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  1. IC: Mirror - Tesara "I know..." he sighed. "But what if she's right, and we haven't saved ourselves from what's to come?" IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Well, that settled it. This... thing wasn't from the world he knew. Arkis' instinct for self-preservation and his curiosity battled for a moment before he answered, "I... I'm a Glatorian. From... Spherus Magna."
  2. IC: Tube - Gym "I'm sorry, Pa..." Tube was cut off by another cough, and they stared at Paladin's legs blankly, wondering what was going on. IC: Tear - Gym "I warned you," he growled, taking a brief moment to see Crate running off. Tear allowed the sword to be turned away, only to reach back and pull out the second and slash out at Door's exposed body.
  3. IC: Tube - Gym Tube wasn't feeling so good. "Don't st..." they started weakly, only to be cut off by a cough that splattered mucus all over Paladin's legs. IC: Tear - Gym Tear's grin vanished once again as his sword caught against Door's mace. "Out of my way," he snarled, "or I'll have to cut through you as well."
  4. IC: Tear - Gym "No," Tear said simply, as he took a step forward and swung his sword down at Crate. IC: Tube - Gym "He wants to stop the noise!" Tube shouted as the sword thunked against their faceplates, though not as hard as it might have without their slow powers. Their natural resilience dulled the pain, but instead Tube started feeling a little nauseous...
  5. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) He backed up further against the wall. "Journey to... th-the surface? You mean... you came from... the C-Chasm?" It was the natural conclusion, with the Agori's... state. IC: Mirror - Tesara He paused without turning. "Yes?" IC: Kaenis - Wastes Up ahead of her, Juno started pulling away as her Rockoh's engines flared. Not wanting to get behind, Kaenis also pushed the throttle, turning back to look at Bacchus below and behind her.
  6. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis jumped back from the table, dropping the scalpel as he held his swatted hand like a child. "I... heh, I noticed," he chuckled nervously as he looked over the Agori once more. "But this... this body... what use is it to you?" None of these words made any sense to him, perhaps Makuta was one he had heard from the biomechanical beings, but like any good scientist (of a sort), he wanted to get to the answers.
  7. IC: Mirror - Tesara Mirror sighed and nodded slowly, before turning back toward the heart of Tesara. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis' morbid curiosity was piqued, but he was quickly growing tired of talking to some disembodied voice (or perhaps that would be in-bodied...). "And then... what are you?" he asked, while his hand crept back down, determined to pull aside the fleshy curtain hiding this... creature?
  8. IC: Tear - Gym Tear's jaw just dropped for a moment, simultaneously furious, confused, and embarrassed. But only for a moment, as he pushed Door out of the way and drew his sword, an easy, malicious grin growing in place of the surprise. "You don't know when to quit, do you?" he chuckled. IC: Tube - Gym Tube's grip loosened for a moment, but they quickly latched back on again and started channeling their slow powers. "Nooo!" they shouted.
  9. IC: Mirror - Tesara Mirror watched her go, half expecting to see an army following her. He didn't look away until Silvana was a speck on the horizon. "Well... what do we tell the Captain?" he asked Hadraeka. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "Do you know... what did this to him?" Arkis asked quietly.
  10. IC: Kaenis - Wastes Kaenis followed Juno's route as closely as possible as she clung to the rear of the party. It might have seemed random and arbitrary to someone else, but to Kaenis, another experienced navigator, she admired Juno's consideration and knowledge. Perhaps... she wasn't so bad after all. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) He straightened abruptly, still looking down at the Agori's torso in disbelief. "I'm a doctor," he asserted, feeling ridiculous for needing to say so, "I'm just... trying to help."
  11. IC: Tear - Gym Just as quickly as it had come, the nausea was fading, replaced with a growing sense of power. Tear didn't have the time to figure out what it meant, as far as he was concerned it just validated his anger. Straightening to his full height above Crate, he wiped the mucus from his faceplates and snarled, "You know what..." IC: Tube - Gym "Don't stop the noise!" Tube shouted, barely audible this close to the speakers.
  12. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis froze, scalpel still in the flesh. He glanced up toward the Agori's head, but it seemed to still be unconscious. And besides... the voice seemed to come from inside. Hesitantly, he peeled back the flesh to see what he had exposed... IC: Kaenis - New Atero No sign of her companions as of yet... Kaenis drifted in lazy circles above New Atero, searching the air. But when she finally chanced a look down to see if she could spot them taking off, she caught sight of Bacchus waving from far below. Oh... great. She leaned out of her craft and waved back, still looking for Juno.
  13. IC: Tube - Gym A grin was spreading over Tube's face as they bobbed their head to the beat. They tried to find where it was coming from, only to see their fellow servant trying to put a stop to it! Tube ran after Paladin, their pleading voice lost in the sea of noise and lyrics before finally taking a leap to try to catch Paladin's feet and stop his progress. IC: Tear - Gym I saw that. That humiliating grin, teetering on the edge of laughter. Tear didn't care that Crate seemed to be coughing up the same mucus he was now, he stepped right back there and gave Crate a shove. "What's that?" he tried to shout over some noise he was hardly aware of, a noise that only seemed to be adding fuel to his anger.
  14. IC: Kaenis - New Atero Kaenis was in such a hurry to get back to her ship that she didn't stop to think until her own confused, panting face looked back at her from the Benevolence's dials. She shook her head, trying to calm her breathing until she couldn't hear the growl in the back of her throat, then finally started the engines and slid into a take off. Being in the air calmed her, as it always did. In the air, it didn't matter what species you were, what you looked like. All people saw was a ship, and when most people saw the Benevolence, they knew it was there to help. For the first time in this quest she was setting off in, she allowed herself to get carried away in the adventure as she looked for her companions. IC: Eoron - New Atero Parking District A few pilots had taken off as he waited, and for the briefest of moments, doubt crept into Eoron's mind. Could he have been wrong in his deductions? Only one way to find out. He would wait, as he had many days before. IC: Mirror - Tesara Still not sure he was doing the right thing, he stepped aside to let Hadraeka release Silvana. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Fascinating... with a little more attentiveness, Arkis' mechanical hands smoothly cut through the flesh (or around areas too thick to penetrate), his grinning face hanging just over the opening to see just what moved beneath. Some kind of parasite perhaps, one he and his patient would very much like to see destroyed...
  15. IC: Kaenis - New Atero Notice Board Kaenis just nodded and took off through the alleyways on all fours again, bound for the Parking District and her own ship. IC: Mirror - Tesara "If he's as rabid for you as you say, I find that unlikely. But we'll be better off with you clear from here." IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) With naught but himself to carry the Agori back to Arkis' hospital, it was fortunate it was already unconscious before being bounced around the decaying steps spiraling down the plateau, dragged by its feet. Arkis meanwhile was busy humming a tune and admiring the strange beauty of the wasteland a few hundred bio below. But when he arrived at his own little cave, it was to business. He hefted the his patient up onto the table and got his first good look at the Jungle Agori. Could be the work of an amateur surgeon (perhaps the gal it had been searching for) or perhaps something more... sinister. The right leg had been compressed, more likely due to warping than trauma. The right arm stretched and seemingly lacking the radius and ulna, whereas the chest cavity seemed to contain bone in ample supply. But, no way to be sure until he cut it open. Perhaps he could help this poor soul come to its senses once again. Or if that failed, he could help it into the next life.
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