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Legacy of the Great Beings

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Posted Jul 20 2013 - 12:29 PM

Toa Helryx was out of her depth.
It was not a sensation she had felt in a long, long time. She had led the Order of Mata Nui, a secret organization of powerful beings devoted to Mata Nui’s service, for thousands of years. In that time she had fought off a hundred crises. She knew how to lead.
But now Mata Nui was gone. And she was without a guiding light. Without a duty. Without a destiny.
Before her stood something of tremendous power. A Great Being. She had heard rumors of such creatures in the past, but she had never believed them. How could something be more powerful than Mata Nui himself? And yet…here the being was, chained in a tower somewhere in Bota Magna. Powerless. She was trying not to look at it; its chains writhed as if they were Bog Snakes.
Miserix’s first thought had been to free the Great Being. Undoubtedly he planned to turn the thing into his ally…or more likely, his slave. She would not allow that to happen. They had been betrayed by the Brotherhood one too many times.
"No. It stays here until we learn more."
"I do not take orders from Toa," Miserix spat. “I will do as I please."
"I am not a Toa, not anymore. I am a servant of Mata Nui."
"So was I, once. Long ago." His eyes turned wistful. “And for my devotion, I was locked away for thousands of years. My Brotherhood stolen from me and twisted into a vehicle of destruction. Where was Mata Nui when I lost everything for him?"
"The Great Spirit does not interfere directly. You know that."
"Which explains why he abandoned us the minute Teridax was killed."
It was true. They had all felt his presence disappear. It had been, in truth, a weight off her shoulders. She had been burdened with command for far too long.
Next to her, the others were speaking hurriedly. Brutaka and Axonn were obviously sizing up the being. She could trust them if it came to fighting - she hoped. Vezon was watching disinterestedly; there weren’t any explosions, so he wouldn’t care. Tuyet was most worrisome. She had, in the past, broken her Toa code to exploit an object of great power. She might do it again. She sent a mental message - the Order had all been trained to do this - to Axonn and Brutaka. Get her out of here. They nodded simply, and then Brutaka opened a small dimensional gate. Before Tuyet could reach, she was standing out in the jungle. Content that she would pose no threat for the time being, Helryx again turned her attention to Miserix.
"We make no moves on the Great Being until we can summon reinforcements. Is that understood?" She glared at him, challenging him to disobey. The Brotherhood and the Order had never been the closest of allies, even before Miserix was deposed.
He glared back, but nodded. slowly. Satisfied, Helryx was about to speak to Brutaka when there was a pounding on the wall. She shook her head. Tuyet was trying to get back in. “Don’t let her in."
"Wait." Axonn spoke for the first time since they’d left the Great Spirit robot. He strode over to the wall purposefully and with one powerful swing shattered it. Outside stood a small brown Matoran. “You’re Velika, aren’t you? You Voya Nui Matoran are always getting yourselves into trouble, aren’t you?"
From the back of the cell, the Great Being, who had not spoken at all while they argued, began to laugh. A sinister, evil laugh. But he said nothing.
Axonn looked back and forth between the two of them. “Why did you come, Velika?"
Velika bowed his head and handed over a small gift. It was a box that seemed to be glowing, inscribed with strange symbols. Axonn took it and held it close to his chest.
"What is it?" He asked. But Velika merely turned and walked away into the jungle. There was no sign of Tuyet.
They all stepped closer to the box, intrigued. What was it?
Axonn began to feel something in his chest. The box was heating up. He looked at it. Something was changing.
"No!" He yelled, and leaped away from them, curling into a ball around the box as it unleashed a wave of energy. The others in the room were thrown away painfully. Only the Great Being was unmoved.
Brutaka rose to his feet first. He ran over to Axonn. The axe-wielding warrior lay on the ground. At first he thought his friend was dead, but then Axonn opened his eyes.
"Listen to me."
"There isn’t time for that. I have to get you to the healers." He prepared to use his Kanohi Olmak.
"Too late. Listen, brother. Velika did this. Find out why and stop him before he allows anyone else to be harmed."
"I can save you!" Brutaka shouted. “You saved me from the darkness and the horrors and brought me back to the light. Let me do the same for you!"
"I’m sorry, brother." Axonn’s eyes slowly closed.
Brutaka placed his head against his best friend, his only friend’s chest. He kneeled there a long time, holding Axonn’s body gently. The others did not move.
When he rose at last and turned to look at them, it was with dead eyes. “Velika will pay for this." Before any of them could react, he had summoned a portal and was gone.
Again the Great Being laughed cruelly. “You see, you need me. None of you can hope to stop my brother. He will kill you, one by one. Brutaka is next. I am the only one who can save you. Free me and I will destroy him."
Helryx agonized over the decision for three seconds. That was all. The Great Being was clearly insane and she doubted she could trust him. But Velika had killed one of her most powerful agents without any powers. He had almost killed all of them. She made her choice. Grimly, she walked over and sliced the chains from the Great Being’s body.
"Then I guess you’d better get to work."




Voporak ran.

