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  1. Jayk


    Great film. One of Hans Zimmer's best scores, top-notch acting, absolutely stunning cinematography and effects. Wish I could've seen it in IMAX film projection...
  2. Jayk

    Wesołych Świąt!

    A very Merry Christmas Eve to you all!
  3. It's just a black 2-pin connecting the Vahki hip-piece to the upper torso. Pretty basic.
  4. You just made my day. My pleasure!
  5. Jayk

    Home Again

    And with all my BIONICLE pieces. Probably won't update the blog as frequently; I'd forgotten how easily I get along without internet when I'm home.
  6. "Put...the Avohkii...back...in...the cave." "I'M A MAKUTA! I'M A MAKUTA! I'M A MAKUTA! I'M A MAKUTA!" "What's in the bag, a Tarakava or something?"
  7. Gorillaz for BIONICLE Music 2015
  8. Oh, I like these. I like these very much.
  9. Jayk

    Justin Timberlake

    "What Goes Around.../...Comes Around" is one of my favorite pop songs of the last twenty years. Absolutely brilliant. He's one of those pop masters in the tradition of Prince and MJ.
  10. Directed by Sam Raimi Music by Daft Punk, songs by David Bowie and Daft Punk Starring Idris Elba as Tahu Kevin Conroy as Kopaka Jennifer Hale as Gali Brian Blessed as Onua Denzel Washington as Pohatu Andrew Scott as Lewa Martin Freeman as Takua Benedict Cumberbatch as Jaller Christopher Walken as Turaga Vakama David Bowie as Makuta There we go.
  11. I'd totally buy a plushie version. PLUSH! *peeeeooowwww* AH-AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Savior of the Matoran Universe!
  12. My name's Jake. (It's also short for my longer, original username, "Jaykanu.")
  13. I tend to try and focus on making a custom torso first, especially if I can get a good waist rotation or something else unique. Normally I just design it on the fly, unless I'm hit with a particular idea I want to try.
  14. Jayk


    No more exams! I have doubts as to the current strength of my grades, but for now I shall simply revel in being free for the holidays.
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