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  1. What if being controlled against your will is against your morals?
  2. Maybe the easy retcon is to just say the "swarm" was just 2001 Rahi, not the Bohrok?
  3. It's like, why? Literally no Toa is seen using a suva after 2003, and that seems pretty stupid. Why limit yourself to only one kanohi? Worse, why did Artahka never create Golden Kanohi Nuva? We know he created the original Golden Kanohi, and he created additional Kanohi Nuva that were scattered across Mata Nui and the Adaptive Armor versions for 2008. So why not create Golden Kanohi Nuva so that they could use all six of their powers? It's not like they're going to be around each other all the time, teams have to divide into smaller groups sometimes, and they actually do so in the serials. So why make them go through that entire stupid mask fetch quest again in 2003 after they had already done so in 2001? Especially when time is of the essence and they need to defeat the Bohrok-Kal.
  4. Here's an idea: What if they lied about it being a hard reboot so that they wouldn't ruin the surprise? Like how in Beast Wars for Transformers it was revealed to actually be a prequel/sequel to Gen 1 Transformers.
  5. Krana-Kal are sentient. Krana are not. You could have a Bohrok-Kal be piloted by a Krana, but it might not be pretty. Alternatively you could have a Krana-Kal pilot a Bohrok, I think it would be pretty much like a Bohrok-Kal but using the primary elements (or acid because Lehvak is just a rebel like that).
  6. Who united all the Agori and Glatorian under one banner, creating peace? Mata Nui. Who used the giant robot to meld the Bota and Aqua Magna into Bara Magna to reform Spherus Magna? Mata Nui. Who used the Mask of Life to terraform Spherus Magna into a bona-fide Garden of Eden? Mata Nui. Who saved the world? Mata. Nui.
  8. What's ridiculous is that you can't wait 10 days for even better pictures. Dude, if you seen the leaked pictures, they are very high quality.
  9. Is it just me or does the mask look different from the previous preview we saw on the facebook page video clip?
  10. On Friday, there's gonna be a revealation. The Vahi and the Ignika together. And they're gonna merge the three masks. Into the Mask of Awesome.
  11. Hey, no worries about that, it's still a really cool picture. Thanks for reporting it. -Gata My pleasure. Turns out there are benefits to being up at ungodly hours here on the east coast. And hey, I got a proto boost. My first ever. Seriously how is this my first proto boost in five years.
  12. Guys I'm so sorry about this I didn't realize it was fanart.
  13. Let's look at things this way. We had three years that took place inside the Matoran Universe Robot: 2004, 2005 and 2008. Out of those, only one year portrayed an active civilization inside the MU Robot, and that is 2004. In 2005, the city was overrun by Visorak and the Metru Nui matoran were in stasis pods. In 2008, all but three Av-Matoran had been infected by Shadow Leeches. Every other year took place outside the robot, whether on Aqua Magna (2001-2003, 2006-2007), on Bara Magna (2009-2010), or on Spherus Magna (2010, 2015?) So yeah, they wasted a LOT of potential with the MU Robot.
  14. It better be Galidor or I'm gonna pitch a fit.
  15. Better be a new promo animation from Ghost. Ghost made all the cool ######, they better be doing this new ###### too. I'd like Ghost to make an entire Bionicle movie, except the stylistic nature of the previous films so that characters would actually have mouths was understandably needed. Edit: Come on now... -Wind-
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