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  1. Hello, Trying my luck again with this one - does anyone know where I can find the Free the Band 'press conference' video that was released in 2006, featuring The All-American Rejects awkwardly talking about the Piraka?
  2. Tilius


    Good news, it's me. Just checking in. The forum's all updated now, blimey! Very fancy and nice. How is everyone doing?
  3. 1/5, this is the first thread I've clicked on in years.
  4. Hey gang, I'm trying to source videos from the old 'FreeTheBand.com' site from back in 2006 - in particular, the 'press conference' at the end of it, where The All American Rejects were talking about it. Seems real difficult to find any evidence of that video ever existing - anyone still got it? - Tilius
  5. Yeah, you know, things are pretty good these days. I used to be on here a lot back in the day. Isn't time and change weird? Discuss. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe! Approval still sustains me.
  6. Tilius


    I signed in again. Big day. I have nothing of value to say. Some things never change.
  7. Tilius

    Hello there.

    I'm still alive. Cool! Breath of the Wild looks amazing. Movie idea - a horror movie where if characters laugh, they die. I'm not sure what the content of that movie would be, and whether or not it'd actually be a horror movie.
  8. Tilius

    Filthy Casuals

    Absolutely agreed - especially on the multiple choice thing. It has to be a legitimate test.
  9. Tilius

    Filthy Casuals

    Showing interest in the new Star Wars, despite never having even seen the original trilogy, and passing off seeing the prequels as being a fan of SW. Filthy, filthy casuals.
  10. 'Hey, please do this survey for us!' A few weeks later.... 'Hey, we got the survey results and you're all wrong so we're going to ignore everything you've said. Thanks for taking part!'
  11. I have no preference. The robot is big. That's the point. Why is this a big debate with diagrams and massive essays? It's big, that's the point. That's it. Please, go outside or go play a video game or do SOMETHING that's not such a massive waste of time. Bones in particular - you've spent years and years writing lengthy, lengthy essays in every post whenever there's a discussion. When you look back on all those times - all those hours - debating stuff that does not matter, what do you have to show for it? What have you actually achieved? The robot is big - big enough to fit all the characters and places in. That's it. Numbers that may or may not have been plucked out of the air do not matter. Some things in the story are worth a bit of a discussion/debate. This isn't one of them. Bones, please - stop wasting your life. Genuine, friendly advice there. Please show respect to all members of BZPower. Proto dropped. -B6
  12. Tilius

    Smash Bros Ballot

    I'm inclined not to suggest another Pokemon character - the game already has the 'main' ones (Pikachu, Charizard and Mewtwo). There's no glaring gap in the Pokemon side of things. Though here I am suggesting Paper Mario, haha. I know Mario has the most reps, but I feel like he's different enough to be a pretty unique character, which is a big factor in all this. I'm also desparate for another Wario Ware rep. Jimmy always seemed like the 'second' main character of WW, but I also think 9-Volt would be nice because of all the Nintendo references he'd make possible. Layton has been a massive deal for the DS/3DS and is massively popular in Japan and America/EU, so I'd say he'd be a very popular choice. And quite a unique fighter, too. Also got a lot of love for the one-off retro characters - like G&W, Duck Hunt Dog, Little Mac, and Pit (in Brawl, anyway...). So I'd like to see another one of those.
  13. Tilius

    Smash Bros Ballot

    My votes: Paper Mario King K. Rool Tom Nook/K.K Slider Krystal Balloon Fighter/Excite Biker/Bubbles off Clu Clu Land Tetra Jimmy/9 Volt Professor Layton Viewtiful Joe Rayman Banjo-Kazooie Not sure if there are any more that I've missed.
  14. Tilius

    Lego GLaDoS

    I supported this ages ago and it's only got 31 days to get enough support. CLICK.
  15. Tilius


    The best (and only outstandingly good looking) member of One Direction has left the band. I'm not sure what to do now. Devastated is not the word.
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