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  1. What Will Destroy You - Kyle Morton
  2. Twitter replies are suggesting it's a 1:1 scale Bugatti Chiron, which seems likely to me. I mean, not that I wouldn't love a million-piece set, but it's pretty obviously a sculpture. Not too exciting, but cool nonetheless!
  3. we're continuing the Noun Number pattern with "Breaker 1" by Interpol, off of El Pintor
  4. Wow, I hope once you're more comfortable in the medium you'll come back to the front view, because that sketch is great. I love her look of determination, and the shape of the Faxon is really well-done--it's clearly a Faxon, but with a distinctly feminine form that I think pretty clearly evokes Hahli and not Lesovikk (though I might just be imagining that). On that note, if that was intentional, I'd love to see your take on Lesovikk! I haven't spent much time in General Art, but I can't say I've seen the same Kanohi drawn on two characters of different genders by the same artist. Fantastic work as usual, and good luck with the watercolor!
  5. Tomorrow's Modern Boxes by Thom Yorke
  6. BZPower is dead unless we all make necromancer MoCs to bring it back to life
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