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    that sums up my feelings tbh .
  2. Edelgard

    2019 in Film

    Another year has gone by, and so it's time for another top five. 2019 was better than usual for films; I feel like I saw a really diverse set of movies, more diverse than I usually do, and almost all of them in the cinema too. As usual, there are a few films I did not get to, which I'll give honorable mentions to now: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World - while I doubt it would have made my top five or even come close, the first film in this trilogy remains one of my all-time favorites. Though the trailers to the finale didn't sell me on it, I have heard that it's very good. I should probably give it a proper chance. 1917 - It hasn't had a wide release in Canada yet, but will within the next two weeks. I guess since the wide release is technically this month, I might actually count it for 2020, and maybe it'll make the next top five.... That's about it. For once, I feel like I actually managed to see just about every movie that I was interested in. Feels weird. Anyway, onto the top five of the year. #1: Avengers: Endgame Avengers: Endgame isn't the best movie that was released this year, and it isn't even the best movie in the MCU. I think Infinity War is probably the better movie between the two, but I also think it's important to judge Endgame as the event and phenomenon that it was. Providing a satisfying conclusion to 11 years of story and 22 movies was a near impossible task, and yet Marvel managed it with flying colors (barring a few missteps - it REALLY sucks that Black Widow was by far at her all-time best in this movie, only for her time in it to be cut so short). Ultimately, Endgame is the movie that impacted me the most this year. These characters and stories have come to mean a lot to me in the past 11 years, and getting a proper sendoff meant a lot. I cried during my first viewing of the film, and continued to tear up at points during repeat viewings. The MCU will continue on - but this was the end, and I don't believe the MCU will ever really reach this point again. #2: Knives Out Rian Johnson has discussed possibly doing a sequel to this movie if it does well, starring Benoit solving a different case. I hope he does, because Knives Out was just a whole lot of fun, and I'd love to see a little bit more from this world. Plus, I can't get enough of Daniel Craig's outrageous accent. #3: Joker Joker was another cultural phenomenon. It was rather fascinating to watch Gotham descend into anarchy, while Arthur Fleck disappeared into the Joker. #4: Ford v Ferrari Matt Damon is always fun to see onscreen, and Christian Bale does a wonderful job here too. The racing is heart-racing (pardon the pun), the struggle between these two individuals and their corporate overlord feels real. #5: Ad Astra Sad Space Man Brad Pitt goes off on a quiet, lonely adventure through space. Ad Astra isn't for everybody - it probably isn't for a lot of people - but I enjoyed it a lot, and found it a nice change of pace. - And those are my top five films for 2019. Tomorrow, I'll do a Top Ten of the Decade.
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    it begins

