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  1. Happy to relinquish Despair as my moniker.

    1. 25K Now!
    2. Let's Henshin!

      Let's Henshin!

      He lives on BZPOWER?


      What a shocker.


      I'm in despair.

    3. WriterofReapers
  2. They can be together in death. Sal and Utu, 100% canon.
  3. Officially an AFoL. :D

    1. Let's Henshin!

      Let's Henshin!



      I can now call you old!

    2. WriterofReapers


      I am sooooooo old. T_T

  4. Ugh... Barely made any progress on editing Reapers... This is ridiculous. :c

    1. The Dark Chronicler

      The Dark Chronicler

      I really really need to get caught up on that... and continue my own story. XD

    2. WriterofReapers


      I won't argue with that. XD

  5. First season was pretty good. Second was not. There were some weeks where I honestly dreaded having to watch it, and had to force myself to make it through the entire episode. Why I didn't just drop the darn thing is beyond me.
  6. Finally got a 3ds. Can't buy Fire Emeblem: Awakening just yet though, so right now I'll simply have to settle for the demo. :I

  7. But wasn't season two horrible? Or at least Mindscrew-y? It wasn't quite as good as the first season, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. And yeah, some of the twists do require either some time or a Google search to understand. Still, I don't believe it is in any way horrible.
  8. Woo, Darker Than Black is awesome. We totally need a third season/prequel movie/anything that is more DTB.
  9. Hey, remember Reapers? Of course you do! I never stop talking about it, after all. Anyway, it can be read here: http://ckmcaspiringauthor.deviantart.com/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WriterofReapers


      I don't believe you.

    3. Let's Henshin!

      Let's Henshin!

      Uh huh, I guess you're never got my message about Filler Chapters and other pieces of critique. Ah well, wonder how good the novel is then.

    4. WriterofReapers
  10. For whatever it is worth, I might as well toss out my opinion in here... I think the biggest draw to characters like Kopaka is their self-confidence. As humans, we are often plagued with insecurities, and having the confidence to stand against well... anything life throws at them is a trait many might end up envying. Even when that confidence is offset by less desirable traits, the fact that it is there is enough to inspire others towards emulation. The problem arises when instead of emulating just the self-confidence (if such a thing is even possible to actually pull off), people try to imitate the entirety of his behavior. As you said, for all of the fondness some of us may have for him as a character, having to deal with a person like that in real life would be less than ideal. So yeah. We all want to be a Kopaka. XD
  11. And with Chapter 22-II, we have crossed the 40,000 word count mark. Going to get to 50,000 eventually, I promise.

  12. Yesssssss this is amazing news! Been wanting a Blazblue anime adaptation for ages. Can't wait to finally see it happen! Man it's been forever since I posted in here... Or just posted in general.
  13. Literally dealing with the consequences of Tip 1 right now. Not enough to stop me from editing this story, but it certainly isn't helping. The things I do for other people...
  14. The season ended, so I'm guessing that it was to prevent people from doing... stuff... until it starts back up again with the next season. Of course, I've been out of the loop since January, so what do I know.
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