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    Short version:<br /><br />My interests/hobbies includes:<br /><br />-Bionicle<br />-Lego in general<br />-Star Wars<br />-Transformers<br />-X-files<br />-girls ;)<br /><br />What i like to do in my free time:<br /><br />-MOCing<br />-Blogging<br />-chat with my friends<br />-Watch television<br />-listen to music<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Long version:<br /><br />My interests includes:<br /><br />BZPower: Why else should i be here?<br /><br />I joined this spectacular site late in 2008, December the 28th, to be excact.<br /><br />I have since done lots of things in here. I am a MOCist, and have posted some of my MOCs, as well as share my opinin on others. I have gotten better since that time.<br /><br />I also like blogging. You may check out my blog. :D<br /><br /><br />BIONICLE: Of course!<br /><br />I have followed Bionicle for pretty long time, since 2002-2003, i think. From those years to 2007, i didn`t really follow the storyline as much, though i did enjoy watching the movies. I didn`t either buy many sets, only a few per year, actually.<br /><br />Then, 2007 came. I had always wanted to get all the sets of Bionicle, but this year i stepped up, and tried to do so. I got all the Mahri, 5 Barakki(no Mantax XI), and Nocturn. I also did get the Toa Terrain Crawler.<br /><br />In 2008, i also tried to get all of the years sets. Though, here in Denmark, most of the Warriors and Titans aren`t able in shops, so i ended up getting 6 Phantoka, 6 Mistika, 6 Matoran, and Toa Ignika and the Axalara. I really wanted the other big sets, but i didn`t.<br /><br />2009, i got most sets, the only ones i hadn`t got being Click, and the Vehicles.<br /><br />Anyway, i have followed the storyline more closer since 2007. I may not know everythin about Bionicle, but i do still know much.<br /><br />I also am a decent MOCist, in my own opinion. Try to check out my MOCs, and tell your opinion. :)<br /><br /><br />LEGO: Generally<br /><br />Though, i have also been into other kinds of LEGO. I think my very first set was the "Desert Skiff", a little Star Wars set.<br /><br />There have been many other themes that caught my interest, the biggest ones being Vikings, Exo-force and Castle. All three of them have cost me some money, wich i COULD have used on Bionicle instead. Another theme i got interested in was Speed Racer, though there was only a few sets to buy.<br /><br />I am also going to buy some of the upcoming Hero Factory sets. Maybe i will even join the fandom?<br /><br />Star Wars: another interest of mine<br /><br />Though not as big as Bionicle, i also have found some interest in Star Wars. Even though i only really have seen the movies, and bought some LEGO SW sets, i do still find the theme interesting. I have checked out the themes wikia. I also am thinking of beginning to buy some new sets.<br /><br /><br />Transformers:<br /><br />I also have found some interest in Transformers. I have an account on one of the fan-sites, as well.<br /><br />X-files: I want to believe<br /><br />I enjoy watching X-files. My favourite episodes includes those that includes aliens. Other episodes may be found boring for me.<br /><br />Girls: with this, i do actually mean "my own life". I enjoy chatting with my friends, though i don`t have that many. I have never had a girlfriend, and being 13 and in puberty, i see myself as being "behind" my classmates.

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  1. Thsi is my second post in... well, a few onths time. The downtime of BZP banished me from the forums, wich was what was keeping me here the most. Since BIONICLE got shot down by LEGO, there ain't any interesting news to read on here. Sure, BZP is trying to put up at least one article per day, but they are all so discriminately unimportant, i don't even bother to read most of them.The only reason i'm checking in here is the hope of some day, a new chapter of any online serial will be released. Hope is a good thing...
  2. This is mildly said very impressive. Just how did you manage to get alle the bricks?
  3. Well, as my name suggests, i'm quite the big fan of Artakha's character, so when his brother as killed, it did stir up some strange feelings inside me. I mean, they might not have been as related as you would have liked them too, but there was something... soecial, about Karzahni.Now, hough, i can see how he and Tren Krom do their part in a bigger storyline. Now we just need a well-deserved update on Bioniclestory.com (i've been waiting half a year, just do it!)
  4. Name doesn't matter, as long as the sets are gorgeous. Wich they are, at least the 3.0's.
  5. I perfectly understand. Love is great, at least for now.
  6. I am no near Australia, but i do know that many catastrophic events should be grieved by the whole world. It inspires me to see far away countries help each other overcome their sadness.

  7. please reply to and spread the word of my new topic in support of the queensland floods.

  8. Well, it`s not so much that i`m sick at Christmas time, it`s more beacuse it`s so darn hard to be sick. I mean, have you got any idea how sour your neck is when you`ve been lying down for the most part of a whole day?

  9. Oh, I´m sorry to hear... =(

    I hope it was okay anyway? =J

  10. Say that again... i was sick the whole Christmas Eve. I was practicallly in bed the whole time... but nonetheless, Merry Christmas to you as well. :)

  11. But yeah, Merry Christmaas to you, too!

  12. Say that again... i was sick the whole evening. I practically was in bed the whole time... Still am a bit cold and dizzy, too.

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