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  1. Glad you liked them too! I'm actually pleasantly surprised with the overall reception of these; after all, they are rather technically simplistic, almost too bland in a way. Nevertheless, Flickr and Insta followers have expressed a real enthusiasm about this "dungeon party" which tells me that I've done something right!
  2. The Trinity of Alderion - MPMonthly Contest Entry "Darren of Wegoathe, the Dagger in the Night ; Sir Tobias of Alderion, the Sword of the Falcon; and Lucinda the Wondrous, the Radiance of Alestia. "These three mighty warriors are our last hope against the shadow hordes of the vengeful Bat Lord Bastille". Built for the MP Monthly November edition, the contest theme being "Medieval". My take was an RPG-style trio of characters, where I wanted to repurpose the CCBS SW prefab pieces as much as I could. It's a CCBS figbarf, but hey at least it's something! Some more stuff coming your way soon (hopefully)!
  3. I see you've picked up on my style now haha. I absolutely love those Ben 10 parts (which you can clearly see by the sheer amount of MOCs using them)! When integrated correctly, they're a great way to add sleek limb segments to a MOC. I especially like the way they integrate with the CCBS SW shells on the lower leg, which is why I've recycled that design several times across my MOCs (probably beginning with Horus). I'm somewhat aware of the fact that I'm becoming a bit of a one-trick pony, but rest assured that I have a few MOCs that are very stylistically different coming this way very soon!
  4. Danger Doll: Dyana by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "Lightning-fast reflexes, an array of deadly weaponry and a quick wit make this robotic mercenary a force to be reckoned with." A relatively quick build with some fun techniques. Getting a bit bored of humanoids tho Main Pose Danger Doll: Dyana by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr That's all from me! C&C appreciated Stay safe, stay sane, keep calm and build on!
  5. It's both functional and aesthetic! It holds the back of the helmet to the front (i.e. the mask). Thanks! I was trying to depart from the old silver and dark/sand green color combo because I wanted to embody a starkly different persona to that of Karzahni. I felt like gold (instead of gunmetal or silver) helped accentuate the contrast. I also love gold on MOCs (I hardly ever MOC without it lol; however, my last few BioCup MOCs have not had a single gold piece, which is quite unlike me XD)
  6. Thanks for your kind words! The gold HF 2.0 parts are from this set: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemInv.asp?S=4529-1 I've accumulated quite a few copies of this set from random bulk lots (and even bought the loose parts off Bricklink at some point), which is why I have a healthy amount of these gold parts. They're great for a variety of projects I'm planning. Also, the gold armor bits from Ekimu actually first debuted in the Fire and Ice Chima buildable figures. Regarding the cape, I felt like it was a good addition personally, as it helps evoke an ancient, weathered, air around the character. I would have used the Gen 2 Hero cape because it had an interesting design, but sadly I don't have one.
  7. Well here we are, ladies and gentlemen. Artakha - The Forge Lord by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr Artakha has always been one of my favourite canon characters. Whenever I used to imagine him, the main characteristics that would resonate in my head would be his aura of elegance. My portrayal sought to depict that element and bring it to focus. Artakha - The Forge Lord by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr He also wields a Warhammer, which I wanted to keep as simple as I could without losing on that unique touch. A side view: Artakha - The Forge Lord (side) by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr Back view: Artakha - The Forge Lord (back) by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr And here's the deconstructed view. Tried to dismantle the bigger parts while leaving the sub-elements intact. https://flic.kr/p/2jJDnuR Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this MOC as much as I have enjoyed building it! Link to the contest post: https://board.ttvchannel.com/t/bionicle-canon-contest-2-meet-the-maker/55451
  8. "The manticore (Early Middle Persian: Merthykhuwar; Persian: مردخوار‎ Mardykhor) is a Persian legendary creature similar to the Egyptian sphinx that proliferated in western European medieval art as well. It has the head of a human, the body of a lion and a tail of venomous spines similar to porcupine quills, while other depictions have it with the tail of a scorpion". -Wikipedia Manticorus Cavernaus (Bio-Cup 2020 Redemption Round 2 Entry) Subtheme: Asian Mythology by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr Manticorus Cavernaus (Bio-Cup 2020 Redemption Round 2 Entry) Subtheme: Asian Mythology by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr Originally built for RR2 of the 2020 BioCup. After working on it some more, I finally decided it was decent enough to take more photos of it. This delightful RR theme is the best of any BioCup themes in my opinion. It got me thinking a whole lot before I decided on this as the mythical creature to render in brick form. Having only come to this decision around five hours ago (finished at 5:40 am on Friday - 2 hours before RR2 deadline), this has been a fun quick build drifting away from the run-of-the-mill humanoids I've been churning out nonstop over the years. More mythological creatures coming your way soon eventually. Until then!
  9. Thats's a pretty cool take on Settlers of Catan, which I also happen to adore. My only criticism would be the card implementation of the Toa Heroes (Knight cards), which essentially allows you to invoke the thief (i.e. Makuta, who is the arch-antagonist) to steal from other player(s). Something about using the heroes for an ignoble cause doesn't sit too well with me, but that's just me being super pedantic On the whole, I think you've done a tremendous job on this board, and the artwork all looks superb! If I didn't already have a copy of Settlers of Catan I'd definitely get this one printed!
  10. Glad you like those! They were challenging to figure out, especially considering the fact that I had very brief glances at similar source material. I think it's a combination of the collar and the mask that gives these vibes off. I thought this MOC had them too tbh. I even debated doing a 180 with the concept and going full-steam ahead with a sorceror build instead of an Admiral.
  11. You flatter me! I just look at the reference item and try to match its shaping and proportions on my character. The fact that LEGO has several fabric parts in different colours and shapes also helps a lot. There's no avoiding a large amount of trial and error until you get it right, though.
  12. Admiral Jaldamir Admiral Jaldamir by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "A noble and valiant commander whose sole purpose is to bring to justice anyone who dares to stand against the crown. Has a long-standing enmity towards criminals who fare the seas, especially Pirate Lord Dreadwind and his band of miscreants". Admiral Jaldamir by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr A reimagining of an old character I had built way back in 2015. Since the moment I lay eyes on the kanohi Iden I've always pictured it belonging to an elegant, gentlemanly-looking character. And I felt the same way about those Praetorian Guard cloth skitrts; as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to build a redcoat-wearing character. Revamping Jaldamir gave me the answer. Safe to say I managed to pull this aesthetic off? I'll let you all be the judge of that!
  13. "A noble warrior who serves The Lightbringer, with unwavering dedication and resolve. Never one to shy away from battle, this fearless soldier has faced tremendous foes, and has always emerged victorious". Santriel - Seraphic Soldier by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr A slightly different build this time, which uses primarily #system pieces as well as the occasional Bionicle armor parts for shaping. Do let me know what you think!
  14. @MoarBotar @Master Inika yeah the ceremonial armor vibes are a bit interspersed within the original design motif of wanting to create OTT Gladiator-like armor. I guess it's a good thing that you guys perceive it in this way. I was originally trying to give him some sort of Katana battle skirt but that proved a bit tricky with the shaping I had going on. I might look into revisiting the whole MOC again at some point, and hopefully augmenting these aspects in the next version. Thanks for all your comments!
  15. Thanks! The BioCup is usually held over summer; it starts mid-to-late June of each year, judging by the last couple years.
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