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Shadow Destiny

shadow toa makuta dark hunters agori

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Posted Jun 12 2013 - 07:17 PM

Shadow Destiny
Shadow. It's what we all fear. It seems to consume things. Everywhere deep down inside us all, It seems to lurk, only coming out in your worst moments. Of course, I view it differently. Shadow to me is power. Even as a Le-Matoran after the fall of Makuta I realized that shadow is a part of life. Of course, at that time I was living in an encampment outside of the fallen robot that housed the Matoran Universe, but that didn't mean I was stupid. But where did things happen? How did I become this legendary being I am today? Well it all began with a simple Ga-Matoran by the name of Jetus...
Chapter 1
It all started one day when Jetus decided that she and I make a name for ourselves "Think about it Krill!" she said "The others could make statues in our name! We could be the heroes we deserve to be! I'm tired of sitting here, existing for no reason. I'm sick of it! SICK OF IT!" "Your head is full-filled with all this sand..." I muttered back. But the idea never went away. After all, Jetus was one of my best friends, and she helped me whenever she could. Some would go as far as to say we had a romantic relationship together, but I would quickly deny it. She was brilliant, headstrong, and had a sense of humor. Of course, being a nature loving Ga-Matoran, she would also teach me about rahi. Of course I had little to offer her in return. But one night, we got the chance to make her dream, our dream, come true. The menacing Dark Hunters had re-organized on Sepherus Magna, and had attacked the camp we were staying in. "This is it!" I said to her "This could be our break! We could be hero-saviors!" She dismissed me "We can't take them on. It was misguided of me to think that we can be heroes... I'm sorry Krill" I stormed off, determined to take them down myself. I traveled for days trying to find the strong hold, when finally a pair of hunters led me to it. It was a simple structure, but also very complex. I snuck in undetected by the guards because of my small stature, and made my way to their leader, the Shadowed One. My plan was to assassinate him and proclaim myself a hero to all. Of course, things never go according to plan. I snuck up behind the ancient being's throne, and almost stabbed him. One of the hunter's in the room noticed, and with lightning speed, pinned me to the wall. "Hey, master, we've got a live one!" he smiled as he threw me on the floor in front of the leader of the Dark Hunters. "And just who are you?" he laughed. Of course, coming out of him it sounded like two stones grinding together. “I am Krill, salesman of Le-Metru, ever-hero of Spherus Magnus, and soon to be the killer of the famed Shadowed One,” I said valiantly. Everyone in the room laughed. No one took me seriously. Once they got done making fun of me, the Shadowed One said, “So, you wish to kill me? Ah, Matoran are so misguided these days.” He motioned to a Skrall looking warrior brandishing a strange weapon. “Meet Salus, he’s going to test out his new weapon on you.” Salus smiled. He loved to hear the screams of his enemies, especially Matoran. He aimed the staff at me, and fired. I knew I was a dead matoan. When the beam hit, I felt excruciating pain, but then also power. My whole way of thinking changed in an instant. Why kill them when I can side with them I thought to my self I could become the most famous Dark Hunter ever! Maybe even take over the organization! I grew taller, and the knife and small thornax launcher in my had were transforming. When it was all said and done, I looked down at myself, and a new being stood there. I had jet black armor, a broadsword, and a mysterious looking launcher. I peered around the room. Everyone was in shock. I knew I had to make a statement if I wanted to join the clan. I walked over to the man who shot me, took the staff, and snapped it in half. I then let my rage an anger take over, grabbing him by the throat and stabbing him in the chest with my sword. He fell, to the ground, dead. “On second though, I may just join you.” I said.  The Shadowed One replied, “There is a vacancy.”
Chapter 2
I was able to get a good look at myself before I had to do mock combat with other hunters. From my hands sprouted claws which I could flip open to use, and flip back to store. I also had a midnight-steel blue broadsword, well I guess you could say it was a scimitar, but to me it was a broad sword. In my other hand I held a strange launcher,  of which I had no idea what it did. I readied myself as the doors to the chamber they put me in opened. I was in an arena filled with sand. A balcony stood on the far side, with the Shadowed One eyeing me intently. He whispered to a hunter next to him, and at his word the hunter took off. I stood there, looking around at the bleachers that surrounded me. They were mostly empty, except for a couple of board looking Dark Hunters. Well this is exciting... I thought to myself in disappointment. As if on cue, a door opened and a being lumbered out. He was huge, with massive claws and a sturdy body. It seemed you could beat his body for millennia and not make a scratch on it. Let's hope I'm wrong. I said as I charged at him. I did a perfect flip and used my sword to slash his backside. Nothing. The figure turned. "Not nice" he said, before flinging me across the arena. Ok new plan. I looked down at my launcher. Here goes nothing! I pulled the trigger and with a loud pop!, a mass of darkness flew out and hit the being in the shoulder. At first it did nothing, but as I started cursing, the being hollered out in pain. His shoulder was leaving him. Wait, leaving him? I couldn't believe my eyes. His shoulder was slowly dissolving into nothingness, being torn apart. That's when I remembered something that the Ko-Matoran Kopeke had told me about on Metru Nui. "I believe that the entire universe is being slowly ripped apart by a substance that I would like to call dark matter.  This dark matter drives the atoms inside of the universe apart, thus expanding it," he told me. I thought him a fool but the device that I now held in my hand harnessed such energy. I smiled as the lumbering being passed out, and was dragged away, most of his amour on his right arm dissolved. That's when I felt it. Pain. I fell to the ground and pulled a dagger out of my back. My eyes widened with shock. "You've proven you can defeat someone with strength, but what about agility. Get up rahi-bones, time for a lesson." said a female voice from behind me. Lariska I said to myself. I had heard legends about Lariska, master of daggers. About how she almost got Toa Nidhiki to give Metru Nui to the Hunters. Another knife whizzed past. I used shadow energy to blind her, then hit her with a shadow blast from behind. She fell to the ground, only to get back up and throw 2 more daggers. I dodged the first, but the second hit me right in the mask. I would use this to my advantage. I fell to the ground, and acted unconscious. Lariska laughed and began to walk away. That was when I sprang up and put my sword around her throat. "I remember hearing something about you giving another hunter advice... What was it? Ah, yes. Never turn your back on your enemy until you know they are dead, and don't turn your back on a dark hunter until their amour is ground into dust." The shadowed one clapped slowly. "You have proven yourself, young one. A spot in our order awaits you." Two guards came and took me away, and I realized how great would I have it in this order...
