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Bionicle Action Figure Game Revamped!

bionicle action figure game butactuallygood

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Posted Aug 09 2013 - 12:29 PM

Okay, first off, I know that this topic is most likely going to get moved; I simply posted it here because I honestly don't know where else to put it.


This game revolves around the pieces that LEGO put in the Glatorian sets to keep track of health in the action figure game. I thought that this was a cool idea, but not nearly fleshed out enough. So, I decided to rework it into something I personally think is fun, borrowing certain elements from games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, along with my own work.




1: Players do not need the exact parts described here in order to play the game; it simply makes it a bit easier if you do. Get creative!


2: The game may be played by any number of persons as long as there are at least two players.


3: Please do not complain about the other person's advantages if they have one, i.e. more parts, more time, etc.


4: This game can be played with your own MOC's. However, you must follow the theme of what you're trying to build. For instance, if you're making a vehicle, make it look like a vehicle.


5: Anyone that breaks these rules automatically forfeits the match.




Okay, now that that's done, I should probably teach you how to play. To start off with, there are three types of playing 'pieces':


The first are the Battlers, the ones who will be the main focus of the game. You may have up to three Battlers on your team. The first person to lose all Battlers loses the game. If playing with more than two players, when you lose all Battlers, you are out of the game. Basically, last one standing wins.


The second are the Turrets. You may have up to three Turrets on your team. Turrets are defensive pieces, and act as support to the Battlers.


The third and last type of 'piece' are vehicles. You may only have one Vehicle on your team. Vehicles are offensive pieces, and act to enhance or change battle conditions.


To begin play, you build your team, choose a battling location, and flip a coin to see who goes first. The person who goes first can perform any actions available to him/her, and can only end his turn by attacking or assuming Defense Mode. The next player does the same, and play continues until all but one players have run out of Battlers. The last one standing wins the game.




First off, let's establish the gameplay mechanics of the Battlers, which are by far the most complex part of the game.


While in a game with more than two players, the attacker must announce who he is attacking before starting his turn.


The Battlers use the same health system as the original game; you have five life points, and if a Battler's health reaches zero, that Battler is out of the game.


You may only play one Battler at a time.


Battlers may not be switched out. If you have an active Battler on the field, that Battler stays there until it gets either defeated or you win the game.


The main thing Battlers do is attack, which is represented by putting your Battler in an aggressive pose that shows off his Gear, which will be discussed later.


If you wish, you may skip attacking on your turn in order to go into Defense Mode, which is represented by putting your Battler into a defensive pose. Defense Mode automatically takes one point off of any damage you receive.


There are four types of Battlers: Land Battlers, Sky Battlers, Water Battlers, and Elemental Battlers. This will be important later.


There are a few health system modifiers, and they work like so: A regular hit takes away two life points, a weak hit takes away one point, and a strong hit takes away three points. What makes a hit strong, weak, or regular? I'm so glad you asked!


A regular hit occurs when there are no damage modifiers on you or the defending target, or if the damage modifiers on you and your target cancel each other out; I should warn you up front that this does not happen very often, unless you are playing an Elemental Battler, but we'll get to that in a minute.


A weak hit occurs if the target Battler's type is strong against the attacking Battler's type; the type chart is something we'll get to in a few seconds.


A strong hit occurs if the attacking Battler's type is strong against the target Battler's type; pretty self-explanatory.


Anyways, here's that chart I promised you:

Posted Image

♪It's the ciiiiircle of liiiiiife...(Oombawumbawayyy...)♪


No, that is not a diagram of the rain cycle; it means that Land is strong against Water, Water is strong against Air, and Air is strong against land. I know it's not perfect, but come on, I had to take some creative liberties here. You may notice that I did not put Elemental Battlers on here, but again, we'll get to that later.


Now, believe it or not, there is actually a second type of damage modifier: Gear. Gear is what you equip your Battler with. Battler may only carry two pieces of Gear at a time. There are three types of Gear: Melee, Projectile, and Shield.


Melee Gear is represented by your Battler carrying a sword, club, or other type of Melee weapon. Melee Gear raises your attack strength by one point, meaning you do an extra point of damage when attacking your opponent.


Projectile Gear is represented by your Battler carrying a launcher of some sort. Projectile Gear does not raise your attack power when used; however, it allows you to take out turrets and vehicles without risking any of your health. This will be explained more later.


Shield Gear takes one point off of any damage taken by your Battler. When combined with the aforementioned Defense Mode, this turns your Battler into a strong wall.


Okay, time to discuss that Elemental Battler I keep putting off. Elemental Battlers are not affected by types; they always take and deal two points of damage. Unlike the other Battlers, you can only have one Elemental Battler on your team at a time. To make up for this, Elemental Battlers have the ability to boost the power of Turrets, vehicles, and Gear by one point using their element; however, if you do not wish to use the elemental power to boost those items, then you may instead use it to create a devastating attack that take away all of the opponent's life points. I wouldn't recommend using this ability too quickly, though, as when you do, your Battler is no longer able to attack.




Turrets are a lot more simple than Battlers. There are still a few things you'll need to pay close attention to, though, so listen up!


You may only play one Turret at a time, unless you are Combining them. (Discussed later)


Turrets only have two points of health.


Turrets are not affected by types.


You may attack EITHER a Turret or a Battler, not both in the same turn.


You may Combine Turrets to double or triple their strength; however, this does not raise their health, and one blow could wipe out your entire armada. Combined Turrets may only be used once every other turn.


The Turret's effects can be avoided by attacking with Projectile Gear.


So, what do Turrets actually do?


Well, when a Battler attacks another Battler, a Turret on the side of the targeted player will automatically deal back all the damage the attacker dealt, minus one point. For instance, if I attacked a Land Battler with a Sky Battler, but the Land Battler had a Turret on his side of the field, I would get two damage dealt to my Battler by the Turret.


You represent Combining Turrets by linking them together somehow, preferably with regular pieces, but if those aren't handy for some reason you could always use tape or something. Combined Turrets deal either twice or three times as much damage as normal, depending on how many Turrets you combine. Combined Turrets, though quite formidable, may only attack every other turn, have the same health as a regular Turret, and cannot be split apart until the game has ended or you lose.




Ah, Vehicles. Probably my favorite game changer, these things are quite simple, and yet rather powerful.


Vehicles may only be played once per game per player.


Vehicles are played by attaching them to the Active Battler on the field.


Vehicles have five points of health, but when destroyed, do not affect the Battler's that was attached to them's life points.


Vehicles must be equipped with at least one type of Gear.


Vehicles are not affected by Types.


Vehicles are basically a way to completely screw the rules of the game. A Battler attached to a Vehicle is pretty much invincible, as all of the attacks that would hit it are instead diverted into attacking the Vehicle's life points. When attacking using a vehicle, you use the vehicle's Gear set instead of the Battlers, making it an effective way to get around some road blocks if your opponent is countering you. On top of that, every time the vehicle is attacked, the attacker must flip a coin, and can only deal damage if it comes up heads.


There are, however, a couple of exceptions to these rules so that you have SOME chance of bringing these things down. Sky Battlers can attack the Battler riding the vehicle if the vehicle is flying or hovering. The same applies to Land Battlers if it's a land vehicle, and Water Battlers if it's a water vehicle. If the Battler on the vehicle is taken out of play, then the vehicle automatically takes one point in crash damage. Projectiles and Turrets skip the flipping the coin, and can attack the vehicle directly.


Contact Me


If you have a question or comment about the game, just leave a post in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

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