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  1. Offer me a price for them. You're currently the highest bidder. I will actually be running the auction until around this Thursday as I'm currently out of town so I will end it when I get back later this week to whoever has the highest.
  2. You're the highest offer so far. Will let it run until the end of this week or so. You got a deal. I sent you a PM. Will be sending you a PM.
  3. I can do $20 for the set. I sent you a message.
  4. Found my Kranas. I'll be selling the lot to whoever offers the highest price for them due the pain it was to obtain the whole lot years ago. Highest offer right now is $30.
  5. Hey everyone. Currently in college so I'm trying to get these out of the house. If these don't sell, I'll be throwing them away into the trash bin unfortunately. I would much rather see this go to a new home. They've been in storage for a while. I would also much rather have these sold as a set as apposed to selling 1 figure at a time. Can't guarantee they are 100% complete. Nothing major is missing or anything that I can noticeably spot although it might not be complete. Keep in mine you are buying them AS-IS. Payment: Payment will be accepted via Paypal (Gift or add 3%) or Cash via Envelope. Shipping: Shipping be roughly $10 as I'll be shipping them out via Priority mail to get it out to you within 2-3 days. Shipping internationally will not be shipped so do keep that in mind. I will have to quote you a price based on your location and items bought. Offer me a price for the figures you are interested in. I'm trying to get these out of the house so I am willing to work out a deal with you. COMPLETE KRANA SET: SOLD BOHROK KAL SET - SOLD I also have this entire set of comics ranging from the original in 2001. Offer me a price for the entire lot. Highest Offer right now is $30.
  6. I hated the Mahri canisters.Mata and Bohrok were my favorite. They actually served a purpose in the storyline and actually did something for the sets.
  7. "Soap?"


    "Who's Soap?"

    "We've got to get out of here!"

  8. Ahahaha. Best comment ever xD

  9. Whatever your gonna do Soap, you'd better do it now!


  10. LOLOLOL. Ahaa funniest comment i have ever got. xD Does it look like a 98 Year old would be on a Bionicle website? xD

  11. Hey Bio. im not too sure on the trade, im looking for money thats why =P Ill see though.

    And btw how do you make your "last seen online" to private? Cant seem to find it. Thanks!

  12. Hey im awaiting reply. let me know if you still want the sets. Ive lowered the price of it again lols. Let me know please.

  13. Yess; It snowedd all afternoon and night and now i cant even leave my housee. Im surprised it snowed here this year.

  14. Yup :] Ill pm you letting you know.

  15. Its sunday -__-; i dont know how many times i have to tell you that the postel office is closed on sunday.

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