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Bionicle: Defeat the Titans

Monster Contest

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#1 Offline xccj

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Posted Aug 09 2013 - 07:01 PM

Bionicle: Defeat the TitansOkay, heres a game Ive been thinking about making since this Monster and Titan contest was announced, based on what limited Flash Actionscript coding I know how to do. The whole idea is a little ambitious for my talents, but should be doable, and besides, the contest is about presenting neat ideas and such. So here goes. (Summery at the end of post)The game would be a first person adventure game similar to the theme of the Mata Nui Online Game. The game would be set on the various islands in the Bionicle universe; the first level would be on Mata Nui, the second in Metru Nui, the third on Voya Nui, and the final in Karda Nui. The Toa from the locations would be in the middle of battles with some of the larger Titans from that year, and other Matoran characters would be spread out. There would be multiple battles going on, where the heroic Toa and Titans would be in a stalemate. The players objective would be to aid the Toa into breaking that stalemate and defeating the Titans.To achieve this end, the player will need to collect items and give them to the Toa. The player would be able to move to various locations across the specific island, such as by traveling through doors or tunnels to the next location. It wouldnt be as spread out as the MNOLG, but the player would be able to move between the different locals and see different forms of scenery. Matoran and other minor characters would be spread out amongst the various scenes, and when you click on them, they will have something to say. Their dialog will change depending on the situation; for example, a Matoran might warn you of the Toas fight at first, but once the fight has concluded, they will instead talk about the Toas victory. The Matorans dialog will also contain helpful hints to help you figure out how to aid the Toa.Various items will be spread out in the scenes. For some items, all you need to do is click on them to add them to your inventory. For other items, you would need to solve a logic puzzle in order to obtain them. Some items can be combined to make other objects. In these cases, you should be able to find a Matoran who can craft you something. For example, Hafu could carve the perfect Kohlii ball to give to Pohatu, but to do that he would need a chisel and some protodermis. You can find the chisel inside a desk in Po-Koro, but you can only get to it after you solve the puzzle lock to open the desk. You can find a vein of protodermis in the Onu-Koro mines, but you cant extract it without a pick, which you can borrow from Taipu. Once youve collected the protodermis and the chisel, you give those to Hafu, who will craft a Kohlii ball, which can then be given to Pohatu to kick at his enemy and win the fight.The first level would take place on Mata Nui. Pohatu and Gali would be fighting a Tarakava in Ga-Koro, Kopaka and Tahu would be fighting a Muaka in Ko-Koro, and Onua and Lewa would be fighting a Bohrok Kal in Le-Koro. Once the three fights have been resolved, the Toa will travel to the Kini Nui, where they will all face off against the Bahrag. After that, you will travel to Metru Nui, where you would help the Toa Metru face off against Krekka, Roodaka, and Sidorak in the various Metrus. Afterwards, the Toa Metru will fight off against Ultimate Dume. Then you would move on to Voya Nui, where the Toa Inika fight Brutaka, Nocturn, and Zaktan, and then move onto Vezon and Fenrakk. Finally, you would rejoin the Toa Nuva in Karda Nui and help them fight Icarax, Gorast, and Vamprah, and finally challenge Makuta Teridax himself in the end. Each location will have local Matoran and items to interact with, so you would meet Metru Matoran, Voya Nui Matoran, and Av-Matoran in their respective locations.The character artwork would be as close to their set forms as I can make them, with simple animations to demonstrate attack movements and everything. The backgrounds would be based on images of each location from various media depictions, such as the online games, comics, and movies. Lots of things would have animation, but it would all be rather simple. And it would be a Flash Game, so theres always that.TL/DR?Objective: Help the Toa defeat their Titan enemies, by searching for and creating items that will give them an edge in battle.Genre: First person adventure, similar to the MNOLG.Game Controls: Mouse Point and Click.Game Features: You can travel to different locations, speak with Matoran, and pick up different items. Some items can be combined to make more useful items, and some items can only be recovered after solving a logic puzzle.Game Art: Characters will be animated and based on their set forms. Backgrounds will be based on the locations as seen in various forms of media.Story: You will first help the Toa Mata on the island of Mata Nui, fighting foes from the 2001-2002 storyline. Then you will move onto Metru Nui and aid the Toa Metru in fighting foes from the 2004-2005 storyline. Next, you head over to Voya Nui and assist the Toa Inika as they fight foes from the 2006-2007 storyline. Finally, you descend into Karda Nui and help the Toa Nuva Phantoka / Mistika defeat Makuta from the 2008 storyline. On each island, you will be able to converse with Matoran and other minor characters from those areas.Anyway, its a fun game idea that I had, and maybe Ill get around to coding up a demo eventually. Enjoy! :music:
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#2 Offline Furiosa's Sidekick

Furiosa's Sidekick
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Posted Aug 22 2013 - 04:28 PM

I was actually one of the people who voted for this in the semifinals. I think this project has great potential and it's hard to fail with a MNOG-esque theme (as shown by certain other fan games here :P ). 


The only issue I foresee is graphics. What makes MNOG-style games work so well is the art, since there's really not much gameplay. MNOG: The Bohrok Swarms struggles with this as well, almost any time a graphic was used that was not drawn by Templar, just because they were so good at those elements and they had that style down. Maybe you'll be able to recruit someone though. 


Best of luck if you decide to actually develop this!

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