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  1. I don't think you'll like Galidor toys unless you liked watching the Galidor television series. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Galidor&oq=Galidor&gs_l=youtube.3..35i39l2j0l8.3455.3608.0.4041. Usually, people don't like Galidor toys because they think they're the worst kind of Legos ever created compared to every other lego set ever invented. But I hope you like them though. Galidors are cool figurines. What I like the most about Galidors is mixing and matching different parts.
  2. It's obvious that Bionicle is better than Hero Factory. Hero Factory is nothing but a cheap immitation of Bionicle. I feel sorry for the kids who grew up with Hero Factory instead of Bionicle. They've really missed out on things that are better than what they have in this day and age.
  3. I still like Bionicle. I really want to collect the 2001-2004 Bionicle sets. Those were the best sets in Lego history.
  4. I have fond memories of wanting to have the 2002 Bohrok sets, Makuta, Tahu and Nuva. Those sets were the best in Lego history! I remember building Bionicles from the Rahkshi sets when they came out. I also remember watching a Bionicle movie that came out in 2004. 4 years later, I discovered BZP in 2008 and signed up on March 21, 2009.
  5. Swagged out 4 life

  6. People hate Galidor because they think the sets are terrible compared to any other Lego set ever made. Because there aren't a lot of pieces, the pieces are large and the they think the characters look odd. (They're supposed to look odd because they're creatures from another dimension!) Plus, they hate the Galidor TV series simply because it's cheesy. (If you've never heard of the Series look it up and watch it.) Personally, I DON'T hate Galidor. I've loved it since I was 5. When you're at such a young age, you don't know how 'dumb' some toys are. And you don't even know how 'cheesy' some shows are. That's why I instantly fell in love with the Toys and the TV series. You have to like the TV series in order to like the Toys. I even enjoyed playing the computer game Galidor Quest. Ever since then, i've always been a huge fan of Galidor. It's too bad the Lego.com workers got rid of Galidor. They're a bunch of stupid, heartless, ignorant blockheads! I loved Galidor like a brother... With that being said, just remember that NOT EVERYONE HATES GALIDOR! There are thousands of Galidor fans out there. Only hardcore Bionicle fans hate Galidor because they believe Bionicle is better. Unfortunately, Galidor is dead. Because the Galidor TV series went off the air in 2003, Lego.com got rid of galidor.com in 2004, Large Animal Games got rid of Galidor Quest this year, the Galidor fan site died, and NO ONE agreed to help create a new Galidor website. Looks like Galidor is gone forever... Oh well. It was fun while it lasted, right?
  7. Personally, I actually liked the old look better, it was much more creative than this new one. Plus I liked how you could choose from nearly hundreds of cool emoticons when you posted. (Belive it or not, I haven't been on here since '10 but you know the shindig...)
  8. Relax. I add random people to my friend list to make it really large just for fun.

  9. Here have 5 stars buddy! :)

  10. Yeah it's from Galidor Quest. It's Vinic in his 2nd upgrade.

  11. LOL pearls before swine rocks! :D

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