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Bionicle: Call of Destiny 2D

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#1 Offline BULiK

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Posted Aug 09 2013 - 08:42 PM

This is my Entry to the TITANS AND MONSTERS: FCG EDITION contest, known as  Bionicle: Call of Destiny 2D.  •Objective:  In the Capture the Kanohi game mode, players must take all six kanohi from their enemy team's suva and take them to their suva in order to win.  In the King of the Suva game mode, players must capture the suva in the center of the battlefield for their team by standing near it and eliminating any enemies nearby until ten seconds are over, then the suva will give that team a point for every second it stays in their control.  Whichever team has the most points by the time the alloted amount of time is over, wins.  In the Death Match game mode, Players earn a point every time they defeat another player, and there are not teams.  Whoever earns the most points wins.  The Team Death Match mode is similar to the death match mode, but the players are divided into teams and thus must cooperate and use teamwork to gain as many points as possible for their team.  Whichever team earns the most points wins.•Genre: Top-Down Shooter•Controls:•Move forwards = W•Move backwards = S•Strafe left = A•Strafe right = D•Use Melee attack (Or fire ranged weapon, if one is equipped) = Left Mouse Button•Use elemental attack = Right mouse button•Block = Hold left mouse button•Equip weapon/Kanohi = F (When standing over dropped weapon)•Use mask power = E (Toggles on/off)•Pick up Kanohi from Suva = Q (When beside Suva)•Rotate character = Mouse

•Man Midak Skyblaster position = Q (When standing over it)•Gameplay:  The basic gameplay is that of a semi-arcade like style where you use the WASD configuration to move your character around, and the mouse to aim and change directions.  Left clicking will use your melee attack (Or fire a ranged attack if such a weapon is equipped)and right clicking/holding will use your elemental power.  Holding the LMB will make you block, where the damage taken is reduced by a random amount (Ranging from %25 to %100) and the character's walking speed is decreased.  Pressing F equips a weapon (And drops your original one) if your character is standing over a dropped weapon.  Players have a red health bar in the top left corner of the screen, indicating how much damage you can take before you are defeated.  Under the health bar is a blue stamina bar, which slowly decreases as you use either your kanohi or your elemental attack (Or both).  The stamina bar slowly refills over time.  Each of the player's attacks do damage to other players if they hit, and some attacks have temporary effects (Such as catching an enemy or foliage on fire, freezing water so it can be walked upon, etc.)  Players can connect to different servers or set up their own, and select what game mode and map the server will be on (As well as game length, depending on which mode is selected). In the game, there are several weapons you can acquire, ranging from the basic Toa Mata weapons (Fast and close range dual weapons such as earth claws and hooks, to the deadly swords of Tahu and Kopaka, and even Lewa's brutal yet slow axe that swings in a wide arc) to the more advanced weapons such as the lightstone rifle (Extremely fast bullet speed, but a slow recharge time) and the cordak blaster (with a limited supply of 6 explosive rockets) and the Midak Skyblaster, which cannot be picked up, but instead is at stationary, strategic positions you can man to use this deadly, rapid fire weapon.•Graphics:  The game will have a somewhat retro pixel-art look while still retaining enough detail to not be cheesy. You will mainly see your character's torso, yet there will be a limited view of the legs when you are walking.  The arms will change to a new position of holding a weapon when you equip something, and your character will lie prone when manning a midak skyblaster.  The environment will be recognizable as various locations around Mata Nui.  A small name of your choosing will appear above your character when playing, so other players may recognize you.  You may change your Toa's colors before a battle.•Story: The game is set on various locations on the island of Mata Nui, where rogue Toa wage an endless war against each other in the name of conquest and glory.  There isn't much plot other than that.  The game sacrifices a story mode for endless hours of replay-ability through multiplayer.

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Exo-Force RPG Profiles- Max Layer

#2 Offline The Lonesome Wanderer

The Lonesome Wanderer
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Posted Aug 10 2013 - 10:31 AM

This sounds pretty good.


And it also sounds like an easy Doom moderator, if you want to go that route.

Edited by The Lonesome Wanderer, Aug 10 2013 - 10:32 AM.

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Exo-Force RPG Profiles

#3 Offline Van Hohenheim

Van Hohenheim
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Posted Aug 16 2013 - 01:40 PM

ah, I remember the discussion on this. turned to vaporware though :P

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