    Click the cover art above to check out the topic for Edge of Dawn!
  4. art credits: @TBK WHAT IS THIS? If you have played one of these "realms" games before, or have played a BZP RPG, or have played DND, you'll have some idea of what to expect. HOW DOES IT WORK? The game functions in rounds, known as 'episodes'. Each episode lasts one week; there is no limit to the progress that can be made in a particular week. Edge of Dawn takes place on Okoto, which is divided into three nations - the Aodhiim Empire to the west, the Karamu Alliance to the east, and the North to... well, the North. A map of Okoto can be seen by clicking the image below. Much of the game will take place in the center of Okoto - within Garreg Mach, the Ancient City. Here, the players will act as young students - a new generation of teenagers, rising into a world of legends that has been shaped and formed by events many would have once thought impossible. A map of Garreg Mach can be seen here. The players are divided between three 'houses': The Black Eagles house consists of Protectors of Fire and Stone from the Aodhiim Empire. They will investigate the disappearance of their rule, Efandril Darkfire, as well as other persons of note. These investigations will lead them into conflict with those in control of Okoto, and much of the world - and will send them on a desperate adventure that even their forefathers could not have imagined, through many lands and legends. The Azure Serpents house consists of Protectors of Water, Jungle, and Earth from the Karamu Alliance. They will investigate strange occurrences around the Temple of Time, as well as hunt down a villainous group known as 'Those Who Slither in the Dark', who seek to cause a paradox that will tear reality apart. Their path will lead them into conflict with faces both old and new, as they fight for a brave new world. This campaign will have the most PvP (player vs. player) conflict of the three. The White Wolves house consists of Protectors of Ice from the North (as well as one unique guest). They will investigate the appearance of Spirit Ruptures all over Okoto - windows to a world of pure magic - and attempt to prevent the coming of Ragnarok, a cataclysmic event. They will be sent on a journey that will lead them to the heart of magic itself. This campaign is themed around Norse mythology, specifically the myth of Ragnarok. ROLES Each player has a different role for the duration of the game. The first step to playing is to select your role. At the moment, the following three roles still remain open - though I am open to adding additional roles and slots, should additional people wish to sign up. Role #1: BLACK EAGLES - This character is a female Protector of Stone, from House Raqmu. They are the heir to the Stone Province of Kamuk, should their elder siblings perish. They are also currently investigating a political conspiracy that they suspect is taking place within the region.... Role #2: AZURE SERPENTS - This character is a female Protector of Water, from House Corruich. They are the last heir to their house, leaving them in a vulnerable position politically. They are also struggling with the combat legacy of their grandfather, the infamous 'Kingslayer'. Role #3: WHITE WOLVES - This character is a Protector of Fire, from House Aodh (the gender may be decided by the player). As the last heir to the former ruling house of the Aodhiim Empire, they now live in exile in the North, under the protection of the mysterious Knights of Ekimu. Where their loyalties lie - and what their goal might be - can be decided by their player. PLAYER SHEET The second step to playing is to fill out a character sheet, and to post it in this topic for approval. Alternatively, you can send profiles to me on Discord for approval instead (see below). Player Name: [Your Name] Character Name: [Your character’s first name, and the House of the role you’re selecting] Role: [House, and then PC number. See above to find the roles.] Gender, Age, Element: [Self-Explanatory; include a birth month and day. Keep ages between 15-19.] Personality: [What is your character like?] History: [What is their past? For newcomers, don’t feel pressured to put much here if you would rather figure some of this out later.] Fatal Flaw: [If you don't know what this is, look it up] What is their preferred weapon?: [self-explanatory; try to keep to approximately medieval tech level.] Why are they attending Garreg Mach?: [self-explanatory; certain PCs may receive additional info behind the scenes] STATS (number stats from 1-4) Strength: Agility: Intelligence: Charisma: DISCORD This game will be played on Discord - hence why you can send profiles to me there for approval if you wish. Click the link below to join the server for Edge of Dawn - and if you have any questions before joining, feel free to ask the members there. Most of them are as informed as I am. Click here for the Edge of Dawn discord. Welcome to a brave new world.
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    Join the Black Eagles