Chapter 3
The guards led me to a chamber, with a small table in it. A small matoran stood at the table, tinkering with something. "Ah, you have arrived! Come come, sit sit. There is much to do you know." I sat on the table. "Who are you?" I asked. "The new recruits always have questions. Always." he mumbled to himself, "I am Tako, Onu-Matoran and all around tinkerer for the Dark Hunters. Now, let’s talk implants. I have everything you want! Of course we need to put this tracking device in first,” He said, stabbing me with a needle. “There we go! Now let me see, you want Cybernetics? swords? Horns? ‘Cmon, give me something to work with.” The matoran was talking so fast I could barley keep up. “Um.... uh,” “Um, uh, what? Tell me something I want facts not just you sitting there!” I’ve always wanted to fly.... “A jetpack.” I said after a while “Oh and some amour to cover my shoulders.” The matoran looked delighted “A jetpack! ah I’ve always wanted to test this out!” he said, running over to his drawers full of items. “let’s see here....no..... what is that? Eh, I’ll think of something to use it for.....Jethro..... jet thrower.....Ah! here it is! Jetpack!” He pulled out a tiny black machine, about the size of my hand. “Let me just attach this to your mask and that will be all.” “My mask?” I said, confused. “Ah yes, I designed so that when you move your head, you can move the jetpack! Ingenious right!” I thought quite the contrary. “Yeah..... Ingenious.” He beckoned for me to lean over, and ever so carefully put on the jetpack to the back of my mask. “I must say, marvelous mask! Let me see what it is..” My mask. I hadn’t studied it. It wasn’t really a full mask, it was more like the Kanohi Vahi, and only covered the lower part of my face with a spine leading the my back (which was were the jetpack was placed). “Ah here it is!” exclaimed Tako. “Kanohi Kahdren.... The mask of enslavement. Fascinating!” The matoran could barely contain his excitement. “can you take it off for just a moment so I can...”
 “No,” I said sternly. “I can’t do that” “fine...” the matoran said disappointed. 
I was then escorted to my dormitory, where I would stay as a Dark Hunter. As I walked in, a figure resembling a skrall was lifting weights. He had the normal skrall build, except with a different helmet, one that only let his eyes show through and conformed to his head, which was laced with red, and sleeker amour. “Who are you?” he said, noticing me and standing up. “I am... Uh...” I was divided on weather to tell him my real name. “Nah, I’m just teasing ya! Of course I know you! You’re the one that everyone is talking about, who defeated Lariska and Prototype! Bearer of Darkness! Of course, we all call you bearer.” Bearer I thought I could get used to that. “You know my name,” I replied “what is yours?”  
“Stealerack,” he said. “Of course call me by my codename, Thief.”  
“Well, Thief, I guess we will be roommates.” 
“I guess so.” 
After that conversation, we stood in awkward silence, only penetrated by the occasional question and people rushing by. Around mid-day an agent came in and beckoned us to follow him. Along the way I asked thief, "Do you know why he just took us?"
"Ah, yes, we are going on a mission!"
