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  1. People freaking Power! =P

  2. You're a Filipino, like me and ATV?

  3. Aah, ATV. What've you been up to?

  4. Oh...no. But I wish I did...

  5. Cool name, cool picture.

  6. Wait, do you take Judo?

  7. Awesome personal photo.

  8. Good to see you comic-making again.

  9. NOOOOOOOO!!!! You should come back. I'm watching you...

  10. This is an announcement:

    I have not been on for two weeks and will not be on for at least another two weeks (or until I get back my straight A's). My parents have banned me from the internet until such time as that happens. But don't worry, there is nothing that can get a geek like me to move like having to internet access.

    This was an exception, of course.

  11. Hmm. I better chop it.

  12. Your banner is 20 Pixels too tall. ;)

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