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Gaint Frog-Baboon-Wolf Monster That Wants to Eat You

Monster Contest

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Posted Aug 09 2013 - 10:41 PM

In Lego City, the students gathered at the local university, where Professor Perry was giving a lecture on minifig anatomy."And so you see here, the arm bone connects to the body bone," he said, pointing to Skelly the skeleton. "And down here, the leg bone also connects to the body bone. So, including the skull, a minifig only has six bones in its body."Irene the Intelligent lifted her hand. "But how do you know if the arm bone is attached correctly, because there are clips on both ends?""Ah, but you see, the clip on the hand end is curved, just like our hands," Profesor Perry explained.Suddenly, the class was interrupted as Barry the Builder burst into the building."Everybody, run for your lives!" he shouted.Professor Perry frowned. "What are you squabbling about?""I was skipping class to build things in my lab," Barry said between gasps of breath. "But then the thing I built came to life, and it started eating people.""That is precisely preposterous," Professor Perry proclaimed."But it was right behind me!" Barry said. "In fact, it's about to burst through the wall right now!"The classroom wall exploded in a cloud of 4x2 bricks, and crawling through the opening was the most hideous creature ever to be seen in Lego City."Oh my bricks! It's a crazed giant mutant frog-baboon-wolf monster that's going to eat all of us!" Eric the Explainer exclaimed. "Run for your lives!"The mutant monster roared and hopped into the lecture hall. It extended one of its massive arms and wrapped its fingers around Eric the Explainer. It opened its massive jaws, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth, and then threw Eric inside. As it chomped down, Eric was not to be seen."Give me an R!" shouted Cindy the Cheerleader. "Give me a U. Give me an N! Run, run, as fast as you can!"The students tore off out onto the streets of Lego City, with the beast behind them. It did indeed hop like a frog, but it had the face of a baboon and the teeth of a wolf."Why would you build something like that?" Alan the Adventurer asked Barry."I was just tweaking around with some hybrid designs," Barry said. "I didn't expect it to come to life!""Well, it did, and now it's eating people!" Alan said. "We need to stop it!""Fear not, I called the cops," Irene the Intelligent said. "They should handle that thing in no time!"The air was suddenly filled with sirens. Lego City was known for its police force. In fact, there was a police station on every other block, and every third vehicle on the road was a police car. Police helicopters swarmed in the sky, and the force of a thousand cops rushed down towards the monster."Fear not, citizens," Police Chief Chad chanted to the crowd. "The law enforcement of Lego City will defeat this monster!"Heavily armored police vehicle pulled up to blocked the road in front of the beast, and turned their weapons on it."Now men, ready the artillery," Police Chief Chad shouted. He glared at the oncoming monster. "Eat flick fire missiles!"The sound of flicking was heard all over the street, but not a single one reached the monster, who scooped up Professor Perry and swallowed him whole. Police Chief Chad turned to see that the missiles had only flown a couple of feet away from the vehicles."What was that about?" he demanded of his men."Sir, the flick fire missiles can't reach that far," one of the officers explained."Then drive closer!" Chad chided them. "And flick harder!"The police cars drove up within a few feet of the ferocious fellow, but before they could fire, the monster picked up one of the cars and sank its teeth into it, shattered the vehicle into a dozen studded pieces."Those cars are no match for this monster!" Irene the Intelligent indicated."Then let's see what this monster thinks of my semi!" shouted Terry the Trucker.Everybody dove off the road as Terry barreled down the asphalt in his sixteen wheeler semi truck. The truck was surely heavier than the monster, and the beast would be crushed. But at the last minute, the monster hopped to the side, and then rammed its fist into the truck as it drove by. Terry the Trucker crashed, sending tons of technic beams flying across the street. Before he could escape his crushed cab, the monster swallowed the whole thing."It's hopeless," Barry the Builder bellowed. But his shouts caught the attention of the