Chapter 4
We walked down the hallway to the outskirts of the fortress. There awaited a vehicle for each of us. The being guiding us gave us both tablets detailing our mission. They were clear and concise. I was to walk into a bar in New Valcanus, a city ruled by the fire tribe, and inquire to a water agori named Utuk about the location of the blueprints for a new weapon. Once we knew the location, I would relay them to Thief, who would steal them. As I walked into the bar I was afraid I would fail. But then I saw the agori in there, so small and harmless, I realized I would do this mission with no regret, or mercy. I walked over to the bar and tested out my mask. “Get me a drink,” I commanded. “For free? Ask somewhere else,” the bartender then went back to his work. “I said get me a drink,” This time I focused hard. the bartender looked me in the eye and was entranced. He gave me a drink. “Do not notice what I am about to do,” I said quietly. “do not notice what I am about to do...”  he repeated in a soft tone, then went back to work, with a blank expression. I walked over to the both where Utuk was sitting. He was there with three friends, and they were drinking and laughing. “Utuk, tell me the location of the blueprints,” I said outright. Utuk looked confused, and a little scared. “Why should we do as you say?! ” said a drunken fire agori. “Yeah, after all you are a toa!” said a Jungle villager. “Don’t insult toa...” a water matoran said nearby in another booth. “Last chance, give me the location or I will make you give me the location.” The other drunken agaori at the both, this one an ice agori. “Hey, tough guy! Why don’t you beat it!” all the agori in the booth (except Utuk) laughed. “Then you have forced my hand,” I responded coldly. I then threw the water agori out of the booth. The other agori got up to fight, but before they could do so I drew my sword, swung it into the booth. There were four thumps as their heads hit the ground, and their bodies slumped in the booth. Everyone in the bar turned, except for the enslaved bartender, to look. If they want a show I'll give it to them. Utuk tried to make a break to the exit. I used shadow to bond him and he fell short. I walked over and picked him up. “I’ll ask you again, and unless you want to end up like your friends I suggest you tell me: Where are the blueprints?”  “I’ll never tell your kind!” he screamed. squirming as I held him against the wall. “Do you really think that is wise?” I sheathed my sword and put the agori down. I pulled out my dark matter blaster. “Do you know what dark matter is?” I asked “It is a peculiar substance, driving our universe apart. This gun harnesses that energy and dissolve an agori in a matter of seconds. The question remains: which of your friends will face it’s destruction?” I then held the agori to the wall with my free hand, and scanned the room with the other. “Please no!” he cried “No more!” I scanned the room until I got to the water matoran who had said to respect toa. Utuk and her eyes met. It felt like Jetus and I’s relation ship. “NO STOP!!” he pleaded. “We have a winner,” I replied. The matoran made her escape towards the door, and she almost made it, until the dark matter hit her. Before she could even scream, a hiss dissolved her into nothingness. I loved the sound of a dissolved matoran. “NO!!!” the agori cried. “Tell me where the blueprints are,” I said, seizing the opportunity. “Tujan... THEY’RE IN TUJAN! In a house near the gate, under the desk,” the distraught agori yelled. “I’m done with this conversation,” I said, dropping the agori. As I walked out, I sensed his sadness turn to anger, and heard a sword begin drawn. In vain he yelled and tried to stab me. I was much to quick. Sparks flew as my blade met his, and passed thought it. Interesting, the only thing in the universe that could do that is protosteel, this must be made of a high grade quality, I thought. The agori wheeled as I kicked him in the chest. I picked up the stunned being and pinned him against the wall. “How dare you attack a dark hunter.” Utuk whimpered, then screamed in pain as my sword cut him in half. most of the agori had left the bar by now, but the rest watched in horror. The bartender still didn’t notice. “You are evil!” the water agori yelled, on his deathbed, “All you’re ever going to is spread it! Your more distasteful than Thornax soup! And you will be more hated then...” Crunch. I had grown tired of his talking, and ended his life by grinding his head beneath my foot. I began to walk away. Agori and matoran alike looked at me in shock. “Nothing to see here,” I said, casually walking away.
Chapter 5
I gave Thief the location of the hiding place and then proceeded to watch him steal it. He did it so expertly, that I barley even noticed he had gone into the building when he stood right next to me, with the blueprints in hand. “Easiest mission ever,” he remarked walking back to our vehicles. Easy for you to say... I muttered. When I got back the Shadowed One had heard of my encounter at the bar, and commended me. “Five agori and 1 matoran dead? I’m impressed. Your reputation grows, and in New Valcanus, people fear you,” he said “enjoy that luxury.” One of his assistance then handed us a scroll with the infor on our next mission. It wasn’t as simple as before: I had to, with the help of my partner Thief, go to Tujan again and assassinate a glatorian who had escaped the base’s prison. It seemed simple, but this glatiorian, named Levosock, had quite a reputation. He was kicked out of the arena for decapitating his opponents with cruelty. "I think we can handle a rowdy fighter," said thief. I wish I had his confidence. The road there was harsh, straight through zesk territory. More than once we had to fend ourselves off from the creatures' attacks. The two of us then arrived at the gates of Tujan. We quietly strode into the city, and no one noticed us. "He is hiding in a hut on the far side. How should we proceed?" I asked my partner. "There are so many ways. We could stage an accident, that always works. Or we could assassinate him from afar. Or just straight up murder him," He said. Thief was a master strategist, after all he was one of the elite Skrall Assassins, so it was in his training. We bickered over ideas, and decided on acting like we were in distress and killing him in his home. The two of us proceeded to his house. It was a small stone hut, it looked unimpressive, and the perfect place for a fugitive criminal to hide. Thief knocked on the door. Levosock cracked opened the door and regarded us coldly. "My friend and I are in need of some supplies," I said, trying to sound distressed as I could. "could you lend us some of your goods?" Thief shot me an angered look, he thought that what I had said was a huge red flag, and not to mention just plain stupid and unbelievable. Noticing this, I used my mask to control a tiny portion of his mind to do my bidding. A merciful person would have just used the mask to make him kill himself, but where is the fun in that? Try as I might to control him, his mind was shielded somehow. "Hunters.." Levosock said in a low voice, and then dashed inside. "Great job Bearer, you blew our cover!" quipped my partner. We rushed in after him. The glatorian made for a small window in the back, picking up his weapons before he left. We hurriedly followed him out. I expected him to go to the desert and find a cave to hide in, but he ran towards the middle of town. I followed in the streets, Thief jumped from rooftop to rooftop. Showoff... I thought to myself. When the Skrall assassin started to outrun the warrior, he jumped down into the street, and cut him off. Levosock stopped just before Thief's blade could hit him. The glatorian was caught in the middle, so he did the logical thing to do and fought. He lunged at me with amazing speed, staff in hand. When he tried to bring the large weapon down on me, I parried it with my own sword. Since my broadsword is made out of super-hard protosteel, it cut through his weapon like butter. I then kicked him in the stomach. Thief was about to strike the man down, but I held my hand up to stop him. Useing my dark matter launcher, I concentrated it to the smallest amout and fired. The shot went up one of his nostrils, and hopefully into his brain cavity. “You have seconds to live, I suggest you speak,” I said, after all, I like to know why I kill people. “Tell me why you were imprisoned, and why we had to kill you.” The matter was expanding his head and the pressure was rising. “Ok ok! I’ll talk,” he said, wallowing on the ground. “I was imprisoned because I sold a Skrall dark hunter a valuable stone given to me by the ancients.” he said. “You mean the great beings?” Asked Thief, obviously intrigued. “Yes, they entrusted me with it during the core wars, along with six others like it. He called them toa stones. Anyways, I hated those stones. They mocked me. They corrupted me. The dark green stone forced me to kill them!” 
