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  1. I spent a min just to stare at my screen in shock. BIONICLE will most definitely be on my mind for a while.
  2. some harry potter set i got on christmas
  3. My shelf isn't dedicated to LEGO, it's dedicated to other random stuff. It does have some minifigures on it though..
  4. Wait wait.. are we talking about episode 8-9 or 10-11??
  5. In the story my most favorites were Vahki (along with dume) and Piraka.
  6. it gets so annoying when glatorian hands break :/also those clawed feet.darnitedit: also the wings that came with gorast bend too easily
  7. i knew you could do it!! is your name charlie?!
  8. Thanks for the review, but I won't be getting this guy (not that I don't like him)oh and ever heard of BRICK?
  9. Thank you VERY MUCH for the review! I love Stringer and I also love this set. About the Glatorian heads, i do hope they get the socket hole remolded like the ones on 2.0 heads. Cuz I think a head with a socket of what ever you would call this style would look... strange..
  10. joiningbeing born last monthPROTO REPORT!! PROTO REPORT!!DARK DONUT(this was all me btw)Disk collector thingyThat's all i can think of now. might edit this later...
  11. Zane is the boss. Well actually untill Optimus Prime enters the room.But that's not likely...
  12. excellent. they shared the results!very interesting though. Awwww!
  13. he's pretty much an insane guy who held a bunch of matoran as prisonersnow that's pretty evil
  14. noooooooooo!! yeah i edited that
  15. what fights??tpbm just doesn't know what went wrong!
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