    life is full of pleasant surprises
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    It's that time again - a new campaign will be starting soon, over on the BZPGOT Discord! This time it's an all-new story, an all-new threat, with all-new locations... and featuring all-new characters! It's a new beginning, for a new generation: the EDGE OF DAWN. If you sign up, your character might even get featured in a nice piece of cover art (or more!) - such as this cover piece done recently for us by none other than @Akaku: Master of Flight! But what is EDGE OF DAWN? Well, if you've played any of BZPower's RPGs before, then you'll have some idea of what you might be able to expect. You'll select a role and create a character profile to fit it, before submitting it for approval. Then, when the game launches, you'll play that character as you explore the world and unravel the story. EDGE OF DAWN is comprised of three campaign groups. All are students at an academy - but each group has their own story that they'll play through, with their own unique villains, locales, and obstacles. These groups are.... The Black Eagles The Black Eagles will primarily be investigating the disappearance of their nation's ruler. These investigations might lead them into conflict with the Church - the organization in charge of the school - and will also lead them to unearth the remnants of the Iliad (a villainous group of old, who dedicated themselves to the idea of destroying death itself). The Azure Serpents The Azure Serpents will primarily be investigating a series of strange occurrences surrounding the Temple of Time, as well as hunting down a villainous group who operate within the shadows of Okoto's society. This is a campaign likely to deal with the most "Player vs. Player" conflict, should that be your cup of tea. The White Wolves The White Wolves will primarily be investigating "Spirit Ruptures" - tears in the fabric of reality that open into a world of pure magic. They must attempt to prevent or emerge victorious during a prophesied event known as "Ragnarok". This campaign will be themed around Norse Mythology. So how do you join? Easy enough. If you already have Discord, shoot me a message and I can send you an invite to the Discord where this game will be played. Don't have Discord? Comment your interest here, and I'll send you a PM. Interested in the roles that are available? Check THIS LINK HERE. Some spots have already been taken; but others are still available (for now!) Should we have too many signups, I am open to creating more character slots. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. When will the game begin? I intend for it to start in January; this is simply an "early bird" signup call, as it were. And that's all for now - I hope we'll see you soon!
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    Will you play in a BZP DND campaign
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    artwork & stories

    As you all know (or don't, I don't actually know who reads this), I hosted a series of games known as BZP's Game of Thrones. Those games finished, but the world that was born from them didn't - and for the last several months, I have hosted a series of smaller campaigns, making use of the wider world (and borrowing heavily from Bionicle's own lore, alongside other fictions and myths) to tell some standalone stories with smaller casts. So I thought it might be nice to go into the general plot of these various games, alongside some of the neat artwork that has been made for them. THE ARGONAUTS Featuring cover art courtesy of TBK, The Argonauts was a pirate adventure. It starred 8 player characters - Toru, Rassilon, Ehks, Tabek, Juke, Talos, Xavi, and Seqala - as they set off on a whirlwind mission to rescue Telluris from the clutches of the Iliad, a criminal organization fixated on destroying death itself. They suffered betrayals and death along the way (including the loss of Voltex), and it all culminated in a battle aboard their ship, the Argo, where they took one of the Iliad's leaders prisoner and managed to slay another. THE AENID Once more featuring cover art courtesy of TBK, The Aenid was a direct sequel to The Argonauts. It starred the same player characters, while adding one more - Jakura - as the war between the Argonauts and the Iliad approached its climax. As the Iliad found the final pieces needed to finally accomplish their goals, the Argonauts desperately sought out allies from across the world. It all culminated in the massive Battle of the Crossing, where the Argonauts and their allies finally emerged victorious, and the Iliad were destroyed. THEOGONY Unbeknownst to all, the Battle of the Crossing unveiled the Doors of Death, leading into Theogony - an arduous journey through the Underworld, and into the heart of Tartarus itself. It starred 4 different player characters, all villains - Efandril, Aion, Gragu, and Balathumel - seeking vengeance and rebirth. And their guide through this Underworld? The enigmatic and long-dead Voltex... but not everything was as it seemed. By journey's end, a decision had to be made; to slay the gods, or to fight for them. The choice that was made will have an impact that shall reverberate into future games and campaigns. THE ARGONAUTS AT WORLD'S END Featuring cover art courtesy of Akaku, At World's End is a bit of an oddball. It's a direct sequel to The Argonauts, starring the same PCs from that campaign (as well as one new one - Dortegus). I won't go into too many details, as it's still ongoing; but this game is mostly meant to be a fun adventure that will open the door for further standalone stories... and to occupy some of the more active players until the next big campaign begins - EDGE OF DAWN. (Edge of Dawn is a new story, for a new generation - and hopefully, if any of you out there are interested, it can star a few new players as well. I'll have more to share about it later.) And... yeah. This is what I've been up to recently. How about you?
  9. Mine jumped quite a bit. I was most active after the shift to the new forums in 2011, plus my activity in the blogs assisted with the new count.
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