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  1. The only times Greg ever canonized fan works was for the winners of contests specifically held to create new canon stories/appearances. None of those are held anymore since Lego isn't interested in approving them, and Greg has stated he doesn't remember enough specifics about the official story to say whether a new story would fit into canon.
  2. It's also pretty fitting for a Dark Hunter - a lot of them had various modifications and/or mutations.
  3. I'm pretty sure they're meant to be his forearms, with the balljoints being his elbows - that's why both "weapons" are ones with claw-like ends. The art of him without them in comic #25 is likely a mistake on Randy Elliot's part.
  4. There were a number over the years, but my biggest/dumbest misconception was definitely that, back in 2001, I thought Mata Nui had actually been turned into the island. I thought that was why the name was the same. In retrospect, though, I guess I was closer to the truth than I realized...
  5. As others have said, I really have no idea what you mean regarding lightning and water. As for the general concept you're proposing - all Toa elements are generally considered totally separate and distinct, no matter how similar. A good example of this is a Toa Seal: a Toa Seal can only be created by 6 Toa of different elements - it won't work if any 2 are the same element. So if some elements were just variations of others, it wouldn't make much sense for them to be able to form a Toa Seal together (which they all can). As for Plasma: Biosector01 describes the element of Plasma as "superheated gas." It's mostly used in-story for melting things. That was Toa Vakama, when he fought an entity made entirely of fire in the tunnels between Mangaia and the Great Barrier: https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle-book5chapter13/
  6. The mask was ejected right as the storms started up - at the same time that the Toa Nuva were flying out of Karda Nui. So it made it out just before it would've been destroyed by the storms. Original text: https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle-book8chapter58/ I'm not aware of any evidence to support that.
  7. I wish I could've seen some of this stuff back in the day. If anyone has a recording of that Vakama/Hahli dialogue, I'd love to hear it.
  8. They don't when using other powers of their gold masks in the comics, though, which are considered the more canon depiction.
  9. The golden masks each had the power of all six of the Toa Mata's masks (Hau, Kakama, Pakari, Kaukau, Akaku, and Miru).
  10. He's still employed at Lego, yes. He mainly works on the magazine, though he's still sometimes brought in to work on story material for more story-based themes (he wrote for Ninjago, and worked on the early story details for G2 - though he wasn't involved with writing any of the G2 books or anything). He's not officially a Bionicle writer right now, but no one is, since Bionicle isn't currently being made.
  11. Greg has stated that Mata Nui's body was that of a Glatorian: http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/was-mata-nui-physically-a-glatorian-or-a-toa/49950/5 The Ignika's powers didn't need someone physically wearing the mask in order to activate, so I assume Mata Nui wouldn't physically need to be a Toa in order for the mask to work. The Ignika also often seemed to use its powers on its own while Mata Nui had it (rather than him using them with direct control). (also, do we know for certain that a Glatorian couldn't potentially use a Kanohi, since the only requirement seems to be focus and willpower?) I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say he could channel elemental powers.
  12. They're all official Lego pieces. They're from the old hockey sets.
  13. I think it was originally just Templar's idea - and as you said, may have just been a quick way of establishing a way for Takua (and thus the player) to see what was happening below in Mangaia. For a long time this mental link was never brought up officially again, but Greg did bring it up in Takanuva's Blog ('07 and '08 is when he really started referencing bits of MNOG in official story material): What I gather from this description is that Gali can, theoretically, forge a psychic bond with anyone she is close to - but why she is able to do this, or whether any of the other Toa Mata/Nuva can, is unclear. Knowing Greg, I imagine he'd say that it's due to her natural empathy or something similar.
  14. Artakha made the other Kanohi Nuva and teleported them to hiding places on the island after the Toa Mata were transformed. So presumably they were modeled after the ones that were formed by the transformation. (personally, I like to ignore the fact that there were additional Kanohi Nuva at all - I prefer the idea that they had to share their mask powers after becoming Nuva. And after 2003 none of them used any of the other Kanohi Nuva they found anyway, so they don't really matter in the long run)
  15. I wasn't able to post about this since BZPower was down when it happened, but, for those that still haven't heard yet: Biological Chronicle is now readable in its entirety on the web, no downloads required! Just go to https://crosswiredgeeks.com/biologicalchronicle (where you can also find all the download links for the PDF version), and start reading! The Standard and Complete versions are both available. More typo fixes are incoming as well! Some of them are already present in the web version, but have yet to be fixed in the PDFs - I'll post a full list of these once I've updated the PDFs.
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