“What green stone? Kill who?” I asked.
“The green toa stone, the one I sold. As for who died, it was the glatorian. When you and your friends arived on this planet, a being, who described herself as Helryx, wanted the stones, for safekeeping she said.”
“But you couldn’t let them go for free,” said Thief, smiling and nodding approvingly. 
“Of course not,” the glatorian snapped, “I am no fool! I ran away from her, to here. When you learned I had the stones...” 
“You were imprisoned, escaped, and we were sent to kill you,” I said, “It all makes sense now. The Skrall used the stone to make the weapon, a weapon that transformed toa powers into dark powers....  a weapon that turned me into a toa. They wanted that Skrall dead because he was a fool!”
Levosock barely could nod, as he was in so much pain and agony. He screamed, and we sat there and watched him. He began to convulse, as the pressure was getting to his nerves. While this was going on, some of the local agori had contacted the local muscle: the Tujan Guard. The glatorain Tarix was with them, to see the cause of the comotion. He was shocked to discover us two and the dieing Glatorian. One of the best fighters of Tujan watched one of his own die horribly. Around the time the guard came, it was almost over. The pressure on his head was too much, soon causing it to fracture. And with that Levosock, guardian of the toa stones, was dead. Tarix witnessed this and was deeply angered. Little did we know at the time, that Tarix had been mentored in the art of fighting long ago by Levosock, and was not happy about his death. “NO!” he yelled, using his twin blades as boomerangs. Thief quickly deflected them, as the guard moved in from both sides. “You take Tarix I can handle the guard,” I told him, and he nodded and lunged at the glatorian. The guard moved in closer, believing they could overwhelm me. Agori... overwhelm me?! That’s crazy talk. I quickly used up much of my shadow energy to create chains of shadow to bound the agoris’ necks. the chocked and quickly passed out. Meanwhile Tarix and Thief were locked in combat. Thief was beating Tarix when Tarix leapt to a balcony and saw my carnage. Filled with rage, he foolishly threw both of his blades at me. They knocked the weapons out of my hands. “Oh really? You challenge me to fisticuffs?” I said, unfurling my claws. I jetpacked up to the balcony, and dug my claws into his shoulders. As he screamed in pain I flew higher and slammed him on the ground. He tried to get up once more, but a punch to the face by Thief assured he stayed down. I landed and walked over to him. Tarix was trying to crawl over on his chest to get his weapons. I landed on him, turned him over, and holding him with one hand, ripped him apart with a series of scratches and punches. My claws ripped through his amour like fruit, and severely damaged the tissue underneath.. With no guard to help him, he was defenseless. The final straw was when I used both my claws to rip open his chest plate. He released a sound from his lips that I hope I never again hear a glatorian, or anyone for that matter, make. Satisfied, Thief and I proceeded to exit the city. Tarix shouted at us, “Why don’t you finish me! Please! Have mercy on me!”
I looked over my shoulder and replied “Dark Hunter’s rule of thumb, always leave one witness.”
Chapter 6
The ride back was quite smooth, and I had quite a lot of time to think. I began wondering about the agori and the matoran civilizations. It had been told that they were having trouble bonding. I was wondering about what would happen if full out war was put amongst them. But then another thought came to me. Levosock had said there were six toa stones So there must be five more toa other than me I thought. Toa that I can hunt and kill for my enjoyment. I smiled. Being evil is just too much fun. When we got back to the base Thief confronted me. "Clearly we need to work on your improvisation," he scolded me, "that back there, could have gotten us killed! You have to act naturally, and not just rely on your powers." I shrugged him off. Who need some old skrall to boss you around? Many more missions went by, all more dangerous then the rest. (Don't ask me about the one with the Scorpio and the Thornax fruit)  After one particular mission, I went into the Shadowed One's chamber, and he did not look happy. "Ah, Bearer," he said, "I heard about the tribe of Zesk, and I must commend you on it. But we have a problem. Apparently five toa have killed some of my most valuable operatives, and even have dared to steal from some of my caravans."  
