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The Writings Of 142 Mahu Place

Yukiko Library Short Stories Poems

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Posted Oct 18 2011 - 11:33 PM

You check the address. It's correct: 142 carved on the doorframe. A set of wind chimes sway by the door, blinking in the evening sun.You pick up the muaka-shaped knocker and give it a few taps. After a few seconds, you can hear movement behind the door. With a groan, it opens.

A tired looking, spotless Le-matoran stands in the doorway, blinking at you.
"I suppose you're here to see Miss Yukiko. Come in."
You step into a tight hallway. Wall sconces cast a soft light on the scene around you. As you follow the Le-matoran, you catch sight of sets of paintings on the walls by some of the city's artists. They're not originals, but very good copies and obviously well maintained.
The Le-matoran finally comes to a closed door at the end of the hall. He knocks.
No response.
When another, harder knock fails to elicit a reaction, he opens the door, ignoring the DO NOT DISTURB sign.
"Someone to see you, miss."
"Tell them to GO AWAY, Rekki."
"Are you sure, miss. They appear to be from the pub-"
"AAAAh!!"You can hear a frantic shuffling of paper.
"Why didn't you tell me that earlier?!"
Rekki steps aside and motions for you to go in. The second you step inside, you are assaulted with papers flying everywhichway, clearly controlled by some sort elemental power.
"Where are-AHA!"
The papers abruptly settle, and you can finally see the speaker. She can't be more than a bio tall, and her green eyes are intensely fixed on your feet.
She hands you a very clean looking manilla envelope, her eyes flickering up to meet yours momentarily.
"Um...so...if you would please...ah...look at them in the sitting room? I'm kind of...busy right now..."
"Of course," you say, smiling, as she practically leaps back to her desk.
Rekki shows you to the sitting room. It is cozy space, home to several bookshelves stuffed to bursting with novels and story collections featuring artists from all around the city. You choose one of the firm leather chairs and turn the light on, opening the envelope. You take the first page out, and it shines crisp and white in your hand.
Short Stories

What We Become

Genre: Dark

Summary: For the Story Fit Project, on the theme "transformation". The first in the short story series Those Who Burn.


What We Destroy

Genre: Dark

Summary: Hahli finds herself in a strange place. The second in the short story series Those Who Burn.


What We Create

Genre: Dark

Summary: Nuparu needs to convince someone that he can still build something. The third in the short story series Those Who Burn.


Too Early

Genre: Angst, Friendship, Romance

Summary: Goodbyes are hard, and Takanuva can only tell one person before he leaves, with no assurance that he will every come back.



Genre: Romance/Dark, Songfic

Song: Take Your Place by Alejandro Escovedo.

Summary: Short Story Contest 5 (Romance) entry. Jaller and Hahli have a talk about the secrets they've kept from each other.


A Strange Tapestry

Genre: Angst/Dark

Summary: Jaller has to deal with a voice that has been haunting his dreams for some time.


 Lyric Poetry


Sing a Song of Days Long Past

Genre: Miscellaneous

Summary: A full lyric tour of Bionicle, 2001-2008. Third place in the text-based section of the time capsule contest.


Shock Me to Life

Genre: Romance/Dark

Summary: A desperate love song set against the background of 2006. Possible JallerxHahli.


Prose Poetry

Still Swimming

Genre: Romance/Dark

Summary: A portrait of love in a time of darkness. HewkixMacku.



Free Verse


Genre: Miscellaneous

Summary: My thoughts on the end of Bionicle.


Thoughts Before the Storm

Genre: Angst

Summary: Malum character study.



Genre: Dark

Summary: Lessovikk contemplates the one slip that changed everything.

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