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  1. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis suddenly cut in front of the possessed Agori with a panicked expression, before flashing an apologetic smile. "I'll... well, send them away. Hopefully. They sound... hmm, impatient... perhaps you better... hide?" He gave Karzahni as much time as he thought the being outside could bear before cracking open the door barely enough for his face to peer through. On the other side, he saw... something. It looked hardly sentient, more bird than Glatorian or Toa for that matter. Definitely from the giant robot, judging by its mechanical parts. "Ah... hmm, well... we're actually... um, closed! Please... do try to hold your innards... uh, inside and... do come back later!" He grinned through grit teeth at the monster, hoping it could even understand him. IC: Kaenis - The Arena Kaenis flinched again at Bacchus' laugh. He wouldn't understand. How could he? Only she was stupid enough to have this cursed venom flowing through her... "You're not safe..." she repeated, a bit more forcefully, "...with me."
  2. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru After she left the Great Temple, Karista didn't have any plans in mind. All she knew was she couldn't be caught. She wandered the streets for a time in Bordakh form, doing her best to mimic their stiff, unhurried march through crowded streets. One, two, one, two...There were so few around... where did they all go? A Vahki transport rumbled by, seeming to answer her question. She tried to pay it no mind, but the image of dozens of the robotic enforcers in their sleep racks filled her with dread after everything that had happened that day. One, two, every-thing, is fine, she told herself. And then the sky turned red. There were gasps, there were screams, and then there was nothing but panic. Karista suddenly found herself awash in a stormy sea of water Matoran, some of them desperately looking to her for support. Her Bordakh head twitched, and she slowly began backing toward the edge of the street, then running, not caring if anyone wondered what was wrong with that Vahki. The next few moments were a blur, but eventually she found herself in a quiet alleyway. The crowds were gone, just a lone disk seller tucked into a back corner. Her Bordakh form panted hard, twitching and looking everywhere, especially up, until she decided to shift into something more comfortable and became her Ga-Toa "self" again. In a strange moment of clarity she grinned, realizing she had forgotten her feathered bands again. Bet that looked bizarre on a Vahki. IC: Morah - The Ripple It seemed Morah got a bit carried away with the ocean, and it wasn't until the others had moseyed out that she found herself again. Not because of that, no, more on account of the red sky and what not. There was a sudden stillness, only broken by the crash of the warm water against the beach. And the possey of living corpses shambling over. Morah readied for battle, and was soon joined by the others. "Well, get busy fightin' or get busy dyin', as I always say," she muttered mostly to herself before diving toward the undead Matoran, claws unsheathed.
  3. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "...yes. It... it is my job." IC: Kaenis - Arena Kaenis was expecting the obvious question even as Bacchus seemed caught up in other matters, but it still hit hard enough to make her visibly flinch. "You're... not safe..." she muttered, barely audible.
  4. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru As Tekmo strode off, Karista let out her breath. But it wasn't over yet. Whatever the little ones were up to, she couldn't be anywhere nearby when they were discovered. Tekmo could be reporting her right now... Karista started running, not going anywhere in particular besides away. She slipped into an unobtrusive alleyway, and moments later a fresh Bordakh stalked out onto the streets, looking around at the passersby. IC: Morah - The Ripple Morah's grin broadened again. "Now that's a sentiment I can get behind." There was a flash, and Morah and the Vo-Toa both turned to see the storm brewing straight ahead. There was no chance of escape now. Morah felt her gut drop, not so much out of fear, but out of a seasoned understanding of the havoc a storm at sea could wreak. "Get inside!" she shouted, ushering the Toa to the nearest door. She buckled herself back into a seat as the first buck rocked the ship, though it was far from the last. And yet, as the rain pounded and thunder clapped, a keen listener might have been able to make out the wet, bubbly sound of Morah giggling. The wall of the storm disappeared as quickly as it had come, and Morah dared to straighten in her seat to look out the windows. A fierce maelstrom covered the horizon in all directions, yet here they were safe, and they were descending. Morah unbuckled and rushed back to the door, catching a quick glimpse of the tiny island and its unusual covering before it was right in front of her and the airship touched down. From there, she only had eyes for the sea. It had been so long since she'd been beneath its indecipherable surface, nearly a mirror finish here in the eye of the storm that had only whet her appetite.
  5. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis pointedly ignored the Agori as he ushered the joint being back onto the table, save for a quick glance at the pained expression. His mechanical hands were swift and precise, quickly undoing his zigzagging cut as best as he was able. "There..." he said at the end, standing back to allow it to stand. IC: Kaenis - Arena Kaenis froze like a Phase Dragon in headlights as her name was called once, twice, thrice. Her feral fear and the good nature that had fueled it battled within her. Her one and only chance was slipping away... she could make it, leave them all behind, but it would have to be now. ...the moment passed, and Bacchus was just around the corner from her. Shamefully, she slunk out from behind the column, unable to meet his gaze, unable to even try to begin to excuse her actions.
  6. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru (Great Temple Disk Hunt) There was that voice again, calling from some screen on the street above. Karista heard the same words, but got something else out of it. More Vahki. The League infiltrating Metru Nui. If this kept up, nowhere would be safe for her. She couldn't afford to be drawing attention to herself. Karista had made her decision before Tekmo asked. She slowly shook her head, taking a step back, then another. "I... can't." IC: Morah - The Ripple Hoo-wee, sounds like she opened a can of worms. "Well, don't see many more u' ya 'round here..." she said hesitantly.