"So you want me to kill them? Seems simple enough," I replied
"No, I want you to do more than kill them. I want you to kill them slowly. Do what you did in Tujan. But I think you can take them on alone."
Alone?! I thought Is he insane.
"Piece of cake," I said. And with that, I went off to meet the toa magna for the first time.
Their camp was desolate. It was in the middle of nowhere, why they were there, was a mystery to me. It was a well known trade route, and was often used by the hunters to transport materials and agents from place to place. I waited until nightfall to make my move. As I drew closer to the location I overheard them talking around a fire.
"I'm just saying, Muyia that there is a sixth member of our team," the white armored one said, I deduced he was a toa of ice. The green-blue toa of plant life named 'Muyia' responded "So what we have five, that doesn't make us incomplete!"
"I'm just saying Levosock said there were six stones and he sold one" I shivered at the mention of Levosock So this is the toa team I was meant to be with.
A blue toa of water stood up. "Maybe it's Krill!"
I had heard that voice before... but it couldn't be
"Jetus,” I said to myself. She had become a toa!
All five turned and found me crouched there.
I cursed. 
“So is this the famous krill we have been hearing about sister?” asked the black toa of earth.
“I don’t know, he was a Le-Matoran, and toa of air are not black,” she looked at me quizzically.
“Am I krill? both yes and no. The old Krill is dead. The dark hunter Bearer is not.”
“I knew it,” said Muyia, “I knew they had transformed him all along, and now, we must kill him!” 
 Jetus stoped him, “No! it is not the toa way, we do not kill, we must help him.”
“I dont know about you, but I love to kill,” I replied, and I threw a blast of shadow at them, and dove away from blasts of ice, earth, heat, water, and plants. But by the time the darkness cleared I was gone.
“Stay together, he is around here somewhere,” Said the toa of ice. They circled around the campfire, looking through the dunes to try to spot me. But they wouldn’t. I had a plan B, and they were falling for it. I got in my Thoratus, and sped over the dunes and rammed into the five toa. As I turned around for another sweep, the toa of ice produced a slick that made my vehicle skid and fall over, trampling the toa of earth in the process. As I got up, Muyia stood in my way. He grabbed me in the throat. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked.  He dropped me, then he powered up his spear and blasted me with elemental power. At first it didn’t do anything, but then I began to feel pain. Then I realized what he was doing. He was turning all my cells into plant cells! I was about to react, when I realized I couldn’t move my arms or anything. Then the pain came. Imagine, you dove into a pool of lava. Now multiply that pain times thirty. That is what this felt like. For the first time ever, I screamed. 
Chapter 7
I awoke in a tent, the next day, and felt very weak. Apparently I had passed out, but when I did Jetus hit Muyia and disrupted him from completing his full effect. She was now sitting at my side, caring to me. She also informed me that the rest of the team had voted to bind me, and also remove my mask and weapons. “But I’m glad to see you alive, so what happened with you and the dark hunters?” she asked. I then told her my story of triumph, and she was appalled. “Why... Why would you do such things?!” Before I could answer, Muyia interupted. "He does it because he is a crazed murderer, and he should be treated like one, sister." I shot a look at him. "Might I suggest we head out soon," said the toa of ice, who I now knew was named Jusaray, "It's going to be dark soon and I would hate to delay."
"Wait, why are we leaving, I thought you wanted to sit here and ambush more caravans," I said, my voice full of annoyance and disgust. Muyia laughed, "No, now that we have you, we must complete our destiny: To unite the Matoran and Agori as they should be."
"Well look who just jumped on the chute, Mr.kill-him-he's-a-murderer," Jetus shot back. Muyia ignored her.
"Besides," I said, "How do we know our destiny is to unite the matoran?" 
Jusaray responded with the weirdest response ever, "Well, according to Levosock, the great spirits who gave him the stones said that 'those who posses the stone, shall unite many, but also destroy all'. This means a couple of things. Firstly that we will unite the matoran and the agori. Secondly one of us *cough* you *cough* *cough* will betray us all and get many people killed.”
“A simple ‘Levosock told us so' would have sufficed.....”
“So, where do we go first?” Jetus asked
“ We should go to toa Umata,” We all turned to look at Turarja, the toa of earth, and Gusta, the toa of fire, who had just entered the tent.
“Shut up about Umata, Turarja!” Snapped Muyia.
“Hey, he can say whatever he wants!” yelled Jetus
Muyia got in her face. “Clearly you don’t see who is in charge here.”
“Well who made  you leader?”
“The great spirit of mata nui!”
“Yeah right, and just yesterday I had some madu fruit with Artahka.”
“Are you mocking me?!”
“Yes, yes I am.” 
“I do not accept this in MY toa team!”
“YOUR toa team? Last time I checked I was in the toa magna. You go run your team into the ground but I‘m staying here”
“THAT’S IT!!” Muyia lost it, and punched Jetus in the face. While they were talking, I had managed to cut my bonds. When the toa of plant life attacked Jetus, I grabbed my mask, put it on, and lunged at Muyia. 
I unfurled my claws. “This is for Jetus!” I said, cutting through his back amour plating. He cried out and fell to his knees. “And this is for trying to turn me into shrub!” I hit him in the side of the head, and knocked him out cold. “Now I say that we hear more about this so called toa Umata.”
