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    Toa Nuva KV Edit

    [Tahu disliked that.]

    The End

    See you for Gen 3, amigo!
  3. What is better: to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?


    Summer of '03 gang! What's up, my BZP join date twin?
  5. No Dexit Reversal, no peace!
  6. Weren't they made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lego Sytstem? They should've been System sets! This is the real controversy...
  7. Don't chicken out now, you really have to commit to this. That means chopping off your hands and inserting these babies at the wrist. Truly then will you be a Toa.


    What an engaging blog entry

    Review: Wildfire

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I really like your theory! I once envisioned a bit of a sequel where Tridax steps in at the last minute and pulls Takua into the prime universe as part of his plan to create an army of Shadow Takanuva. Takua then escapes and gets to examine a world without war and explore what it is to be a survivor. Realistically this will never be written because I just don't have the free time I did in high school.
  10. Fascinating read. 20 years later and I'm still learning stuff. People inside the Mata Nui robot? Kaita switching names? The reason they stopped calling it "biodermis"? Just wild.
  11. Rural: Ruhr ruhl — say it with two Rs in the middle. Flows off the tongue better. Fifths: Don’t pronounce the second F. Waste of time because it has the exact same placement as TH and no one can hear the difference if you say “fiths” Worcestershire: Say it with flourish. “Fhqwhgads”.
  12. So this one kid I'm working with is 9. He has a lot of difficulty saying vocalic /r/ (e.g. car, stir, bear, deer, etc.), but we've made some big strides in the last few months. He's also a major bookworm. Magic Treehouse, Minecraft novelizations... if you think a nine year old would read it, he's read it. Often we'll read passages from his favourite books and practice some good vocalic /r/ sounds. Today, to my surprise, he's waiting for me on the stairs clutching a familiar red book... Yes, friends, it was none other than BIONICLE Adventures #10: Time Trap Kid: Yeah, I really like this book. You're probably going to think some of the characters have really weird names. Me: 4_parallel_universes_ahead_of_you.png So the legend of Bionicle isn't quite dead yet, folks.
  13. "I'm still single, but that's ok": title of my autobiography.
  14. This just in: Bionicles can poop.
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