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Nexus 7 Data Archives


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Posted Jun 10 2013 - 01:34 PM

Many years ago on the planet Earth, a large ship crashed landed in what is now know as North America. The ship was split in two when it crashed. Leaving the engine and bridge and on the western side of North America, and the nose end on the eastern side of North America. Everyone on board where taken from the ship still in cryo-stasis, leaving the information of the past in the ship's mainframe.


It is now the present, and a man is climbing the Rocky Mountains. He then sees a cave in the side of a mountain path, and decides to head in for warmth. Unbeknownst to anyone, he transforms to his Toa form upon entering the cave. Lights then turn on in side the cave, and he realizes that this is not a cave, but in fact the Mainframe of the ship.


He reaches for a control panel and turns it on. He finds a file called, Archives, and unlocks the file. Then a voice is heard through the panel.


"Accessing Archive Data."




Well this is my library. I've been meaning to put one up since I'm lazy to update my sig with the new short stories I've made. Plus I need a place to remember which stories I've made, so I don't feel worried. Click's opening to his library inspired me to do that bit in the beginning. Stories without links are works in progress and not posted yet. Now I plan on updating this with ever new story I make. If I forgot to put one in, send me a message to put it in. Just do it nicely please. So without further a due, here it it.





A Hero Rises (postponed)

Set in the days before the Shattering, a Matoran will learn what it takes to be a hero, when a legendary mask falls from the sky and causes his fate to change. (I do plan on going o with this this summer)


Superiornatural: The Epic (co-authoring)

What happens when Bionicles live on Earth, and cryptids run amok? You call the number one cryptid fighting force, SuperiorNatural Inc. Run by Sybre, who is the CEO and leader of Impaler Squad, the best squad in the force. Behind them are a tie of Crimson Squad and Delta Squad.


Bionicle: Republic Commando: (in progress)

In the far future, the Bionicle race is at war, and Toa are cloned to make the ultimate fighting force for the Republic. This is the story of Delta Squad in the time of the Clone Wars. (This a parody of the game Star Wars: Republic Commando)



Short Stories:



Word Count: 835

Bionicles have lived on Earth for some time now, but some people do not like them, and want to kill them. This is the story of two Matoran disguised as humans trying to escape from that such planning. But one of them dies in the end. Based on CSI: NY season 9 finale. Entry for FFFC #4: Surrender or Run


The Murder

Word Count: 952

Deep in a forest in the Bota Magna sector, was a minor, yet gruesome battle. All the soldiers in this battle died, but the tale of one soldier was so extraordinary, that he was a hero. This is the battle in which it is called, The Murder. Entry for FFFC #4: Surrender or Run


A Glimmer of Hope

Word Count: 752

A caravan mission goes wrong, when the crew is ambushed. Everything seems to be that they will die, but a canister is found on the beach shore. A canister with a hero who will sacrifice his life for others. Entry for FFFC #5: A Canister Ashore


Radioactive (Bionicle Remix)

Word Count: 432

The song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons intrigued me, so I thought, why not make a remix based on Bionicle. The result is what you see. Half of it is just commentary. Entry for FFFC #7: Trial by Fire


Trails of Fire

What happens when a Matoran goes on an awful trial, that makes him almost die. Well this is just that. This was going to be my second entry for FFFC #7: Trial by Fire, but I finished after the dead line.


Visions of the Past Lives series

This is a short story series that has been postponed. I have no idea how many I was going to make, but it talks about some of the lives of some of the Characters that will be seen in Bionicle Chronicles.


Shattered Past

Word Count: 816

This is the tale of Flaredrick when he was a Matoran before he got into a terrible accident., where his life was changed forever. See how it all began. Entry for FFFC #3: Broken Mask


OTC Epic(s):


Fall of Rome 

In the year 2015, the government has collapsed. Riots and crime are on a rise, but then the one government that has had little power, comes in and takes full power. This is the United Nations, and they now govern every falling country to help revive it. But people are protesting about their power, and to stop this they order the guards one order: Shoot to kill. One hero will rise and kill this empire, to bring back a new era. A hero that contains the Conduit gene.


OTC Short Stories:


Dooms Day

If you remember December 21 2012, you should remember the dream you had when you went to bed, and woke up the next morning all fine. This is basically what it is. The night of December 21 was the strangest, because of the terrifying things that happened to people. Such as Laser Beak attacking a postal worker, a purple tank, Metal Gear, and Killzone all in one. Some of the events in the dream where repeated, so I decided not to put it in there.


A Rebirth of a Hero

Word Count: 430

This is basically a spoiler to what will happen in Fall of Rome.  In here, the protagonist, which is me, is dead. But then by some mysterious force, he is resurrected, and ready to take revenge for killing him. Entry to FFFC #6: Rebirth


Queen of Dawn

Word Count: 817

This the story of a beautiful queen, who is still not married. Until one day a noble man comes along from another land and marries her. Entry to FFFC #7: The Queens


Texas Sunset

Word Count: 735

This is what I may do today, June 10. It basically foreshadows my events of what I'll do today. Entry for FFFC #8: Sunset



I plan on putting more later on. For now, have a look at what I have so far.

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