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  1. I checked the site. Then I noticed that LEGO tree in a weird angle and closed the tab :0
  2. I have no qualms with the redesigned packaging. It's great for saving up space. And, since the packaging isn't even the most important, it doesn't really matter.On the sets: I personally don't like the most. However, I'll see if I can get Rocka, Breez, Thornraxx and Toxic Reappa. They have mighty awesome pieces and Toxic Reappa looks really good.
  3. I saw "NEW PARTS ON HERO CREATOR!" and proceeded to immediately click the link. Much to my dismay, I found absolutely no new pieces. I figure you guys, just like Evex said, have just made a derp oh man, I love the word 'derp' so much. derp erp erp erp herp derp duhr
  4. I have a doubt: are there any restrictions to regions? Or is it completely international?
  5. Welcome to BZPower. If you need help with something, please take a look on the New Member Q&A , leave a comment on my profile or PM me. You are able to do this, if you have 10 posts. But please read the rules before posting. Have fun here.

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