Turarja, obviously frightened, quickly said, “He was a toa who moved to the planet after our universe was destroyed, also he also is a master of prophecy, and weapon making. PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!” I laughed at that last comment.
“And according to my calculations,” Jusaray butted in, “Umata is approximately 100 bios to the northwest. I suggest we start heading there now, and see how he can help us.” 
"How will he help us exactly? I mean, what's he gonna do? Magically unite the matoran and agori?" said Jetus
"Well, he's a toa of iron, and a former Nynrah ghost," we all turned to Gusta now. He was a quiet type, and it was weird that he knew this, and even weirder that he talked about it. A toa of iron, Yes he will be most useful.... I  thought. "Alright, so We'll set out imeadiatly" I anounced, and as we slowly traveled down the road into the black spike mountains, a plan formulated in my head.... 
Chapter 8
"So, what are all your masks and their powers?" I asked, trying to make small talk but also trying to formulate strategy about how to destroy each toa. "
"Elda, detection," Said Jetus
"Kulaka, absorption," replied Turarja
"Jusak, Intelligence," Jusaray bragged, "Although it is peculiar that it is placed on the back of my head rather than on the front, so it's more of a headdress."
"Yuta, fusion," mumbled Gusta.
"huh, that's why its fused to your face! Well, old team-captain over here has Kualsi, the mask of quick travel," laughed Jetus. Muyia was still unconcious and was being carried on a makeshift gurney.
"What about you, what's your mask and  power?" asked Turaja.
"Mine?" I replied, "Kahdren, mask of enslavement." 
After that, an awkward silence fell over the group. 
We walked all day, then camped at night. Muyia woke up the second day of the journey, and began trying to take lead. After 3 days, we had made it to his fortress. Turaja was VERY excited. "I can't wait to show him my robotic arm!" He said, voice quavering with enthusiasm.
"Wait, you only have one arm? How did you loose the other?" I asked.
"Simple!" Said Jusaray, "He never had one in the first place." Turaja nodded in approval. 
As we aproached the front door, I felt like I was being watched. Of course, number one fan knocked on the door himself. A huge, lumbering brute advanced towards him. He gasped. "This must be one of his guard drones! Um... drone, take us to your master!"  The "drone" laughed. "Master? Toa Umata has no master!" Turaja looked dejected. "So, what brings a band of toa to my neck of the woods?" 
"We seek guidance with our destiny of uniteing the agori and matoran!" replied Muyia.
"Very well, follow me."
His weapon shop and living quarters were both ugly and amazing. He had pieces of machinery and equipment like no other. "So your a Nynrah ghost?" I asked. 
"Formerly, I went into hiding after Tumaru died."
"I take it this Tumaru was a friend?"
"More than a friend, we were part of a two being toa team, she and I. She was a toa of lighing, and I of course of iron. After the Makuta killed off most of the ghosts, we started hunting them. Untill they set a trap for us... She was killed and I was maimed..." 
"I'm sorry for your loss," Said Turaja, "by the way, how did you get all this equipment from within the MU?"
"Well," he said, "I mined it out and made the equipment, also order some of it from Vortixx, and began making weapons. Actually, I didn't realize it at the time, but it was mining right through the MU's outer shell!" They both laughed at that. 
"So where is your mask? I don't see you wearing any?" Asked Jetus
"Ah, well, I incorporated it into my armor, along with a complex computer system, and many other masks and tokens." 
Turaja butted in, "Hey, Umata, could you explain something to me? My quiet friend Gusta here once decided to dip his hand in  energized protodermis, and now his hand is all silver and he has weird powers, can you explain this," Gusta glared at Turaja furiously. "Well, he must just be destined to have it, after all it didn't burn off like it normally should," Almost as an act of revenge, Gusta blurted out "Well...well can you explain why when Turarja became a toa he absorbed some of Muyia's powers!" Muyia looked intently at Turarja. Faintly, his amour looked blue and green. "Ah, must have been destiny. Now you two beings are intertwined, what happens to one, will effect the other." Muyia smiled "Look at that brother, we're intertwined!" 
"Yeah, like two madu fruit on a branch," Turarja grumbled. 
I grew annoyed at their friendly banter and began to walk a way, when something, or someone I should say, caught my eye. I walked over to a dark part of the building, where Umata apparently made parts. Then I saw the figure. "Loyal! What are you doing here. " I whispered angrily. 
Now, for those of you who don't know, Loyal was a Skakdi warrior and when the MU was destroyed, he migrated to Spherus Magna. He then got involved in the glatorian system, and was the first non-bara magnan being ever to be in the arena. In one fierce fight, he got his arm and leg cut off. His opponent was banished, and he was crippled. The Shadowed One took him into his own hands and turned Loyal into his replacement for his right hand man Ancient. He put a device in his brain to transmit anythign he saw or heard directly to the Shadowed One. The Shadowed one could also use his body as kind of a surveillance drone, he could take it over and control it. On top of that, he carried an old Bohderahk staff of loyalty. In all, you didn't want to be on  an assignment with Loyal.
"Oh Just getting info," he said calmly.
"You idiot! You could get us both exposed!"
"For what? You betraying the Hunters for some toa team!? The Shadowed one is most unhappy with the current events you are taking place in." 
"Listen, Shadowed One, I know you are watching, I have a plan. A plan that I need you in on. Tell at least 10, no 100 hunters to meet at the Iron graveyard. I'll figure it out from there."
