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    Off doing missions, as always.
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    I like many things, as usual. I guess, anywho here are my interests. Enjoy, I guess. l:<br /><br />GAMES:<br />-Final Fantasy VII and Dissidia<br />-Kingdom Hearts I, II, Chain and Re: Chain of Memories, and 365/2 I think that's the title<br />-Pokemon Soul Silver<br />-Godzilla Unleashed<br />-Guitar Hero<br />-Medal Of Honor: Heroes<br />-The Bionicle Games<br />-And finally, Bakugan l:<br /><br />BOOKS (Mostly Manga):<br />-Naruto<br />-Gundam<br />-Gurren Lagann<br />-Bionicle Comics<br />-Marvel<br />-And Soul Eater<br /><br />TOYS:<br />-Gunpla (Gundam Model Kits)<br />-Roleplay Toys<br />-Nerf Guns<br />-Bionicle<br />-Hero Factory<br />-Beyblades<br />-Card Games (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, and Pokemon, etc.)<br />-Lego<br />-Bakugan<br />-Crazy Bones<br />-Transformers<br />- And Marvel<br /><br />TV Shows:<br />-Gurren Lagann<br />-Naruto<br />-Bleach<br />-Code Lyoko<br />-Code Name Kids Next Door<br />-Soul Eater<br />-Bakugan<br />-And Tokusatsu (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, etc.)<br /><br />MUSIC:<br />-Mostly all of the genres l:<br /><br />That's all...

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