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Titans V. Monsters SS Entry

TVM Entry

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Posted Aug 07 2013 - 12:31 PM

I couldn't think of a good title.



I had just woken up; it seemed like a regular day. At least up until noon. Then I noticed the giant, hulking, beast in the distance. Like a regular person, I ran outside to see what was going on. I watched it rip my office building in half and hurl it across the city. It picked up a cell phone tower and hurled it in the worst direction; right at me. I dove to the ground and watched it fly overhead.  It roared in triumph as it watched the gas station a few miles away from me exploded from the impact of the tower. In half an hour, tanks and soldiers were everywhere, but nothing we did could harm it. After we lost all of the tanks, an order for evacuation was issued for those who were still alive.


I made my way out of the city intact, only to find myself signing up to go back in. Only this time, I’d have a mech suit.


After a week of training, I finally got to see my suit, the Alpha Sierra. 2,500 tons of awesome were standing right in front of me. A smile spread across my face as I got into the cockpit. After my system checks were done, I was deployed outside of the city.


I spotted the beast as it was destroying a good portion of houses. Fortunately, it stopped when I spotted it. Unfortunately, it spotted me. It roared in anger and charged towards me, barring in fangs with hate in its eyes. We locked arms and fought with each other for some time, every so often we would exchange blows, but then it decided to finish the fight when it ripped my right arm off and beat me with it. I staggered backward from the shock I was in. The beast kept jabbing me and biting me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I fell backwards in defeat and blacked out; with the final sound I heard being the monster’s roar of conquest.


I woke up in a hospital bed; my right arm had been amputated, I could see that clearly. But what happened after I had been knocked out? I got up and looked out the window; the sight was not a pleasant one. The entire city had been destroyed, with the only remains being some rubble. I turned on the TV and checked the news channel, again, not a pleasant discovery.

“All attempts by the military to subdue the beast have failed.” Was all I heard from the news feed. Not yet. I thought as I ran through the door and out of the building. One of the officers had been walking towards the hospital, in front of one of my friends on a gurney.


“Where do you think you’re going?” He said. “The city is off limits, nobody’s allowed to go in.”

“Over my dead body.” I replied bitterly as I made my way to where the giant robot suits were dumped once they had been damaged beyond repair. I got into the cockpit of the Alpha Sierra and tested the controls. It was still functioning. A grin spread across my face as I felt the giant metal suit stand up and stabilize itself. “Alright monster, game on.” I said as I sprinted towards the city.


When I got back to the city, the monster was on the move. It had no interest in destroying something that was already destroyed. “Hey!” I yelled as it was approaching a small town. It looked at me quizzically as if it were thinking didn’t I already eat you?


 “Pick on someone your own size.” I finished. It obviously recognized that as a threat and charged towards me. This time I wouldn’t lose. I sidestepped as the beast charged past me, then I punched it in the back and watched it fall. As it was getting up, I stomped on its back and kicked it in the side. It reached back and threw me off of its back and onto my face; I rolled out of the way of one of its claws and punched it in the face. By now, blood was everywhere. I decided that it was time to finish this. I strode up to the monster, which was extremely weak now. I took its head in both my hands and I twisted in two different directions. There was a loud crack that could be heard for miles. I had snapped the beast’s neck. It fell to the ground, lifeless. For good measure, to make sure that it was dead, I grabbed a thick, long, sharp piece of metal and jabbed it into the back of the monster. I staggered backwards, exhausted, fell to the ground, and blacked out again.

I woke up in a hospital bed again, only this time, I could rest for a while, knowing that the threat was gone. I turned on the TV and sat back, but what I heard was not pleasant;

“Numerous cities across the world are saying that many more monsters have arrived and are wreaking havoc.”


I got up and walked out the door. Time to suit up.

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