Clutched in his arms was the Great Kanohi Vahi, the Mask of Time. Under The Shadowed One’s command, he had spent several thousand years tracking it down. After a brief and altogether unpleasant encounter with Makuta Teridax several thousand years previously, he had at last managed to take the Vahi for himself.
And then…
Things had changed. Teridax had taken control. Voporak had tried to find his master, but chaos had began and the universe as he knew it had been wrecked. At last making his way out of the giant Great Spirit robot, he had found himself in a vast, open desert. And so he had ran. It was all that he had left to him. He was nearly invincible, but he had been left without the leader he had so long depended on.
Ironically, just as the thought crossed his mind, he saw a familiar figure several hundred meters away. Crossing the distance quickly, he bowed before his master, careful to stay further than arm’s reach. His powers would kill anyone in close proximity.
The Shadowed One spoke without turning. “Voporak. My faithful one. You have remained loyal unlike all the others." He turned slowly, and Voporak was surprised to see that his large eyes blazed with a sickly, burning green.
"I have brought the Vahi as you commanded, Master."
The Shadowed One looked surprised. Then he grinned. “Ah, yes. I was so busy with Kojol’s toys I forgot all about this one. Yes, I think we can put this to good use…"
Helryx watched with grim determination as the Great Being rose, flexing its limbs.
"So. Velika is one of you, then?"
The Great Being laughed. “Yes, and no. Velika was always a little different. Always curious to learn more. He wanted to observe our creations. Perhaps spending so long in such a feeble body drove him mad."
"As the Ignika drove you mad."
"The Ignika set me free!" He roared and her suddenly, and she backed away. Chained, he had been a pet. But now he was in control. She knew that for all their power, they were no match for the being before them.
"I am going after Velika now. I will kill him. Stay out of my way." And with that, the Great Being was gone, disappearing in a flash of green light.
Artakha spoke then, for the first time since they'd left the Matoran Universe. “Helryx."
Instinctively, she saluted him. “Artakha. It has been a long time."
"Indeed. Too long. You’ve been busy."
"Yes." She sighed wearily. “The Order has been my life. I’m not entirely certain what to do now that Mata Nui’s gone."
"Perhaps I can help with that."
"Oh?" She looked up, confused.
"As I recall, you used to work for me. The Hand of Artakha, you called yourselves. You were good warriors, but the universe was not ready for you at the time."
"What are you suggesting?"
"It seems that with the Order gone, there are many who would welcome a new organization. Or an old one."
"You want me to reform the Hand." She nodded slowly. It made sense. The Toa had their uses, but they could not always do what was necessary to triumph over evil.
"Yes, but that comes later. There is something more pressing that requires our attention. The Mask of Time has fallen into the hands of our enemies. We must find it and ensure that it is never used."
She looked at her former leader and considered what he was offering. Then she nodded, smiling. She’d missed being a hero. “Where do we start?"

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Legacy of the Great Beings - Continuing the story of BIONICLE from where the serials left off.

#2 Offline CaptainLepidus

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Posted Jul 20 2013 - 02:16 PM


Toa Onua Nuva scanned the horizon watchfully. Internally, he was meditating. He was worried about the team he had sent to find the Great Beings - it had been many days since their departure and he'd heard no word from them. He was resting near the body of the fallen Great Spirit Robot. He had chatted with the Toa Hagah as they had worked to evacuate Rahi, but Gali had sent that team off to find the Mahri, who had apparently been missing for several weeks. Then Gali herself had left for New Atero - he had heard that negotiations there between the Agori and the Matoran were going poorly, and Tahu had asked for her help. They'd come back briefly and he'd heard Pohatu and Kopaka discussing with them the possibility that Lesovikk had broken the Toa code. Then they had left again, and so he was alone.


This Onua had seen. He had kept quiet, for the most part. He was not sure how he could help. The sun's bright light had partially blinded his eyes, which were accustomed to the dark tunnels of Onu-Koro, and he had found himself with little to do. So he waited, and he watched.


There was a noise behind him and he spun. In front of him stood a gold-and-white being; it had clearly emerged from the giant robot. For a moment, he thought it might be Takanuva. But no, this being looked more like - 


"Teridax!" Onua bellowed, leaping to his feet, his shield and Ghostblaster aimed. Truth be told, he was confused. The last time had had seen armor like that was in Teridax's lair deep inside Mata Nui. And then, it had been blackened and rusted - now it shined brilliantly in the light. And he also knew deep in his heart that against Teridax he stood no chance. Even Takanuva, the bastion of light who wore a weapon specifically designed to kill Makuta, had never been able to finish Teridax off.


"Yes, that is my name. But I am not the Teridax that you know." The being in front of him spoke gravely and solemnly. He was reminded, for some reason, of a Turaga. "Some weeks ago, a Matoran of your universe crossed into mine. He brought me back here to combat the darkness that had taken hold of your Teridax. I was attempting to destroy him, but it appears someone beat me to the chase."


Onua looked at Teridax and slowly lowered his weapons. "Alright. I'll believe you for the moment. But make one wrong move and I will destroy you."


"I'm not here to fight you. But when I was in that robot, your Teridax pitted several shadow Toa against me. They had come from alternate universes and had been corrupted by shadow leeches for use against Toa. But Mazeka has told me that in your universe one Toa of Light still exists."


Onua sighed and nodded. "Yes. Takanuva. After the Great Spirit left us, he went scouting. He came back and said he'd found something dangerous that he wanted to destroy. He went that way - " Onua pointed, "three days ago. I was considering searching for him when you arrived."


"No need. I will find him. Thank you for your assistance, Toa Onua."Onua chuckled. "You know, you couldn't be further from our Teridax. You any good with that stick of yours?"


In reply, Teridax shattered a nearby rock into dozens of pieces with a blast of concentrated light. Onua winced.


"Glad to have you on our side."


"It is an honor to serve Mata Nui."


With that, Teridax strode off into the desert towards Takanuva's location. Onua shrugged and resumed meditating.


And then he felt a surge of intense pain and collapsed to the ground. His weapons fell from his limp hands and his face buried into the sand. He'd felt this sensation before but before he could place where his eyes closed and he slipped mercifully into unconsciousness.

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Legacy of the Great Beings - Continuing the story of BIONICLE from where the serials left off.

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