Loyal sighed, "I expected so much more out of you, but very well, I must be on my way." He jumped up the the ceiling, using the rafters to find his way out.
"Krill, did you hear? Umata is coming with us!" said Jetus, "Isn't this exciting! The two of us, on a journey, together again at last!" I looked at here with contempt in my eyes and walked away. It's a shame I have to kill her I said She could prove useful to the Hunters.
Chapter 9
Misery. That was the only way to describe traveling down the road. Between Muyia's trying to take lead, Umata's and Turaja's talk about inventions, Jusaray's coldness, Jetus's blind excitement, and Gusta's silence, it was horrible. I was so close to victory over them but yet so far away. As I led the group towards the valley, I told them that we were going to meet up with some of the glatorian at new valcanus. All of them grumbled, as this was a very long journey, but in truth it would be shorter (Iron Graveyard is about 1/4 of the way to the city). 
Around half way through the "journey of doom", I realized someone was watching us. At first, I thought it was Loyal, but then I realized Loyal didn’t have wings.... or a giant axe. I stopped dead in my tracks. “What’s wrong, brother?” asked Jetus. “He’s just trying to stall, keep going!” Muyia heckled. “No you idiot! We’re being followed!” I yelled. At that moment the figure charged and hit the ground in front of us. We all drew our weapons. “Relax, I’m friendly,” said the being. He appeared to be a drone of some sort, and spoke in a robotic way. It also appeared that his arm was replaced. “Who are you?” Muyia said. 
“I am Beliu, a member of the Order of Mata Nui and a friend.” Beliu responded. At the name ‘Order of Mata Nui’ I shuddered. They stood for everything we did not. “And what if you’re lying to us, that’s a probability,” said Jusaray. 
“You dare mess with a makuta?” he responded.
Before anyone could react, Umata had charged Beliu and tackled him to the ground. As he beat Beliu, a green mist began to flow out of the cracks in his amour. The makuta screamed. And trust me, you don’t want to know what that sounds like. When we finally pried Umata off of Beliu, the makuta was in bad shape. “That was for my friends, that was for Tumaru!” He yelled. 
“No.... you don’t understand....” Beliu said weakly. “I’m a Miserx makuta.... I sided with him when Teridax took over.... When my body evolved I faked my own death, I took refuge in a fire drone..... The Order took notice and enlisted me to spy on you....” 
“Spy on me?” Umata questioned, “I can see though your bluff Beliu, because NO ONE spys on me, and K-67 was definitely  not possessed!” 
“At your service master,” Beliu said, in a voice that resembled a fire drone’s. Umata looked shocked that he knew this. 
“Your arm,” he said, noticing his left arm, “You.... built the weapon!?” he said in amazement. As it turns out, on Beliu’s left arm was a sonic weapon, utilizing a Kohrak-kal shield. Umata fell to the ground. “What have I done!” he yelled.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah..... Drama, Drama, Drama...... Could you please fix me Umata?” said Beliu impatiently, as the green gas started to dissipate. Using his powers over iron, Umata formed his body back into one, and the cloud went back inside. “Thank you, I was starting to worry!” Beliu sighed with relief.
“So, he made the sonic weapon? I thought you said that was impossible, Umata” Tararja questioned.
“I figured out the quirk,” Beliu responded, “You had to add two more wires to the cooling system so it didn’t over load.”
“OOOOOHHHHHH!” the two inventors said. “Well, even though it’s kind of weird that  I just found one of my only ‘friends’ ever was also one of my mortal enemies, I think I can forgive 67,” sighed Umata. 
“So are we going to continue or just stay here and chat?” I said impatiently.
“Why do you want to get to New Valcanus so quickly?” Jusaray asked. I had to think quick. 
“Because.... because one of the sellers at their market had some ancient tablets that could contain more prophecy to tell us how unite the matoran and agori.” They bought it and we continued on.
Chapter 10
“I’ll go scout ahead, you guys stay here!” I said as we approached the graveyard. It was about a day after we met Beliu, and I was eager to Annihilate the others. True to the Shadowed One’s  word, 100  dark hunters were there. Loyal was leading them, along with theif. 
“So, what’s the plan?” thief asked
“Ok, I lead them into the graveyard, you surrond it and kill them, simple?” I said
Loyal looked uneasy, “Easier said then done, a toa of fire, a toa of light, and a water glatorian are here.”  Heh, looks like I’ll take out two birds with one stone, I thought to myself. 
“Kill them too, it makes no difference!” I said, “Now hide, and when I draw my sword, come out,” I said
I bounded back to the group. “Looks like we have company, two toa and a glatorian up ahead.” I reported. The group was excited, as these were the first people they had seen since Beliu. 
We marched into the graveyard, and the three travelers looked at us quizzicly.
“What are you doing here?” the toa of light asked. 
“Just passing through,” Muyia said.
“I don’t believe we have met, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Tahu, this is Takanuva, and that is Kiina.” the toa of fire said. We exchanged pleasantries. “So what brings you here?” Jusaray asked. “Kiina was just telling us about this grave site.” Said Takanuva.
“Of course, it was an iron tribe village untill they were wiped out by the dreaming plague. Of course, we now know that it really wasn’t a plague, but still it was deadly.” Jusaray babbled. 
