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Posted Jun 27 2013 - 03:28 AM

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Nightmare: Escape from the Land of Dreams[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Aequivaleo, the Toa Kaita, leapt around dodging the various pieces of ice. But he was not fast enough and a large spike of ice pierced him through the chest. He collapsed on the ground and screamed in pain. His body started to glow and the light increased in intensity and then exploded outward in a silent explosion.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]When the light faded three Toa lied on the ground where Aequivaleo had once been. Aequivaleo was dead but the three Toa that had fused to become him were okay. They would never again be able to fuse into the Toa Kaita known as Aequivaleo but otherwise they not harmed.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]The Toa regained consciousness quickly and were back on their feet in a matter of minutes.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]All three Toa were about the average height for a Toa but apart from that they were different in appearance and mentality.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Illume was a noble Toa of light. He had gold, silver and white armor and wore a mask of truth. He had blue eyes and his mask was forged into a helmet. He carried a sword and shield and knew how to use them. He was a brilliant warrior and natural leader.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Noir was an umbrakinetic Toa. He controlled the shadows with his mind and his powers were not limited by elemental energy but by willpower and creativity. Long ago he was a Le-Matoran but he had since severed his ties to his old element and fully embraced the darkness but not in the shallow way the Makuta did or at least his studies led him to believe this. He wore black and silver armor and had red eyes. He wore a mask called the mask of freezing that allowed him to freeze stuff through physical contact. He was very acrobatic and his weapon of choice was a dagger.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Kane was a Toa of sonics. He wore a mask of clairvoyance and was schizophrenic but he did have his moment of clarity. He carried two sickles and wore silver and grey armor and wore a heavy cloak over that. His yellow eyes always reflected his mood.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]The three were not the best team but in this strange land any team was better than being alone.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]The three Toa reentered the fray. Dodging and running about to avoid the enemies attacks. They used their various powers to try and bring done the monster they fought.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Kane then got a vision from his mask. He saw the beast was defeated and he also saw a portal of some kind. Noir noticed Kane having the vision and protected him until it was over. And later asked him what it was. Kane told Noir and they went to get Illume.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]“If this vision is correct as his other one was then I take it the battle will be won regardless of if we are here or not.” Spoke Illume.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Kane turned and pointed with a shaking finger at the battle behind them. He saw all of the creatures had vanished just as in his vision.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]They finally escaped the forest and were on the island’s coast overlooking the ocean. Then they saw it, a glowing portal that floated over the water only a few yards from the shore.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]They waded out to the portal and jumped through it…[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Author's Note: Sorry for posting these stories so quickly. I need to wrap up my characters from the various RPGs I used to participate in. I need to get them off my mind.[/font]

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