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Titans vs. Monsters Entry: A Technic Coliseum Special

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#1 Offline Canis Lycaon

Canis Lycaon
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Posted Jul 21 2013 - 04:32 PM

This special is based upon my ongoing comedy, Technic Coliseum: After Hours, which is in turn based off of the game Technic Coliseum. For those of you reading the story, the grey parts designate that the comedy is now the film being made.




Pridak and the other members of the Coalition of World Domination are standing on the Bane of Beavers -their giant schooner they once used to defend everyone from an attacking force of beavers- looking out over the lake, trying to spot if there are any boats they can steal from, seeing as how being a pirate is no fun is you can’t do pirate-y things, whereupon Von Nebula looks up and says,


“What on Spherus Magna is going on?! This comedy is script, not prose! This is madness! Canis must be going insane!"


Blaster observes the title and responds to his boss's outrage by saying, "Well, sir, it is a 'Monster Special', whatever that means."


 Von Nebula grumbles and says, "Well, I guess it's okay... BUT I LIKED BEING A SCRIPT COMEDY! NOT A PROSE COMEDY! MADNESS! THIS IS SPARTA MADNESS!


But across the lake, in the cabin of the Toa, Millennium has been crammed into the doorway, not fitting through, due to the fact he is a Titan and this is the Toa's cabin.. The Toa are buzzing about, and Onua shoves a pen and paper into Millennium's face. Then, Onua walks away, and starts to try on berets, sees how loud blow horns are, and starts making sure whether or not a foldable chair can be unfolded. Millennium looks up and asks,


"Um, why exactly am I here?"


Onua looks at Millennium, and then walks over to him. "Isn't it obvious? You are the new script writer for our movie, duh."


"I thought Kopaka was the script writer."


"He sort of went evil."


"How does someone 'go evil'?"


"When their sponsor corporation (Here's looking at you, Voxumo Inc!) thinks it would be a good idea to infect them with a shadow leech."


"So, about this movie script you want me to right. What genre is the movie?"


"Horror. Monster movie."


"But it says here that the theme for the contest is Titans vs. Monsters. Where are the titans?"


"Then the plot will be this: People are swimming in a lake, get attacked by an evil monster, and then you, Blaster, Boss, and Von Nebula fight it!"


Meanwhile, the Heroes are around the lake, in the forest, next to a cliff. Furno is holding a rope, which he throws over a branch and pulls on it once. Then, he shoves the rope into the hands of Evo. Evo runs back, and then leaps through the air, flying. Then, the rope falls and Evo crashes into a pile of Heroes that had all fallen from the same, badly made rope swing. Now, only Stormer and Furno are left on the cliff.


“I don’t get! What could be wrong with this rope swing?”


“It’s not the rope isn’t secured enough. You test it right after you throw it every time by tugging on it.”


“Exactly. It should work perfectly!”


“Say, did you just see those bubbles ominously rising up from the water?”


Furno and Stormer both look at the water. Bubbles are rising up from it. Then, a shark fin rises up from the water before submerging.  Then, three bumps come up from the water, emulating Nessy. Then, a giant shark finned sea serpent leaps from the water, and crashes back into the water.


“Do you think we should go, you know, warn everyone about the fact that the lake has an actual monster in it?”


“Nah, we need to work on this rope swing.”


“That was my gut instinct too!”


“Great minds think alike, you know!”



In the lake, the Toa are getting ready to film the first scene. Onua, Millennium and Jovan, who is the cameraman, are all on a raft with lots of typical movie set equipment on it. Onua looks out and says to everyone,


“Alright. The first scene has Helyrx, Chiara, Hahli, Gali, Nidhiki, Lesovikk, Pohatu and Lewa swimming in the ocean. Then, they are attacked by an evil blob with tentacles and one eye being played by Swamp, Lava, Torch and Sub.”


[color=#696969;]The Toa are swimming around in the lake, splashing water onto each other, and just having a good time. Then the camera angle changes to under the water. A tentacle rising up from the bottom of the sea floor grabs Hahli when no one is looking and pulls her under water very quickly.[/color]


[color=#696969;]Helyrx looks around for Hahli. She then takes a large breath and dives underwater, searching for the Toa Inika of Water. Helyrx can’t find Hahli anywhere. She bursts up from the water to say this when she is grabbed by another tentacle. Everyone starts to swim away when-[/color]


The Bane of Beavers crashes into the shot. All of the Coalition of World Pirateering, walk out, having changed their name since we saw them last in this comedy.  Pridak walks out and starts to yell at the Toa filming their movie on the water, which the pirates have supposedly clamed.


“This lake here is arr lake! Get off, you landlubbers!”


The pirates then begin to start firing cannonballs at everyone, which land in the water, releasing large sprays of water everywhere. Onua looks at the pirates and says to the actors of his film,


“Just ignore them.”


[color=#696969;]Lesovikk is the only one left other than Helyrx, who is being pulled underwater by a couple of guys in a rubber monster suit. Lesovikk stands up in the water and yells at the top of his lungs.[/color]


[color=#696969;]“I’ll save you, Helyrx!”[/color]


[color=#696969;]Lesovikk dives underwater and pulls out a sword. He starts to slash at the tentacle of the monster. But then, when he is about to make a final slash at the tentacle a cannonball fired by the pirates enters the water and slams into Lesovikk’s head. Lesovikk starts to fall down through the water, unconscious from being struck by the cannonball.[/color]


Millennium enters the cabin where Boss, Von Nebula and Blaster are in to tell them their scene is coming up. The four start to put on armor, Then, once they have enough armor put on, Boss splits into three, each of the other Titans jumps onto one of the cycles, and they race out of the cabin. Then, they approach a ramp. The cycles drive up it and high speeds, launching the Titans into the air. Then, they look down and see the same sea monster Stormer and Furno saw.


The Titan’s randomly sprout jet packs and then start to fly through the air. Millennium fires a laser at the sea serpent, Von Nebula shoots a shadow blast, and Blaster and Boss fire energy blasts. But then, the sea serpent absorbs the blasts and then its shark fins glow with energy. The sea serpent fires energy back at the Titans.


All of the Titans yell at the top of their lungs, “None of our attacks are working! We’re going to have to power-up and mechamorph to Titanic Titan!”


All of the Titans split into their parts and then start to form around each other in a new, giant singular form. The Titanic Titan strikes a pose and yells, “Now we’re totally MOC-errific!”


The Titanic Titan punches the sea serpent in the face, knocking it out in one blow. Then the Titan lifts up the sea serpent, which is nearly a hundred feet long, and yells, “Once, I caught a fish this big!”


All the Titans get back to where the movie was being filmed. Onua stands up in shock and yells,


“You guys are late! We’ve been waiting for the past twenty minutes!”


“But we were acting for the last twenty minutes. We beat up the guys in the monster suit. The suit is on the beach right now.”


“That’s an actual sea monster.”


“You mean we have to do that scene again?”


“Um, yeah.”


*This comedy has 1273 words.*

Edited by Canis Lupus, Jul 22 2013 - 07:41 AM.

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