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titans monsters contest Mata Nui

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Posted Jul 30 2013 - 12:44 PM

This is my entry for the Titans vs. Monsters contest. Enjoy!
* * *
Mata Nui, a spirit in control of a giant robot, leaped over a volcano, and changed that to a midair flip at the last second.
"Sir, you are being incredibly irresponsible." A Glatorian pilot warned. "His name was Sam, and he wasnt a fan of Mata Nuis antics. Focus on your mission of reuniting Spherus Magna."
"Do I have to do that right now?" Mata Nui said, landing smoothly. "Relax. I have 43,000 years. Besides, if you beings back on Spherus learned how to relax and have a little fun, like the aliens on Cetari IV, then you might be able to stop killing each other and making planet-wide explosions. He smiled, cutting a flat section of rock from a nearby mountain."
"Sir, dont you think you should-"
"This planet is uninhabited. I checked." Mata Nui carried the stone slab up another nearby mountain, taller than the other one. Snow swirled about him as he casually posed, his left foot holding the slab against the rock. "Incredible vantage point. This planet makes Spherus Magna look small."
"Which means that planets bigger than Spherus Magna can exist. This is exciting! New knowledge to report back to the Great Beings." Sam elbowed Dan, his fellow pilot. "Come on, Mata Nui discovered something."
Dan groaned and rolled over in his sleep. "I have no idea why I agreed to this mission."
Mata Nui ignored them, holding his arms up and bending his knees. A slight leap, and his was sliding down the hill on the stone slab. Wheeeeee!
The ground rumbled. The giant robots head looked nervously at the volcano, and the Great Spirit lost concentration on what he was doing. He fell backwards, splaying his hands out to catch himself. The stone slap kept sliding down the hill, into the maw of a giant black-and-purple being with yellow eyes. It reached out with its jaws, snapping, and Mata Nui rolled out of the way. He fired a palm-mounted laser at it.

"Mata Nui!" Sam exclaimed. "That being could be a valuable source of information for the Great Beings!"
"Sorry," Mata Nui said. "Reflexes." The laser cut into the being, showing pale pink flesh. Howling in rage, the monster stood up and clocked Mata Nui on the chest. The giant robot soared through the air and landed with a thud. Mata Nui got to its feet, brushing himself off. No sooner than that then the creature hissed straight in his face.
"Can we like, fly away now?" Dan said. "I really would like to live."
"Sensor readings indicate that this creature eats planets, inhabitants and all, and uses Energized Protodermis for fuel." Mata Nui said, backing away. "That's why this place is uninhabited - the people fled."

He turned to the creature. "Sorry to disturb your home. We'll be leaving now."
The black creatures scales rippled. Then its arm reached out, grabbing Mata Nui's arm and pulling it into his mouth.
Mata Nui fired his palm-mounted laser again. The creature roared but didn't let go.
"Um, you said that the creature uses Energized Protodermis for fuel?" Sam said. "We have much Energized Protodermis on board."
Mata Nui caused earth to grow out of his arm, blocking the creatures jaws. Flames erupted all over the robot to try to break the creatures grip, but to no avail. Its jaws bit down with a sickening crunch.
"Hull breach! Hull breach!" Sam yelled.
Dan groaned, putting his hands over his helmet.
Mata Nui kicked the creature. Black syrupy stuff covered Mata Nuis foot. That was when he remembered that his body was still covered in flames. Angery, the creature opened its jaws to reveal a badly mangled arm. Mata Nui quickly extracted the appendage, which was covered in black slime, only for the creature to punch him in the face. Unfortunately, the things fist stuck to Mata Nui's face.
Water gushed over Mata Nui in a giant wave, stretching out the adhesive. Mata Nui felt himself being lifted up and slammed down the creature was beating his head into the ground for fun. His sensors indicated a smile.
A bolt of plasma severed the connection. The giant robot hit the ground. "Ideas?" Mata Nui said.
"Camoflage system?" Sam suggested. "That usually works."
Mata Nui nodded. A few seconds later, a heaving mass covered his face. The Bohrok emerged quickly, cleaning up the mess.
The creature paused. It seemed like he was fascinated. Thats when Mata Nui kicked him in the gut, sending him flying with his gravity powers. The Bohrok cleared his vision, and he stood up. The creature sprawled on the ground, dazed. Mata Nui kicked him again.
"Stop," Sam murmured, annoyed. Dan sighed in relief.
Using the power of Gravity, Mata Nui hurled the creature into a nearby star. "May you never terrorize any planets or people ever again."
"How about us?" Dan complained. "Do we qualify?"
"Sure," said Mata Nui. "Anyway, procrastination was fun, but we have a lot of work to do. Sam, I want you to run over the observations on this planet while the Matoran fix my arm. He paused. And when youre done with that, run though the Cetari I observations."
"Sir, we have never been to Cetari I."
"Well, that's next. But first, I really need a nap. He lie down on the planets surface. Look at those stars. Do you think we can visit them all?"
"Maybe, "Sam muttered, "when you finally decide to grow up." 

The End

Edited by fishers64, Dec 07 2013 - 07:56 PM.

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