beast, who snagged him and lifted him up into the air. Barry shouted, but then he was swallowed whole.Barry looked up in the darkness, slightly confused. He should be in the creature's stomach, but the space around him was much too large for that. "Where am I?" he asked out loud."Berry, is that you?" Professor Perry asked."Professor, you're alive, but how?""He's not the only one," Eric the Explainer said, crawling forward. Barry saw that Eric was missing his legs, and Professor Perry was short an arm. Luckily, losing limbs was not fatal for minifigs."How can we all be in the creature's stomach?" Barry asked. "This is far too big to fit inside what I built.""We believe that the mouth of the beast is a wormhole that leads to this alternate dimension," Eric explained. "That is why the monster can eat so much.""So we're in an inter-dimensional stomach?" Barry asked. "Oh no, there's a skeleton in here. We're going to be digested!""No, that's just Skelly the skeleton from the lecture hall," Professor Perry said. "But if those outside can defeat the beast, then this dimension will collapse and we will be returned to Lego City. Barry, you built this, do you know of a weakness?""Yes, the whole thing is held together by the neck pieces!" Barry exclaimed. "But how will we tell anybody? Hardly anybody in Lego City has a cell phone.""But we still have a ton of these old fashion walkie talkies," Professor Perry said, holding one up.Back in Lego City, the monster lifted Cindy the Cheerleader into the air. "Give me an H, give me an E, and also a L and P! Help me!" she called out.Freddie the Firefighter flew forward in his helicopter, and tried to save Cindy, but it was too late. The monster ate her.Freddie landed next to Irene the Intelligent and Alan the Adventurer. "I don't know how we can take that thing down. All the Firefighters and Policemen in this city are fighting it, but it's eating all our flick fire missiles.""There are a lot of people injured here, thought," Irene said. "We need to get an ambulance to take them to the hospital.""But the city only has one ambulance, and we turned it into a police truck when the crisis began," Freddie said.Suddenly, Freddie's walkie talkie started beeping. "Hello, this is Barry, is there anybody out there?"Alan answered. "Yes, we're here. How are you still alive?""It would take too long to explain. But to beat the beast, you need to pull off its neck piece," Barry said."But none of us have the strength to do that," Alan said."I have something in my lab that could help," Barry said. "But it will require you to decapitate yourself.""No biggie, I decapitate myself whenever I change my shirt," Alan said. "Tell me what to do."As Alan ran off towards Barry's lab, Irene thought out loud. "The neck pieces are reinforced, so Alan will have a hard time contending with this thing without our help. The neck might hold it together, but the leg and arm joints are the most vulnerable. Shoot at them.""You heard the gal, jab at its joints!" Police Chief Chad called out.The remaining minifigs grabbed what they could and threw it at the monster. The beast tried to reach out to them, but 2x1 tiles got tucked away into its elbow, restricting its motion. Others flick fired their missiles at the knees, and caused the creature to stumble. But it continued to roar, and it got back up, seemingly impossible to take down. But then a heroic silhouette appeared in the sunset.It was Alan the Adventurer, and his head was connected to the top of a giant mecha robot. "Barry built this, and now it'll bash this beast down into bricks!" he shouted. In his giant mecha hands, he held onto an orange brick separator.The citizens of Lego City cheered as Alan ran forward and jabbed the separator down on the neck piece. The monster roared and tried to throw Alan off, but his massive mecha limbs kept the beast at bay. Finally, the neck piece flew off with a pop, and the entire creature exploded in a fountain of bricks and plates. As things settled down, all those who had been eaten poked their heads up out of the debris."The monster has been defeated!" Alan the Adventurer said. "Lego City is safe.""Now, what have you learned from all of this," Professor Perry asked Barry the Builder."I know, I know," Barry said. "From now on, I won't build any more crazed giant mutant frog-baboon-wolf monsters that will try to eat all of us."THE END(Edited because *Where'd my quotation marks go*)

Edited by xccj, Aug 10 2013 - 02:04 AM.

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