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  1. OOC: Sorry I poofed... life and all =/IC: {Conteriam/Toa/(Insert Action Stamp Here)} "I... no I really--" Well that certianlly explaned things. Who knew a whole world crisis was going on right outside his hut all this time? If only he had come out sooner.Conteriam listened to the crew speaking back and forth and quickly realized this was no crew. It was more of a group of friends and enemies with a single villian to fight against. A villian he must also fight against. "If I may... If this villinas creature 'Makuta', as you say, is really doing such awful things as you have depitcted, then I can do no less that aid you in your fight. I really have no other thing to do but be of aid. So count me in."
  2. IC: {Conteriam/Toa/Confirmed Clueless}"Mak--"Conteriam started to reply to the person that answered his question only to be asked some questions by another ship crewman."My name is Conteriam, and I'm a Toa of Gravity. I was on Xa-Koro because.... well, it was the only place to get peace and quiet ironicly. I'm going to the mainland to..."Conteriam stopped because he knew what he was about to say would sound odd."Well, to fix it. Now if I may, who is this 'Makuta'?
  3. IC: {Conteriam/Toa/Feeling A Tad Clueless}Conteriam grabbed the attention of who seemed to be the captian and spoke again."What is this of 'battles' I hear. Who are you attacking?
  4. IC: {Conteriam/Toa/....}Conteriam gave thought to all the comments that had gone back and forth with the crew. It seemed things wern't too organized around here."I'm just interested in a ride thank you. But if you need-- Wait, what is it that you're set out to do anyways?"OOC: Sorry if I'm a little slow to post. Life got kinda busy all of a sudden
  5. IC: {Conteriam/Toa/Busted}Conteriam watched two of the ships crew 'bicker' back and forth. Eventually, it ended."I understand your worry. I'm trying to get to the mainland, and thought it nicer to hitch a ride instead of stealing your ship. I mean you no harm."
  6. IC: {Conteriam/Toa/Hitching A Ride}Conteriam head a group of people running back to their ships. They seemed to be in some kind of trouble. Before he made it to the dock, (whilst walking on the water) he touched the side of the boat he was next to with the positive end, making it slightly heavier. He lied down on the side of the boat and felt it start moving. He assumed he'd make himself known soon, or wait until someone finds him.OOC: I was wanting to join you guys but havn't been able to log until now. I already talked to Elemental Ussal, and he said it was cool. So I guess I'll chill on the side of the Liberator until someone notices me.
  7. Woah D: Start without me why don't you :POk so look. When I said the stuff about Lloyd, I made sure to say things like "Nothing against Lloyd" and "I'm sure he knows how to play the game, so it's not about him personally"; so that people wouldn't go "OH U HATE LLYOD!!1!!1!1!1!"And that seems to be whats going on =/But for real I didn't do it. I'm a villager I'm telling you. If you don't believe me then hang me. Mafia (or whatever it is that you guys think I am. wouldn't want to be hung right? Well if you don't believe me then hang me and see my role reviled
  8. IC: {Conteriam/Toa/Shooing}When the 'pirate' made the winds around Conteriam, he was qickly thrown like a ragdoll to the side. having no weight made him blow around like a peice of paper. He bounced off the water and went around the back of another boat. He caught his berings and walked (yes, on the water) back to the dock. He touched himself with the positive end of his staff and regained normal gravity.He should probably stick to picking on people his own size.
  9. Wow, all the music it says you like are in the "Library of Stuffs Portalfig Likes" :P

  10. I have a fire Skakdi thats looking for some interaction. His affiliation is "Insane", so if there's any other loons out there that are interested in blowing things up/setting things on fire let me know
  11. IC: {Purore/\Skakdi/\Raither Lost} Purore blinked. Ok then. Moving on.He made sure to not be too close to the ship, so he started stroling past another Skakdi and Toa that seemed to be fighting. After he past them a good ways, he strapped on his Pryo Blaster and "flew" off in whatever direction he was facing OOC: Purore to whereever
  12. IC: {Purore/\Skakdi/\Resisting The Urge To Toast The Before-Mentioned Boat}Thinking he might of been unheard, he blasted a stream of fire into the air."Hellloooo. Ca'tan-sir. Yes any clue where I might be?" OOC: This would be the Infernavika.
  13. IC: {Purore/\Skakdi/\Noticeing A Flammable Looking Boat} Once far enough away from the water of death, Purore looked around him.Sand. Sand. Rocks. Sand. Water. Sand.... Rocks...No wait. That last rock wasn't a rock at all, but a boat. Purore decided it was worth checking out, so he pointed his Pyro Blaster away from it and "flew" over to it.Once there, Purore turned off his Pryo Blaster. Wait, that should of been already so he could of stopped. Whoops. He slid in the sand quite far past the boat.He turned his Pryo Blaster in the other direction, and zipped towards it again.He slid to a stop and flipped over sevral times. Once up, he looked to see who might be aboard."Uhh... how goes the sailing?"
  14. IC: {Purore/\Skakdi/\Arriving from Onu-Koro}Purore spiraled out of control on his flight and started to go downward.And thats when he saw the water.Shrieking and desperatly trying to move out of the way, he dips into a nose dive and plunks into the sand on a shore. He quickly gets up and starts running as he notices the tide coming towards him. He takes his Pyro Blaster and starts using it on the oncoming waves of water."Away! Stay. Away!"OOC: Purore open for interaction. His alignment is "Insane" so if you convince him he can burn things on any sort of mission he'd be glad to come
  15. IC: {Purore/\Skakdi/\Literally Blowing This Popsicle Stand} Purore walked back down the same tunnel. He poked his head out of it at the end and expected to see charred huts.He squinted his eyes in annoyance. The flow didn't even make it! Thats it. Time to blow this joint.Purore strapped his Pryo Blaster to his back, and turned it on 9 (because last time he put it on 11 when he flew he crashed shortly after). It kicked in and he spirled over the huts in the main cavern.He went over the entire Onu-Koro, up a tunnel, and out of Onu-Wahi. OOC: Purore to Po-Koro
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