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    Real name: Will<br />Location: Missouri<br />Hair color: Darkish Brown<br />Eye color: Hazel<br />Height: Really Frikkin' Tall<br />Religion: Aethiest<br />Hobbies: Reading, Writing, RPing, Drawing, Fencing, Boxing, Eating, Listening to music, Playing Tuba, Living, MOCing, and BZP<br /><br />You wanna know more, PM me. That's all I can think of that's important.
  1. Oh, Treeek. Post in Citadel please. Ironic, you had to do this t me a while back. :P

  2. What? CUTE POKEMON MUST JOIN THE CAUSE. Go! Coral! Help Lord Togepi! Coral (SHINY Corsola) Level 67 Female Moves: Power Gem Aqua Ring Rock Polish Earth Power (I actually have this gal in Platinum.)
  3. YUS

    *starts on bokumoc*

  4. uuh




    but not right now

  5. Pweeeeeeeeeeeeaase~

  6. oh man




    oh man


    you so crazy

  7. Yeah cool

    Now will you make me a full collection of Rozen Kittehs? I'll MoC Boku for you

  8. huh okay then


    *adds back*

  9. I dunno lol

    Hey Aho you are an pretteh kewl guy

    I wanna be ur friend *adds* YAY

  10. gasp


    why would you do that D:

  11. I knooooowww..... ;_;

    But I also watch bits 'n pieces of Code Geass, Naruto, and Bleach.

    Maybe some weekend I'll just have a RM marathon :D

  12. :D/D:


    you should watch the entirety~

  13. Rozen Maiden is AWRSUM.

    But I've only seen bits 'n pieces.

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