  7. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru (Great Temple Disk Hunt) In the middle of her refusal, Kotero grabbed Karista's arm, and Karista yanked back only to be met with the same surprising strength that ripped off the grate. It only made her feel more uneasy about this whole thing. Another tug, and she freed her arm, leaving Kotero and Tekmo to wander into the grate after Triki. Now was her chance... Karista started backing up slowly, getting ready to turn and run. She could slip into a Vahki's form, and no one would be the wiser... "Are you still with us?" Karz... IC: Morah - The Ripple As Morah rejoined the ruckus, she reflected briefly on the two Toa right behind her. They weren't quite what she was expecting to fight alongside. But as the next few minutes became a flurry of slashes and spinners, she had to admire their efficiency. While she fended off pincers then gutted the Rahi from below, the Vo-Toa was beating them back with charged fists and lightning bursts. Even the blue Toa with the mechanical arm proved she wasn't helpless even without her spear. Against her better judgement, Morah climbed the rigging to engage the Visorak topside. Up there, a black spider had caught her by surprise, numbing her arm with a quick spinner and nearly sending her off into the ocean far below before she batted it there with her other arm. Her training didn't fail her, and she was still able to dispatch another before a green one splashed her back with an acid spinner. The battle that followed was quick but fierce, with her taking another spinner to her good arm that splashed around her claw. And soon enough, she returned, battered, burned, exhausted, but grinning triumphantly beneath her mask. She found the Vo-Toa again, patching things up with her mask. "Nice fightin' out there," she said, showing little regard for the Toa's focus. OOC: Morah interacting with Varxii
  8. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru (Great Temple Disk Hunt) As the others argued and split, Karista finally found her tongue again. "N-no, no way. I'm not doing this... breaking." She took a couple steps away, hoping she could slip out before the Vahki saw. IC: Morah - The Ripple Perhaps she got a little carried away in wrestling that spider Rahi, but it was her first real fight on dry... airship. And as it turned out, she didn't have to wait long to find out what those Rhotuka did, as Mantax's brother beside her went down, writhing in agony. She reached out a hand to help after the spider was dealt with, but quickly realized she had no idea what was even happening to him. Instead, she gave a soft, "Hang in there, pardner." She took just a moment to admire her handiwork and flick the worst of the gunk off her claws. "Thank 'u kindly fer the assist," she nodded to Aksa. "But we seem ta be one down and there's plenty more where that came from, so if you'll excuse me..." she ran off toward the door in search of more of the vermin.
  9. IC: Morah - The Ripple Morah grunted as she successfully shoved the spider a safe distance away... or so she thought. The thing was unfazed, and quickly loosed a spinner right into her readied gauntlets. She didn't think too much about what could have happened if she had let down her guard. "Name's Morah, by the by," she gurgled quickly to her comrade. It was hard to tell with the fishy features and the rebreather and all, but she was grinning as she jumped into battle again. Her mask glowed as she tried to lift the spider off balance, followed up by a quick one-two slash with her claws at its midsection.
  10. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru The "Ga-Toa" fell silent as she tried not to be sick. Nope, she couldn't do this. Let them think her a coward, a lame excuse for a Toa, Karz, maybe not a Toa at all. She was not going to risk death or worse for this overeager little green thing. She looked to her fellow Toa, mouth flapping like a drowning fish, but words didn't come out. IC: Morah - League Airship As Morah charged in ready to bring the spider Rahi in to Pain Station, she caught sight of some of her allies just moseying by. "I got this un', get the rest!"
  11. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru "Wait, really?" Karista looked nervously at Tekmo. She didn't want the Vahki getting too close... IC: Morah - League Ship "Ah Karz!" Morah's readiness paid off as she barreled into the thing's side gauntlets first to try to get it off her ally.
  12. IC: Morah - League Airship "Well..." That wasn't quite what she expected. Not the contents, but the container. So... what was inside? Morah carefully approached the boxes to inspect the acid burn, claws ready in case it was more than acid...
  13. IC: Morah - League Airship Morah's eyes began drifting from the assembled beings around her to the windows, the inviting sea glistening so far below her. How long had it been since she'd felt the ocean's embrace... With the first shudder, she was on her feet, claws unsheathed, eyes looking for danger. As it turned out, it came to meet her in the form of something smashing through the ceiling, oozing and seeping into the floor. Looked like the contents of a Zamor to her, and that meant it wasn't going to play nice outside of its shell. "Ahright ev'ryun', stand back 'less you don't need yer lungs," she bellowed, her voice clear yet muffled beneath the rebreather. Her mask glowed as she tried to telekinetically pull the acid blob from the floor.
  14. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru Karista's grin turned to a grimace. This socializing thing was harder than it looked. Back home, she had known everyone, and you didn't need disks or clearance or whatever to fit in. But she'd figure it out. Hopefully before they figured her out. IC: Morah - League Airship As the other soldiers and mercenaries boarded, a bundle in one of the seats shifted, revealing itself to be another passenger who had slipped in. Blank fishy eyes peered through narrow eyeholes in a silver mask at the others, sizing up who she'd be fighting with on this mission. Her rebreather gurgled softly through the conversations going on around her.
  15. ...that’s a canon detail though. I wasn’t planning on her having anything to do with them beyond that.
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