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    Could you give me a brief synopsis of your life so far as well as spoilers for the next few chapters?

    Hello Again

    You must use your knowledge of robotics to make real Bionicles. There can be no other career-path.
  3. This was the kind of care and attention the world-building of Bionicle needed a long time ago. Bravo!

    Like a Boss

    A speech therapy clinic. I’ve got a few years of experience, so it just made sense to cut out the corporate middleman and work for myself.

    Like a Boss

    Well, I was under the impression that BZP was in a coma but apparently it's not. Who knew? So life's been really interesting recently. I quit my job to start my own business and now ain't nobody tellin me to do nothing. It is both very stressful and very exciting. Let's have a race to see which happens first: my business becoming solvent or BZP coming back to life.
  6. I am a culture NOT a costume!
  7. Look, Thanos. When we said we wanted a Pokémon Snap, this wasn't what we had in mind!
  8. "The immigration papers are with you, young Skywalker, but you are not an American yet."
  9. They do this because it has the word “butt” in it, and you can’t go around saying “butt” on the internet. It’s just uncouth.
  10. SPIRIT

    Steamed Kau

    Dume: Well, Vakama, I made it... despite your directions. Vakama: Ah, Turaga Dume! Welcome! I hope you're prepared for some unforgettable Kanohi! Dume: Yeah... Vakama: Oh Great Beings, my masks are ruined! But what if... I were to purchase someone else's masks and disguise them as my own crafting? Oh ho ho ho ho... magnificently Makutaish, Vakama! Dume: Vakama! Vakama: Turaga, I was just, uh... just stretching my calves on the windowsill. Isometric exercise! Care to join me? Dume: Why is there smoke coming out of your forge, Vakama? Vakama: Uhh... no! That isn't smoke. It's steam. Steam from the steamed Hau I'm making! Mmm... steamed Hau! Vakama: Turaga, I hope you're ready for mindblowing Kaukau! Dume: I thought you were making steamed Hau. Vakama: D'oh, no. I said steamed Kau! That's what I call Kaukau! Dume: You call Kaukau "steamed Kau?" Vakama: Yes. It's a regional dialect! Dume: Uh-huh... uh, what region? Vakama: Uhh... Metru Nui? Dume: Really? Well, I'm from Ta-Metru, and I've never heard anyone use the phrase "steamed Kau." Vakama: Oh, not in Ta-Metru, no. It's a Ga-Metru expression. Dume: I see. You know, these Kaukau are quite similar to the ones they have at Nuhrii's forge. Vakama: Oh ho ho ho... no, patented Vakama masks. Old crafting recipe. Dume: For steamed Kau? Vakama: Yes. Dume: Yes, and you call them "steamed Kau" despite the fact they are obviously injection moulded. Vakama: Ye- hey- you know, the- one thing I should- excuse me for one second. Dume: Of course. Vakama: Well, that was wonderful. A good time was had by all, I'm pooped. Dume: Yes, I should be- Great Spirit, what is happening in there!? Vakama: The Red Star? Dume: The Red Star!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the city, localized entirely within your forge!? Vakama: Yes! Dume: May I see it? Vakama: No. Brander: Vakama, the forge is on fire! Vakama: No, Brander—it's just the Red Star! Dume: Well, Vakama, you are an odd fellow, but I must say... you steam a good Kau.
  11. They're probably too busy explaining that they don't study meteors anyway.
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