew nothing of the outside world since basically the creation of the universe. It doesn't seem like he'd had other visitors (other than Matoran that needed repair). Artakha Bulls seem perfectly reasonable. 3. I don't know if we have a firm answer to this, but Teridax wasn't a very trusting person - I think he would have had the Vahki on the lookout for any Dark Hunters he didn't specifically know were supposed to be there. 4. Some travel elsewhere, but it seems like most of them stay there - probably due to a lack of resources to travel anywhere else. 5. Just the Skakdi that were part of Nektann's faction, I believe. Those Skakdi are still following the Golden-Skinned Being on Spherus Magna. Any others that made it out of the GSR are probably trying to steal enough to make a life for themselves, if I had to guess. 6. Yes. The Spine Slugs feed off of the Skakdi, but the Skakdi do not get any nourishment in return (it's a parasite, not a symbiote). 7. I'd guess that it's as possible as with, say, humans - some may look very similar, but it'd be extremely rare to find two that were identical. 8. He is technically a Skakdi, but has been referred to in-story as "half a Skakdi" - that's the species he most closely matches, but he's not quite the same as a normal Skakdi. He has no Skakdi powers, for example. 1. The last thing we know is that the confrontation between the Golden-Skinned Being and Annona caused the Mahri to be freed from the GSB's control. 2. Trapped on the Red Star with Kopaka. 3. He died, and was revived on the Red Star. He's still there. 4. The Mahri are now amphibious, and their masks are still the same. 5. When we last saw him in-story, he was ruling over Metru Nui during Teridax's reign. According to Greg, he has since come to Spherus Magna, and is trying to get in the good graces of the Glatorian. 6. He was in the cursed Great Being's fortress. According to Greg, he made it out safely before the place blew up. 7. We last saw Miserix in the fortress as well (and he also escaped before the explosion). Questions about his motivations/plans going forward have no firm answer; your best option for getting one would be to ask Greg. 8. Zesk live there as well, and did not devolve. 9. I would assume that they looked like typical Jungle Agori, but I suppose we technically don't know for sure. 10 and 11: these are probably questions for Greg. I hope that helps! By the way, if you haven't, you should check out Biosector01 - it had the answers to a lot of your questions!
  8. This is a neat idea - having sort of a cliff-notes version of the story and characters. Definitely seems like a way to get people interested in Bionicle. If I could make a couple points of feedback: 1. The text could be cleaned up a bit. While there aren't many misspellings, almost everything is lowercase. Proper capitalization, while it may seem minor, would really make these look a lot more professional, and also make the writing clearer (especially to the uninitiated). 2. I'm not sure if you're aware, but you've used unofficial fan MOCs/designs for several characters/masks that don't have official appearances. That may have been intentional on your part just so you could have a visual for them, but I thought I'd point it out just in case. I haven't looked through all of these yet, but I'll let you know if I notice anything else once I've gone over the rest. I do think this is an interesting project with a lot of potential, and you're off to a great start. By the way, in case you aren't aware: for those friends that might have the time to read some of the Bionicle story, but not to put in the effort of figuring out/understanding what to read and in what order, Biological Chronicle is a compilation of the entire story in reading order - perfect for new readers. You can find it at https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle/. Might be a good recommendation for those that get interested after seeing your slides!
  9. Uh, hey, nice name you got there. Addressing the question: I don't believe it's ever been specified, in-story or by Greg.
  10. If we're just discussing why he needed more time, that's easy - he needed to delay long enough for Mata Nui to actually die. If the Toa got their hands on the mask before Mata Nui was dead, the Plan would fail.
  11. As explained in Makuta's Diary from Makuta's Guide to the Universe, he did not believe the Piraka would actually be able to defeat the Toa Nuva and obtain the mask - just that they would slow the Toa down:
  12. No, those are in the standard release. The extra pages were the ones featuring the fight between Mata Nui and a Vorox in the desert. You can see them in the version archived on BMP: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/gfx/Comics/Bara Magna Saga/Comic04/Bara Magna Saga 04.pdf
  13. I was confused about this for a while as well. Evidently the "normal" version of the issue still said "Special Movie Edition" on the outside. Are you certain the ones you've seen actually have the extra pages, or are they just labeled "Special Movie Edition"?
  14. The various sapient species of the Matoran Universe (e.g. Toa, Matoran) do not have digestive systems, so they don't eat like we do. They get energy by absorbing it from things like plants, either through their hands or mouth.
  15. Hey everyone, sorry it's been forever and a half since I posted here! Hope I can make it up to you with this: I've just posted an update to the PDF versions of Biological Chronicle with 180+ fixes, spanning all Books! For full details on these fixes, check out the new changelog, which I'll be keeping up-to-date with issues that are found/fixed from now on. Tables of Contents and "previous chapter" links are definitely something that I'd like to implement at some point. Thanks for the suggestion! And yes, I'm looking into movie and MNOG II clips as well, after you messaged me. It does make sense, I just need to sit down and do the work. Excellent feedback, thanks! Let's go in order here: The Manas towers: While yes, the destruction of the towers is canon, the way in which their destruction is written in the MNOG walkthrough doesn't allow the description of them being destroyed to be cleanly removed and placed into the version of the fight from the Style Guide. I'd rather keep this to just original writing as much as possible, so I don't see a way to include the towers. Let me know if you think you see a way to make it work, though! Maku's line: I'm going to need to think on this one. While the line is in MNOG and is excluded in the walkthrough, this (in my eyes) is a similar situation to the ordering of Takua visiting Ta-Koro and Ga-Koro in the original game vs. the walkthrough - it's presented differently in the walkthrough than the game, but I went with the way the walkthrough was "officially" released. Since this seems like an easier thing to add in, though, I might do it. I'll make a note of it and post an update here later. The Makoki stones: This is similar to the situation with the towers - I wasn't able to find a clean way to put a line about them from the MNOG walkthrough into the text without it seeming out-of-place - there's not really any description in the walkthrough of the Toa finding them, just them pulling out the stones before entering Mangaia, which is confusing without context. I can take another look and see if that line might fit okay in the Complete version of Book 1, but for new readers I think it's more confusing than it is helpful. I hope that covers everything! Thanks again for your feedback!
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