I grew anxious. Knowing that I was so close to destroying my biggest threats I almost couldn’t wait. As they continued talking, I slowly backed away, and when I was far enough, drew my sword. When they heard it drawn, all the hunters rose up out of  hiding and took aim at the group. 
“What the!?” Kiina yelled. The group was stunned. 
“I told you we shouldn’t have brought him along, it’s all your fault1 Jetus!” Muyia said franticly.
“We’ll have time for blaming later, now we fight!” quipped Tahu.
“Would you all just shut up already!” I said, obviously annoyed, “look, I’ll make this simple: you can accept your fate, or you can try to fight it. If you run, you will die. If you stay, you will die.”
“So, if we do anything we will die?” asked Umata.
“That’s the idea,” I replied “Now charge!”
And thus began, one of the biggest battles in all of Spherus Magna’s history...
Chapter 11
In all honesty, what happened next, is blurred in my mind. The Dark Hunters stormed in at my command, and proceeded to attack the group in a multitude of ways. Loyal took on Tahu, and I took on Kiina.
" I knew you were the one who attacked Tarix! I knew it!" She yelled, blasting me with water. I dodged her attack and sliced at her with my sword. She parried it with her trident, which was an amazingly strong weapon, and tried to shoot me with her thornax launcher. I ducked under it, flipped over her, and stabbed her with the small dagger on the but of my blade. She screamed in pain, and fell to the ground. Not quite dead, but very close to it.  I then used my jetpack to survey the battle field, and I was not happily surprised. The toa were beating back my hunters.  I noticed loyal move in to attack Beliu. He sneered at him, and tried to attack him with his mind control vision and his staff of loyalty. Being a makuta, they were in effective against him. Suddenly, Beliu fell to the ground. Loyal laughed for a while, and then a look of sheer agony cave over his face. He dropped his weapons and yelled for mercy. At that moment, I realized what had happened. Beliu had left his body, and since Loyal's mind is mostly mechanic, manifested in his brain and started to drive him insane. His replacement arm and leg began to twitch. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He reached for his staff, and painstakingly, shoved it into his chest, effectively  killing himself. It was gruesome to watch. It was a bitter sweet moment when I watched that dark green gas go back into the drone body. 
Meanwhile, Thief had taken no notice of what had happened to loyal, and was brutally assaulting Tahu, who used his mask of shielding to block, then tried to slow him down with balls of flame. He eventually got tired, and Thief went in for the kill. He hit him in the shoulder with one of his throwing knives, and disarmed him by stabbing his arm with a wrist mounted blade. Tahu throbbed in pain, and punched thief in the face. He stumbled back as Tahu grabbed his sword, and fell back to Takanuva. 
I then turned my attention on Muyia. Although he probably wasn't the biggest (or brightest) of threats, he was a real thorn in my side. It's time I had that thorn removed I said to myself. I landed on the ground, and threw a shadow blast at him, and went in for the kill. I shot dark matter at him and tried to slash him with my sword. He blocked with his shield, and launched his elemental powers at me. I countered with my own. "You idiot! You were supposed to help us!" he yelled "You were the sixth member! You betrayed us!"  Now, I don't mind a fool, but a naive fool? I despise them. I replied, "You idiot! I was never on your side!" and launched more dark matter at him. It hit his armor, and he crumpled as it dissipated. After that I heard Jetus yell, "NOW!!" And an explosion of light hit me. It felt as if my armor was being ripped off, and reassembled again. I would have screamed, but I couldn't. It was my worst nightmare, even worse then the time I dreamed that a Muaka ate me, then spit me out, then ate me again five times. All I could see was light. After that, I went unconscious.....
"Bearer!? Are you ok?!" Those were the first words I heard after I woke up. Thief shook me awake. "What happened?" I asked him. "Takanuva hit you with a blast of light, you look different, but no time to waste, the hunters are retreating. We've lost this one, let's get out of here." As I got up, I felt different. My body looked green, and I felt like I could fly. As thief helped me hobble off, Muyia crept in from behind. "Look out!" Shouted thief, but it was too late. In a fit of anger, Muyia had tried to stab me, but Thief shielded me, and took the brunt of the blow. I watched as Muyia's spear impaled itself into my friend. "NO!" yelled Tahu, running over to assist me in trying to assist me in reviving thief. "It's not the toa way brother!" We tried and tried and tried, but it didn't work. Thief was dead. Anger arose in me. I lashed out at Muyia with my launcher, only to find that instead of firing dark matter, all it fired was air. "What in the Spirit-Great is this!" I yelled. At that moment, I clamped my mouth shut. Along with my transformation back into a toa of air, I had also reverted back to tree-speech. Yeah. "I just got back from contacting Hylryx. She said she wants to take Krill in for questioning about the Hunters' activities."
"Well, can we just ask him ourselves?" asked Jetus.
"No, she wants to do an official investigation into the attack, and his motives." he replied, and immediately they bound me, and started to transport to the base. Of course, when events as such listed happen, anger grows. When anger and time come together, they form planning. Planning turns into scheming, scheming into doing. And of course, while I was incarcerated and waiting to be interrogated and released, I had all those things happen. Looking back, it was a simple plan, and I am very proud of it. I will show them, I said to myself, They think they know war? I will give them war BEYOND imagination.... Anyone who finds this must already know what that plan is, so no need to waste my time here. Anyways, the plan will be completed in good time. All in good time.....

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